Star Wars Boba Fett Themed NERF Rival Blaster Coming to GameStop This Spring

Hasbro today shared details on a new Gamestop exclusive that mixes two of their favorite brands into a product so good, bounty hunters may be looking for it.  Hasbro has taken their NERF Apollo XV700 blaster and face mask set and given it a paint job inspired by Boba Fett. This set includes the blaster, a Boba Fett decoed face mask, a fabric Mandalorian logo patch and 7 foam rounds all packaged in a gorgeous Boba Fett themed box.

This set will be available at Gamestop locations this spring with a retail of $89.99. Keep reading for the complete description direct from Hasbro as well as some pics of this upcoming exclusive.



(Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $89.99/Available: Spring 2017)

Gear up like a Mandalorian warrior with the NERF RIVAL STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT APOLLO XV700 blaster and face mask set! This special edition blaster and mask set features distinct Mandalorian decoration and comes with a fabric Mandalorian insignia patch. Experience intense, head-to-head competition with the precision and power of the NERF RIVAL APOLLO XV700 blaster, sending foam rounds soaring into the air at a velocity of 100 fps, and featuring easy re-load magazine. Mask boasts a breathable design and elastic band for adjustable fit. Mask is not a protective device. Set includes reusable display box, blaster, face mask, and 7 NERF RIVAL foam rounds. Available exclusively at Gamestop.

Guardians of the Galaxy Spotlight – Star-Lord Quad Blaster

GotG Logo TNMarvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ opened last weekend to huge box office numbers and over the past few days I’ve been looking at some of the new Hasbro product available. Moving away from the Legends figures, today I bring you the Star-Lord’s Quad Blaster, a Nerf version of Star-Lord’s signature weapon.

Thoughts: Let’s start by explaining how Star-Lord’s quad blaster works. There are a total of four barrels in the gun, 2 are readily visible, 2 are hidden. There are two ‘pumps’ that prime the barrels for firing, one for the top pair and one for the bottom. Once primed, the top trigger is used to fire your darts. The lower trigger is used to pop-up the covers hiding the second pair of barrels. Once exposed, you re-pump and are set to fire the next pair of darts. You then run around and pick your darts up and start again. The darts travel about 2o to 25 feet. Four darts were included with the blaster, which I think is the only negative – a 2nd set of darts would have been appreciated.

With the exception of it’s orange color, Star-Lord’s Quad Blaster looks reasonably accurate.  The orange shells feature silver accents and the handle and barrels of the blaster are grey. Since it is a toy, the orange color gets a free pass…the days of “realistic” colored toy guns are gone. However, if one were so inclined, it does look like the orange shells can be easily removed – making it very easy to paint into something more screen accurate. If you are going for screen accurate, remember that you need two of these. And a walkman, while you’re at it.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Star-Lord Quad blaster isn’t how it works or what it looks like but how well it fits in my hand. I mean, it’s a really good fit and it has some heft to it. I’m sure it fits kids hands just fine, but it seems like it was made for mine. Thanks Nerf/Hasbro!

Summary: This post ended up shorter than I expected, but it’s Nerf and I knew I was going to have fun with it. The Quad Blaster hits the sweet spot for movie tie-in role play toys – it looks pretty close to the movie toy and it’s fun to play with. This blaster will also be a great accessory for folks looking to get their Star-Lord on at Halloween, just pick up two and do a little bit of painting. Really, really had fun with this one!


The Star-Lord Quad Blaster was included in an awesome box of Guardians toys from the folks at Hasbro and HunterPR. Thanks for the opportunity to play with this stuff!

Magic Fans May Become Nerf Herders at SDCC

SDCC 2014 logo bJust when I think they’re done, one more Hasbro SDCC exclusive gets revealed. Today USA Today spotlighted this Nerf and Magic: The Gathering crossover – a Nerficized weapon from the Magic: The Gathering game – Garruk’s Axe. In the event that a Nerf axe isn’t enough to get you interested, the pack also includes six limited edition alternate-art Planeswalkers Magic cards illustrated by Jae Lee (you may be familiar with his work on Batman/Superman). These new cards include:

  • Garruk, Apex Predator
  • Ajani Steadfast
  • Jace, the Living Guildpact
  • Liliana Vess
  • Chandra Pyromaster
  • Nissa, Worldwaker

This set is priced at $110.99 and will be available at the HasbroToyShop booth at the show and, in limited quantities, If you’re at the show, Jae Lee will be doing a signing at the Hasbro booth from 9:30AM to 10:30AM on July 26th.

Hasbro’s feeling the Magic of Comic-Con, with some mighty cool foam.

The toy company is teaming with Wizards of the Coast to mash up two popular brands with one exclusive item available at Comic-Con July 23-27: aNERF version of Garruk’s Axe from the Magic: The Gathering card game.

If the ax isn’t cool enough, it comes in a special pack ($110.99) with six limited-edition, alternate-art Planeswalkers Magic cards illustrated by comic-book artist Jae Lee (Batman/Superman). Lee is doing a signing session at the Hasbro booth at the San Diego Convention Center from 9:30-10:30 a.m. PT on July 26.


Toy Fair 2013 – Hasbro Nerf

TF2013 LogoThe big Nerf news out of Toy Fair was the introduction of Rebelle, a Nerf line designed from the ground up to cater towards girls. The line launches with the Heartbreaker bow, hoping to ride the wave of Katniss enthusiasts everywhere. The design is unique and sleek and the Rebelle line does stand out from traditional Nerf.

On the traditional Nerf side of things, some innovations seen in the showroom included an oversized clip so that ice would fit, which would keep your ammo cold. The Nerf basketball hoop has gotten a hi-tech upgrade with it now having app connectivity.

Nerf SDCC exclusive Optimus Prime gun announced

Proving that they still have a few aces up their sleeves, today via GeekDad, Hasbro revealed an additional SDCC exclusive!  This time up it is a Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 Special Edition Transformers Optimus Prime blaster. Featuring an Optimus Prime deco and a super fantastic G1-esque package this motorized, semi-automatic blaster has a revolving barrel that holds 10 whistle darts.  This Nerf blaster runs $24.99 and will be available at the Hasbro booth; and will be available in limited quantities at after the show.


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