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SDCC Exclusive Outer Space Men Announced by the Four Horsemen

SDCC 2013 logoEarlier today on the Four Horsemen’s facebook page they announced the preorders for the SDCC exclusive Outer Space Men preorders going live this Sunday at 6PM EST. This years OSM exclusives are:

  • Alpha Phase wave 6 & Deluxe 2 sold as a set (Colossus Rex, Horroscope & Ohpromatem)
  • Alpha Phase wave 7 & Deluxe 3 sold as a set (Gamma X, Terra Firma & Jack Asteroid)

Each of these figures will be molded in clear, colored plastic and included clear colored accessories. Images of the exact figures are pending, but below you’ll see the figures in the set. Use your imaginations to see them in clear, colored plastic…or just wait until official images are released!

CC13 OSM 2 CC13 OSM 1

Action Figure Xpress SDCC Exclusives

SDCC 2013 logoAction Figure Xpress has posted all their SDCC Exclusive items for preorder and, in addition, to the Icon Heroes and Diamond items already revealed – they have three additional items. Links to both preorders are here: attendee preorder / nonattendee preorder

Marvel Minimates Deadpools Assemble Set of 4

Wade “Deadpool” Wilson is an assassin-for-hire, and his job sends him on a lot of crazy adventures! Whether he’s traveling back in time to fight in World War II, wielding a mystical hammer against the Norse God of Thunder, stealing high-tech suits of armor from Iron Man, or dressing up in his best friend’s clothes, there’s always fun to be had, and lessons to be learned. Includes Cable-Pool, Captain Ameri-Pool, Thor-Pool, and Phonics-Killer Iron Deadpool.

 Marvel Minimates Iron Man 3 Hall of Armors 10-Pack

The Iron Man armor is the most advanced weapons system on the planet; it is also an extension of the technology that keeps inventor Tony Stark alive. From the jury-rigged Mark 1 to the self-assembling Mark 42, each iteration of the armor has run off the same arc reactor that keeps deadly shrapnel from piercing Tony’s heart. But Tony’s most important armor is the business suit he wears as the face of Stark Industries, the company he runs with CEO Pepper Potts.

 Outer Space Men White Star Edition Action Figure Set of 8

This variant of the infinity edition contains all the popular line up of: Astro-Nautilus, Metamorpho, Inferno, Xodiac, Mystron, Commander Comet, Alpha 7, and Electron+. Be sure to get your set autographed by the Four Horsemen, appearing throughout the show in our booth!


Second Edition of The Cosmic Creators Outer Space Men Now Available

New York Comiccon Outer Space Men

The newest exclusive version of the Outer Space Men the – Cosmic Creators Mel Birnkrant Edition are now available at TheOuterSpaceMen.com. Limited to just 200 sets, these four figures from the 3rd and 4th wave  are not only in an exclusive color scheme – they are also signed by Mr. Birnkrant.

The set is priced at $80 and are ready to ship now. If you’re a fan of this unique and awesome toy line, you don’t want to pass up this release. Check them out below in a seriously fantastic photograph!

OSM Cosmic Creator

Four Horsemen announced SDCC exclusive Outer Space Men

For a third consecutive year, the Four Horsemen will be offering an Outer Space Men debut as their 2012 SDCC exclusive. This year they are offering a pair of figures (Orbitron & Gemini) and their first OSM deluxe – Cyclops. While the details aren’t explicit yet – it is likely that they will be offered at the Action Figures XPress booth.  Check out the image below.


Toy Fair 2012 – 4 Horsemen’s TOYPOCALYPSE 2

I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual TOYPOCALYPSE this evening at Toy Tokyo Underground. This year the gallery space was turned into a celebration of ‘The Outer Space Men’. The display featured concept art, unreleased OSM, an exclusive OSM set, a display of custom OSM as well as many vintage OSM toys. Personally, I was blown away by some of the customs at the show – the He-Man OSM was a fantastic joining of universes.

In attendance at the show were the Horsemen themselves, Mel Birnkrant – the creator of the Outer Space Men, and Abdi, Sucklor and Kymia from Bravo’s ‘Work of Art’ and Scott ‘ToyGuru’ Neitlich from Mattel.

Other lines with pieces on display included several Masters of the Universe Classics 2-ups, Scarabus and 7th Kingdom figures. Check the gallery out below for an incomplete look at the show. Due to the crowds, it was difficult to photograph everything at the reception. But this should give you a feeling for the event – here’s hoping for a TOYPOCALYPSE 3 next year!

Four Horsemen announce NYCC Outer Space Men exclusives

The Four Horsemen have announced a set NYCC exclusive Outer Space Men.  For the show they’ll be offering an exclusive color of their waves 3 and 4 figures, similar to their SDCC offerings.  While images of all four figures aren’t yet released, they are making their way on to the Four Horsemen’s site, which you can see here.  So far they’ve posted images of beta Phase wave 3 Mystron and Commander Comet, which I’ve posted below.

Four Horsemen preview SDCC exclusive Outer Space Men Wave 3 and 4

Following on the success of last years Outer Space Men SDCC exclusives, the Four Horsemen will be offering an SDCC exclusive version of their wave 3 and 4 figures.  Wave 3 consists of Alpha 7 and Electron+ while wave 4 is Commander Comet and Mystron.  Similar to last years’ set – these look to be mostly translucent figures.  The Horsemen have shared previews of the Wave 4 exclusives on their blog – check them out below.

A select number of sets will be available for pre-order Friday at 9PM Eastern on their store.

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