Monogram Releases New Collection of Harry Potter Goods – Mugs, Figures, Pins and More

Monogram has released a new collection of Harry Potter products that are available in stores now. Included in this collection are figural and wand key chains, mugs, blind bagged mini-figs and pins. You can check out many of the new products in the gallery below and look for these at retail including Hot Topic, Amazon, Entertainment Earth and your local comic shop.    

Two More SDCC Exclusives from Monogram

The show may be just days away, but I’ve got two more Monogram SDCC exclusives to share with you. Both of these will be available at the Monogram booth at SDCC, #3645.

The Sailor Moon figural key chain set includes Luna, Sailor Moon and Tuxed Mask which will make their debut at SDCC in advance of the blind bag series they are included in. This set is limited to 600 pieces and is priced at $25.

Monogram is also offering a Marvel figural keychain set which includes Gwenpool, Fin Fang Foom and Iron Heart. All three of these characters are making their Monogram debut in this set, which is limited to 300 pieces. This set is priced at $25.

See both of these new exclusives below.


Monogram’s 7th and 8th SDCC Exclusives- Kingdom Hearts

Monogram has shared with us details of their 7th and 8th SDCC exclusives – a Kingdom Hearts pin set and a Kingdom Hearts Key Blade set.

The Kingdom Hearts Pewter Pin 6 piece set features a Mickey head pin, Sora head, two key blades, heartless and a Kingdom Hearts logo. Limited to 500 sets, this set is exclusively made for SDCC and is priced at $30.

The Kingdom Hearts pewter key rings include 4 different Kingdom Hearts’ key blades – and this set of four is the first to feature Fenrir and the Circle of Life Swords in pearl. This set of four keychains is priced at $40.

Monogram’s Next Two SDCC Exclusive: Supernatural Pin Set, Beetlejuice Keychain Set

Monogram has announced their next two SDCC exclusive, both of which will be available at SDCC, booth #3645.

Beetlejuice Foam Keychain Set

Limited to 300 pieces and priced at $25 this set includes 3 foam keychains, Beetlejuice, Lydia and the Sandworm. Both Beetlejuice and Lydia are in their red wedding outfits and the Sandworm is translucent.

Supernatural Lapel Pin Set

Limited to 400 sets, this is Monogram’s first Supernatural pin set. Pins included in this set are the Devil’s Trap, the Supernatural logo, the Men of Letters Aquarian Star, an EMF reader, the Anti-possession tattoo and the Mark of Cain. This set of six lapel pins is priced at $30.

Monogram International Announces First SDCC Exclusive – Marvel Lapel Pin Set

Monogram has announced their first SDCC exclusive for this year’s show, a collection of 5 Marvel lapel pins. This set includes a Spider-Man head, a Black Panther head, Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and a pin of Marvel’s logo. This set is limited to 300 pieces with this being the debut of the Black Panther pin and the Marvel logo pin is exclusive to this set. These pins will retail for $25 and you can pick them up at booth #3645 at SDCC.

DC Comics PVC Figures Now Available from Monogram

Monogram has sent over images of their new 2.75″ DC Comics PVC figures. Some of DC’s finest are included in the assortment including Batman (four of them), Superman, Wonder Woman and the Joker. These are available in stores now, check them out below.

Details on Monogram’s Lilo & Stich Figural Keychains

Monogram is showcasing their new Lilo & Stitch blind bag series in a new video on YouTube. Featuring 11 different figures in the assortment, who knows which one you’ll grab. Give their video a watch and check out a few pics of the figural keychains out below.


Monogram Introduces 2017 Blind Bag Collections

Our friends at Monogram sent over details of the 2017 blind bag collections. This year continuing properties include Disney (with Series 9 and 10), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Series 2) and Deadpool (Series 2). New properties being introduced include Lilo & Stitch, Invader Zim & Teen Titans Go!. 

Check these all out in the gallery below.

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