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Funko Offers Justice League Pop! Vinyl, Dorbz, and Mystery Minis

Justice League is set to hit theaters in November and today Funko announced some of the product they’re releasing in support of the movie. 

A series of Mystery Minis is set for release in August with exclusive figures being included in the assortment for Hot Topic and GameStop.

Available Justice League Dorbz include Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman, a chase ‘casual’ Aquaman, Batman and Steppenwolf. 

Pocket Pop! keychains of Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Batman are available.

On the Pop! front, look for a Hot Topic exclusive Mera, and Wonder Woman with Mother Box and Cyborg with Mother Box avaialble at Walmart. FYE! will be offering a Batman and Aquaman 2-pack, available in September.

Funko Announces Lord of the Rings Pop!s and Pocket Pop!s

Funko has shared new pictures of their upcoming Lord of the Rings Pop!s and Pocket Pop! Keychains. These products should be available in stores in June.

Pop!s included in the series are Gandalf, Frodo (look out for a 1:6 chase variant with spooky blue eyes), Samwise Gamgee, a Nazgul, Saruman and a Super Sized Pop! Balrog.

Pocket Pop! Keychainse of Frodo and Gandalf are also coming soon.

Funko Releasing Planet of the Apes Dorbz, New WWE Pop!s and More

A quick rundown of some recent Funko news as I missed yesterday’s update.

Fans of the classic sci-fi property Planet of the Apes are in for a treat as Funko is releasing a line of Dorbz vinyl figures based on the original movie. Due out in May, look for George Taylor (two versions, the space suit version is a 1:6 chase), Corenelius and a limited edition Zira. Zira has an edition size of just 5000.

in June, you’ll be able to keep your keys on Pocket Pop!s based on the Netflix hit Stranger Things. Eleven, Demogorgon, Dustin and Barb are on the way.

Funko’s WWE product lines continue with a blind bag Pint Size Heroes assortment coming in June. Kevin Owens, Undertaker,  Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Savage, Nikki Bella and the members of The New Day are among the wrestlers included in the series. Toys R Us will offer special exclusive characters including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair and Finn Balor.

Finally a new wave of WWE Pop!s are hitting shelves as soon as this month. Characters included are: Finn Balor, Mick Foley, Goldberg and AJ Styles. A masked version of Finn Balor is available as a 1:6 chase and FYE will have an exclusive “The Demon” version.


Coming Soon From Funko – Teen Wolf Pop!s, Seated Sally Pocket Pop!

Funko has shared details of some new and upcoming releases. Available now is the latest Pocket Pop! Keychain – Seated Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Coming this May are Pop! vinyls from MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf. Characters included in this series are Scott McCall in both his human and werewolf forms and Scott’s best friend Stiles Stilinski. 

Funko Plans Pop!s, Dobrz, Rock Candy and More for Disney’s Moana

funko logoDisney’s Moana is set to hit theaters in November, and Funko has prepped products across their most popular product lines. On the Pop! front, they are releasing Moana in several variations: Moana with her pet pig Pua, with her spear (only at Target), in her voyager outfit (exclusively at Walmart), as a young girl, and as a seated young girl (only at Hot Topic).
You can also collect Maui with his magical hook, and Moana with Kakamora in a 2-pack.

A pair of Pocket Pop! keychains is planned – Moana and Maui.

Three Dorbz are planned, Moana, Maui and a Hot Topic exclusive Voyager Moana. A Dorbz Rides will be released with Moana and Heihei.\

A series of Mystery Minis will be released, twelve different characters in what should be an equal case pack.

Finally, Moana will be released in the Rocky Candy 5″ stylized vinyl figure format.

These all should be on shelves in time for the movie release this November.

Funko’s Prepping For The Suicide Squad

funko logoDC’s next big cinematic outing is right around the corner with the Suicide Squad and Funko’s got an extensive product line up their sleeves.

The Pop! vinyls planned for release include Deadshot, Diablo, Katana, Killer Croc, Boomerang, Rick Flag, the Joker, Harley Quinn and a masked Deadshot. These are available now.

Pocket Pop! keychains of the Joker and Harley Quinn are set to be available in August.

Dorbz will be available in July and among the characters being released are Joker, Harley and Deadshot.

Mopeez are also on the way in July with the Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Katana and Harley representing the movie.

An assortment of Mystery Minis will be released in August. With twelve different figures, each case should contain a full set.

Finally a Vinyl Idolz Joker is due in July and a Vinyl Vixen Harley Quinn is coming in August.

See all the products in the gallery below and look for them soon both in stores and online.

Mega Funko Update – Space Ghost, Golden Girls & More. Much More.

funko logoIt’s been a busy few weeks here in the AwesomeToyBlog HQ and I’ve missed a few updates from Funko – so here they are a ton of new Pop!s and when they’re due out!

  • Space Ghost Pop! – coming in June
  • 6″ Super Sized Pete’s Dragon Pop! – coming in July
  • Pocket Pop! Pac-Man – coming in June
  • Pocket Pop! Pocahontas – coming in July
  • Pocket Pop! Spider-Gwen – coming in July
  • ‘Best of Bethesda’ Mystery Minis – coming in July – Each box contains the potential for a cherished main character, companion, or villain from Fallout, DOOM, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored and more
  • Pocket Pop! Fallout T-60 Power Armor – coming in July
  • Pocket Pop! Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake – coming in July
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Pop! – Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau – coming in June
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Pop! – Ferris Bueller, Dancing Ferris, Cameron Frye – coming in June
  • Golden Girls Pop! – Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia – due in July
  • Back to the Future Dorbz – Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Dorbz Ridez DeLorean with Einstein – coming in July
  • Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Pop! Ride with Jillian Holtzmann – coming in July
  • Finding Dory Pop! – Dory and Hank the Octopus – coming in June
  • Finding Dory Mystery Minis – coming in June
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pop! – General Leia, Luke Skywalker, Maz Kanata, ME-809, General Hux, Guavian, Rey with light saber, Kylo Ren unmasked, FN-2199 “Traitor”, Snap Wexley – coming in July
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Target Exclusive – Maz Kanata without goggles – coming in July
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens GameStop Exclusive – Rey in X-Wing helmet – coming in July
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hot Topic Exclusive – Helmetless Poe – coming in July
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Walgreens Exclusive – Reistance Rey – coming in July
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens FYE Exclusive – jumpsuit Poe – coming in July
  • Star Wars – Luke Skywalker Bespin, Luke Skywalker Endor, Dagobah Yoda – coming in July.


Funko’s Ready For Some Football This August With Pop!s, Pocket Pop!s and mini-Dorbz and Wacky Wobblers

funko logoFunko’s clearly looking forward to the next NFL season as they’ve shared details of a ton of new Pop!s, Pocket Pop!s, Wacky Wobblers and mini-Dorbz all set to hit stores this August. I’ll not run down the entire list, but many of your favorite players from your favorite teams are represented in this impressive list of upcoming figures. This is one of Funko’s most expansive product lines yet – with 20 Pop!s being released across the League.

Check out the gallery below to see if your favorite figure is in the mix!

Funko News Wrap-Up: Pop! Pens, Guardians Mugs, Potter Pocket Pop!s

funko logoI have an assortment of Funko news items to share as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you’ve found yourself bored with your pens and want to play out the new Captain America: Civil War trailer on your desk, then Funko’s Marvel Pop! Pens may be what you’re looking for. Featuring Cap, Iron Man, Spidey and Hulk, these pens feature a l’il Marvel Pop! at the top. These are available now.

If you like to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while you write with your Pop! Pens, then in February you’ll be able to sip your drink from either Rocket Raccoon or Groot. These Pop! Home mugs hold 12 ounces.

Also available in February are a trio of Harry Potter Pocket Pop!s. You can choose Harry, Hermione or Lord Voldemort to hold on to your keys.

Check all these cool products out below!

Funko Announces Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis and Pocket Pop! Keychain

funko logoFunko has announced a series of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Mystery Minis for release this November. This set features twelve different figures, each packed evenly in the case. From the Pumpkin King to Lock, Shock and Barrel, many of your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters are included.
Also available in November is a Pocket Pop! keychain of Vampire Teddy. He’ll make sure your keys stay safe!

Rainbow Batman Pop! Keychains Available Now at Target

POP LOGOTarget is in the middle of doing their toy aisle reset – and when the reset is complete a set of 6 rainbow Batman Pocket Pop! keychains will be available. These 6 keychains are very similar to the Pop!s that were offered by Entertainment Earth. Check them out below and find them at your local Target.

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