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MIB3 Toys from Jakks Pacific

Men In Black 3, which hit movie theaters May 25th brought the box office domination of ‘The Avengers’ to an end with its #1 opening weekend box office returns. It was just the big screen that saw the return of Agent J and Agent K, with toy aisles seeing the return of MIB toys from Jakks Pacific. Their range of toys runs from basic 3 3/4″ action figures, role play items and even a plush talking Frank the Pug. Jakks Pacific was kind enough to send some samples to the AwesomeToyBlog HQ and here are my impressions.

Up first I’ll take a look at a pair of the 3 3/4″ figures – Mr. Wu and Agent J. I’m really pleased with the feel of these figures – they have a nice balance of articulation while maintaining some solidity. These don’t feel like they’re going to flop over in a few days when left on display. Since Mr. Wu doesn’t have legs, I’ll describe the articulation on Agent J. He features articulation points at the knees, hips, a chest joint, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. On both figures the sculpt is good and the deco is nice – Jakks did good work on these. Jakks also was clever with the included accessory – not only does it interact with the figure, but they are roleplay toys as well. Each figure includes a ring that transforms into an accessory, a gamma ray for Mr. Vu and a Sonic Drifter for Agent J. This is a great way to add an extra dimension of play into the toy, giving the accessory some extra value.

But I have to admit, my favorite Jakks Pacific MIB3 item is easily the plush talking Frank the Pug. The tuxedo clad plush dog spouts one of 3 phrases when you squeeze his ear, all of which are clear and easy to understand – and unlike some talking toys, sound much like the on-screen counterpart. This 6″ plush dog is also very clearly a pug, so major points there. This toy is so good that it even got the stamp of approval from Scooter, the resident AwesomeToyBlog spokespug.

Check out images of all these toys in the gallery below – and thanks to Jakks Pacific for sending them out!

Jakks Pacific and Men In Black 3

It’s new movie product day from Jakks Pacific. Due out closer to the end of the month (May 25th, 2012) – Jakks has a great line of Men in Black 3 toys coming out. Details of the product is provided below from Jakks.

Collect your favorite heroes and villains from the upcoming movie with the MIB3 4” Figures with Small Accessory. Watch as each accessory transforms into something unexpected for added play value. Agent J comes with a ring accessory that transforms into a Sonic Drifter. Agent K comes with a ring accessory that transforms into an Alien Orbiter. (SRP $8.99). Enrich your role play experience with the MIB3 4” Figures with Large Accessory. Agent J comes with a Neuralyzer that transforms into a Hover Cannon and Agent K’s Noisy Cricket transforms into a Cosmic Hopper! (SRP $14.99), Ages 6+.

Who is everyone’s favorite four-legged MIB agent? Frank the Pug! Now you can have your very own wisecracking partner with the Frank the Pug 6” Talking Plush. Complete with fun phrases straight from the movies, this soft plush comes wearing his signature suit and tie. The perfect companion for all agents trying to protect the earth from the scum of the universe! (SRP $11.99 – $14.99), Ages 4+.

Creative Designs International (CDI), a division of JAKKS Pacific, has creative, fun and interactive role play toys for aspiring young MIB agents. Pick up your very own MIB3 Electronic Neuralyzer, just like the one you see in the movie! Press buttons to activate different sound features and phrases by Agent K (SRP $9.99). The MIB3 Secret Agent Role-Play Set has everything you need to become an MIB secret agent! Included in the set are an
alien blaster with light and sound features, dark shades to disguise your identity and an ID badge to get into off-limit rooms and areas! (SRP $14.99), Ages 3+.

Have a ‘blast’ with the big bad gun from the new movie! The MIB3 Light and Sound De-Atomizer features electronic blasting sounds, pulsing lights and rotating gun barrel to scare off evil aliens! (SRP $24.99), Ages 5+.

Check out the gallery below too see the product from toy fair.

Toy Fair 2012 – JAKKS Pacific – Men in Black 3 & Marvel

Two of JAAKS Pacific’s licensed properties are both set to have big screen years, with Men In Black 3 bringing that franchise back to theaters and Marvel having the 1,2 punch of the Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man.

On the Marvel front, JAKKS Pacific had a number of Superhero Squad plush items ranging from small clip-on plush to their larger XL Plush figures. Each of their Super Hero Squad plush items include a special coin with a code that can unlock content at Also for the younger set were dress-up sets that included full body costumes and masks allowing kids to be Spider-Man or one of the Avengers.  For action figure collectors CDI is offering 2.5″ figures based off both The Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man with figures available in both 2-packs and 5-packs.

For Men In Black 3, JAKKS Pacific will be offering 4″ figures in both a basic assortment and a ‘large accessory’ assortment. Each figure’s accessory has a transformation that unlocks additional play features. Also on deck for MIB3 are several role play toys, including the iconic Neuralyzer (featuring lights and sounds), the Atomizer (also with sounds and lights) and walkie-talkie communicators. Finally Frank the Pug gets his very own 6″ talking plush…which frankly everyone could use a talking pug.

Check the gallery below for images of the Men In Black 3 line.

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