DKE Toys Attending Power Con 2017

Come celebrate all things He-Man and She-Ra this weekend (September 9th and 10th) at Power Con with DKE Toys. 

DKE Toys have sent over details of some of the MOTU inspired indy toys they’ll be offering for sale. Keep reading and check out the gallery below.

  • Feath-Or by Chicken Nugget Enterprises Hand cast and painted 5.5″ carded figure, Edition of 100, $80
  • Skywalk-or Galaxy Masters by ManOrMonster? Studios Hand cast and painted 5.5″ carded figure, Signed and numbered edition of 20, $80
  • Vador Galaxy Masters by ManOrMonster? Studios, Hand cast and painted 5.5″ carded figure 
    Signed and numbered edition of 20, $80
  • Select RYCA Wasters of the Universe Figures, edition size varies, $65

You can find complete details about Power Con here.

Playmates Attending Power-Con, Bringing Turtles With Them

turtle logoPower-Con today announced that Playmates Toys would be attending their show and would be displaying their insanely popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line at the show. Power-Con, which serves the TMNT, He-Man, She-Ra and Thundercats fandoms is taking place September 14th and 15th in Torrance CA. You can read more about Power-Con here. Who knows what surprises Playmates has up their sleeves for the show!

Charity auction at Power-con raises money for children affected by AIDS

One of the events at the inaugural Power-con/Thundercon (for the He-Man and Thundercats fandoms, respectively) was a charity auction to benefit the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.  With select collectible pieces being made available to bidders both on-line and at the show, over $3,500 was raised.  Its great to see the fandom help out worthy causes! Kudos to all the supporters and those who made the auction possible!  To read the full press release on the auction, keep reading below!


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