Star Wars Hot Wheels and Ever After High SDCC Exclusives Revealed

SDCC 2014 logoToday’s new reveal of Matty SDCC exclusives is the Hot Wheels Star Wars exclusive. Images of the Darth Vader helmet inspired car hit last week, but USA Today spilled the details on the whole package. Priced at $40 the sleek black vehicle comes packaged in a lights and sound lightsaber in a collector’s box. This is on exclusive that will be going home with me.

The news of of the ‘Ever After High Cerise Wolf’ exclusive doll hit while I was in the Grand Canyon . ‘Ever After High’ takes the Monster High formula and applies it to classic fairy tales. In this case, Cerise Wolf is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and will be debuting at SDCC.

SDCC 2014 Hot Wheels Star Wars Mattty Collector Ever After

MattyCollect’s Hot Wheels SDCC Exclusives – The Homer & Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

SDCC 2014 logoMattyCollector’s revealed two Hot Wheels SDCC exclusives earlier today – both of which look fantastic. From the Simspsons comes “The Homer” and from James Bond you get his Aston Martin BD5. SDCC voucher pre-sales will take place 8AM PT  on 6/23 for Early Access (Club Eternia subscribers only) and 9AM PT on 6/24 for everyone else. After the show these will be available at

See descriptions and images of both cars below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Hot Wheels® The Homer ($30): Hot Wheels® proudly presents The Homer from everyone’s favorite cartoon show “The Simpsons.” This vehicle is a faithful reproduction in awesome collectible packaging of the Homer Simpson-designed car “that’s everything the average man ever dreamed of!”

Hot Wheels® Aston Martin DB5 ($20): It’s the movie car that became almost as famous as 007 himself! This detailed Hot Wheels® version of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 comes with a special spy-catching deco and a Comic-Con package that you won’t want to miss.

MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Bond Boxed MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Bond Opened MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Homer Opened MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Homer Boxed

MattyCollector Announces Baby Skeletor for June Sale

Mattycollector TNMatty today spilled the beans on the weird Baby Skeletor that’s been spotted on-line this week. Due as part of the 6/16 sale, this unique take on Skeletor is 12″ tall is holding his Havoc Staff rattle and comes with an evil potty.  This is an oddball item which is sure to provoke some conversations by the fans. Here at the AwesomeToyBlog HQ, we love it and look forward to picking on up. Skeletor is priced at $35. Check him out below…isn’t he adorable?

MattyCollector Baby Skeletor

Matty Reveals Next Three SDCC Exclusives

SDCC 2014 logoMattyCollector has announced their next three SDCC exclusives; the Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile, DC Comics Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg and Disney•Pixar Cars 2014 Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack. Each of these items will be available for pre-order at on June 24, 2014, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con. It will also be available for purchase at the show, for those who enjoy standing in a long line and potentially not getting what you’re waiting for. These will also likely be available, in limited numbers, on MattyCollector after the show. Read on for complete descriptions and images of each item.

Batman™ Arkham Knight Batmobile ($85)
Batman Arkham Knight BatmobileIn the video game, Batman™ battles all-new threats in Gotham City with the help of an arsenal-equipped vehicle. This Batman™: Arkham Knight Batmobile features premium, highly-detailed deco and authentic sounds straight from the game, and much more!
The vehicle comes with an articulated DC Comics™ Multiverse Arkham City Batman™ figure with a fabric cape allowing Batman™ to sit in the driver’s seat!

DC Comics™ Total Heroes™ Ultra Cyborg ($25)
DC Comics Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg Tech-equipped Cyborg joins the Total Heroes™ lineup! As homage to the Super Powers Cyborg figure, this figure has silver VUM deco, and arrives with two interchangeable heads, his classic look and an updated stylized version, as well as three sets of hands. This hybrid of man and machine brings with him a tool and gear for just about any job he might encounter, including a Mega Blade, a Concussion Cannon and a Sonic Scrambler (all of which fit onto his arms), and a Jetpack with Airfoil Wings so he can take to the air!Disney•Pixar Cars 2014 Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack ($50)

Disney•Pixar Cars 2014 Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack ($50)

Welcome to Japan! Shu Todoroki is hosting an endurance night race from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo’s colorful Ginza District. Get ready to experience the exciting world of neon racing!
In Japan, the presentation of a gift is as important as the gift itself. You can experience this Japanese tradition with the 2014 Special Edition Neon Racers Gift Pack. The specially designed furoshiki, Japanese wrapping cloth, features comic book-style illustrations of the Neon Racers story. Open the wrap and you’ll find a racing diorama with die-cast characters Lightning McQueen and Shu Todoroki illuminating the streets of Tokyo in their amazing customized lighting and neon deco.

MattyCollector Announces Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC 2014 Exclusive

SDCC 2014 logoMattyCollector today kicked off their SDCC announcements with the announcement of their Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive for the year – Filmation Hordak with Imp. Featuring a more cartoon inspired deco and an interchangeable arm/cannon Hordak also includes his sidekick Imp. For SDCC attendees who pick Hordak up at the show (either via pre-order or at the Mattel booth), they’ll also get a bonus poly-bagged “Imp as Treasure Chest”. This special bonus will not be available during the after-show sale on

Matty also reminded us that the DC Universe Classics exclusives is Doomsday, one of the figures originally slated for the 2014 Club Infinite Earths.   Standing at over 9” tall with 16 points of articulation, the Kryptonian killer arrives in his prisoner suit and is packaged in a window box that pays homage to DC Comics Superman: The Man of Steel $18 – his first full appearance.

The MattyCollector pre-order for show pick-up will take place on June 24th and the after show sale will take place August 5th. The next SDCC reveals will occur on May 6th, May 13th and then a few more surprises as we approach the show. See pics of both Hordak and Doomsday below.

SDCC MattyCollector MOTU Hordak with Imp SDCC MattyCollector DCU Doomsday

Toy Fair 2014 – MattyCollector

tf14 tnEarlier today MattyCollector had a collector’s event at Toy Fair showcasing some of the upcoming product from both MattyCollector and Mattel’s mainstream line. While there were many announcements made at the event, a few of the highlights included the announcment of a ‘Club Etheria’ mini-subscription featuring the subscription exclusive Light Hope figure as well as Madame Razz / Broom, Double Mischief, Entrapta and three other figures. This subscription will go live tomorrow and be open for thee weeks. Other MOTU reveals included new 2-pack with Cowl and Lookee as well as the debut of Rio Blast.

DC fans also got a bit of a surprise when a 6 figure collection of ‘Super Powers’ figures were debuted. Priced at ~$30 each, these 6 figures each includes a build-a-figure piece and are carded on a Super Powers inspired cardback. These figures looked really, really good.

Lots of other great product was on display, which you can see in the gallery below – and for a full rundown (or to pick up that Club Etheria sub) head to

Masters of the Universe Reveals from Comikaze!

Mattycollector TNStan Lee’s Comikaze took place this past weekend and MattyCollector had a few Masters of the Universe reveals at the show. You can see the complete report here, but the highlights are a Fluttertina as the August sub figure and a new variant of Skeletor which includes a damaged Faker head.

There were also two “accessory” teases as both Lookee and Broom were added to the case on Sunday. (All pictures from

Club Eternia In! Ecto-1 Out. Club Infinite Earths Future Uncertain.

Mattycollector TN

The numbers for the 2014 MattyCollector subscriptions are in and, well, it’s a mixed bag for fans. Club Eternia made it’s goal – reaching 115% of the subscriptions needed – another year of Masters of the Universe Classics is in the bag. Given the performance for the year, so extra non-sub items are being considered – any updates will be at Toy Fair in February.

However, both the Ecto-1 and Club Infinite Earths did not meet their subscription goals. The MattyCollector team is back to the drawing board to decide the fate of DC Universe Classics, some (but certainly not all) of the options available are quarterly releases, release of the figures outside the subscription model (at higher prices) and the end of the line.

If you didn’t sub to Club Eternia – you’ll have one last chance, subs will be reopening for a short period. In the meantime, He-Man and Skeletor are putting their differences aside and celebrating.


MattyCollector Subscription Deadlines Approaching

Mattycollector TN The deadlines for MattyCollector’s Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths are rapidly approaching, with the subscription period ending Monday, August 19th at 11:59 p.m. PT (tho it’s likely to remain open until sometime Tuesday morning). As I’m writing this the thermometer for Club Eternia is at 72% (as of Friday, I think) and Club Infinite Earths is at 39%. You can find both subscriptions (monthly and quarterly shipping options available) here.

Also wrapping up it’s preorder period this Monday is the Ghostbusters Ecto-1. At just 28% of it’s quota, this product has a long ways to go. You can see the Ecto-1 here.

Matty’s SDCC Exclusives Now Available

Mattycollector TN

Earlier today MattyCollector’s SDCC exclusives went up for sale to the regular public…and with the exception of Webarella – they’re all still available (as of this writing)! If you want the Masters of the Universe Rokkon and Stondar or Batusi Batman, or the mini-Master of the Universe figures, head to MattyCollector now and pick them up!

Batusi Batman is incredible, if you’re on the fence – don’t skip him!

SDCC 2013 – Mattypalooza Panel

SDCC 2013 logoDC Universe, Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe are on deck at the Mattypalooza panel.

Club Infinite Earths

2013 – Huntress due out in September, October is Ocean Master, Ra’s al Ghul in November. December is Batzarro.

2014 – DCU will continue if the minimum subs are met. Two tiers. 2014 program includes 12 monthly figures, and an exclusive.

January – 90’s Aquaman, February – Ice, March – Conner Kent (Superboy),

Sub only figure – Doomsday in Prison outfit. Tier2 is unleashed Doomsday.

Batman 66

Batman utility belt. 4 working pouches, 4 working tubes, includes Batarang, $125 day of.

Watchman: Sept Comedian, November Ozymandias

Ghostbusters: August – Ecto Goggles $110. Includes 4 slimer animatin shots. Interaction with PKE meter.

October: The Proton Wand – $130.  If you have two, you can get a crossing the streams effect.

Available by pre-order. An in-scale Ecto 1. Lights, sounds, trunk…detailed. $215 by pre-order. As an add-on you can order a 6″ Peter and Ray with removeable packs. Need Ecto 1 preorder to happen for these to be released.

Masters of the Universe

There’s a He-Man facebook page. If they get 500 new visitors today, there will be an exclusive reveal on the page.

He-Man App – coming to Android, with an exclusive mini-game. 3 card monte with Orko

2013: October – Mantenna, Batros (Club Filmation), Sky High with Jet Sled (no Sub), Lord Dactus, Nephthu (Club Filmation), last weapons pack of the line – includes Cowl, Horde Trooper (Includes 2 troopers, battle damaged and clean)!

November- Geldor, MOTU Sticker sheet, Sea Hawk (Club Filmation), Castle Grayskull ($300), stackable stands

December – Plundor, Strong-or (Strong-arm) (Club Filmation)

2014 – 12 monthly figures, $25 each, $27 day of. 4 quaterly items, 1 holiday item, 1 club exclusive figure, 1 club map. Can choose monthly shipping or quaterly bundles.

January – Two Bad, February, Glimmer, Hydron, Q1 oversided item – Modulok, Traveling Convention – Goatman, March sub only figure – Unnamed One (won’t be revealed until he arrives in mailboxes). Club Map is Horde Empire Map, exclusive club minicomic.

STAN LEE walked in the room! New partnership with POW Enertainment.

STANDAR – a Stan Lee Motu figure available at Comikazi 2013! Stan Lee read STANDAR’s bio.


Mattel’s SDCC Panels and Plans

SDCC 2013 logo

Mattel has released their SDCC panels and plans for events at their booth space. Check them out below and maybe I’ll see you there!

Fan Panels

Thursday, July 18th

10am – 11am Room 25ABC – Mattel Presents: How Toys Are Made

Join the Mattel Entertainment Brands Design Team for a journey through the history and evolution of Mattel action figures. From our earliest offerings through our latest brand launch of Max Steel®, we will take you through the last 35 years of our action figure portfolio, highlighting the significant advances and design innovations of our brands throughout the years. We also will have a Q+A with a panel of premier Mattel action figure designers and historians representing WWE®, MOTU, DCU, Max Steel®, Man of Steel™ and Batman™ that will take on any and all questions about our many action figure brands.

1pm – 2pm Room 25ABC – Mattel and WWE®: Bring on the Action!

Here’s your chance to attend Miz TV with special guest Dolph Ziggler! The Miz will host as Mattel toy designer Bill Miekina and marketing manager Mitchell Cameron discuss the latest in WWE® action figure news and give sneak peeks at upcoming product. You never know what surprises are in store! See you there!

Friday July 19

11am – 12pm Room 25ABC – Mattel Presents: Mattypalooza 2013!

It’s that time again! Join us for the toy panel to beat all toy panels – Mattypalooza! Celebrating our 5th year at SDCC, come get the inside scoop on your favorite collectables from Mattel: Masters of the Universe® Classics, DC Comics™ Signature Series, Watchmen™, Ghostbusters™ and more! Plus as a special bonus attendees will have the opportunity to vote on an upcoming MOTUC monthly figure: Huntara vs. Lord Masque – you decide who gets made! Be there for a major announcement as Mattel partners with one of the biggest names in pop culture to bring you exciting new collectables you will have to see to believe! The panel will also include an insightful Q & A with Mattel toy designers, Mattel Marketing Manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich and special guests The Four Horsemen. It’s the place to be for the world premiere of tons of new toys and collectibles! If you go to one Toy Panel at SDCC, make it Mattypalooza!

3pm – 4pm Room 25ABC – Mattel and DC Comics – A Celebration for Collectors of All Ages!

For fans of all ages, from kids to seasoned collectors, you won’t want to miss the exciting news, reveals, giveaways, and even the trivia game that this panel has to offer! Ruben Martinez andBill Benecke (Mattel toy designers), Jessica Sikca and Danielle McLachlan (Mattel marketing team), Julian Montoya (VP, Warner Bros. Consumer Products), Kevin Kiniry (VP, Creative Services DC Entertainment), a member of the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment(WBIE) team, members of The Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios, and other special guests will celebrate the BATMAN™ Classic TV Series and MAN OF STEEL™ product lines, announce ALL NEW product lines, reveal upcoming products, and give you a few special sneak peeks from the DC Comics™ and Batman™ toy lines. There will be a Q&A, a trivia game that you won’t want to miss and an exciting toy giveaway for everyone who attends! Join us for this celebration for collectors of all ages. TM & © DC Comics. (s13)

Saturday July 20

11am – 12pm Room 25ABC – Mattel Presents: Monster High™ 2013: Where SCREAMS come true!

Celebrate the freaky fabulous year of 13 with the Monster High™ Team!

Get a freak peek at exclusive scenes from the newest Monster High™ DVD, 13 Wishes (this fall from Universal Studios Home Entertainment). The freaky talented Monster High™ voice actors, including: Erin Fitzgerald (voice of Abbey Bominable™, Spectra Vongergeist™, Scarah Screams™ & Rochelle Goyle™), Debi Derryberry (voice of Draculaura™) and America Young(voice of Howleen Wolf™& Toralei Stripe™) will discuss the making of the ghouls’ latest adventure. Moderated by Emmy-Award winning Executive Producer of Monster High™, Audu Paden.

But that’s not all… our Monster High® team is just DYING to share more secrets lurking the halls of Monster High®! Garrett SanderRebecca ShipmanNatalie Villegas and Javier Meabe(Monster High® Toy Designers), Roy Juarez (Monster High® Packaging Designer) and Eric Hardie (Monster High® Copywriter) will reveal uhhh-mazing new Monster High® ghouls and how they came to un-life!

Sunday, July 21

12pm – 1pm Room 7AB – Mattel Presents: Max Steel®: Rise of Elementor World Premiere Screening!

Be the FIRST to see Max and Steel team up to take on their biggest threat yet in Rise of Elementor. You will get to watch this exciting 2-part broadcast event for Max Steel® before it airs on Disney XD this fall! Will our heroes be able to defend Copper Canyon and rescue Ferrus™ from the evil Dredd™? Join us to find out, and receive a free toy giveaway!


Mattel Booth Events

All events take place at Mattel Booth #3029 unless noted.


  • Thursday 7/18 10am – 12pm Autographs with Dirk Benedict. Meet Starbuck from the original “Battlestar Galactica” and Faceman from “The A-Team!”
  • Thursday 7/18 1:30pm – 2:30pm MOTU Mini-Comic Signing Meet the creative team behind the 2013 MOTUC mini-comics and get your toys and comics signed! Free mini comic to the first 100 people in line. First come, first served.
  • Thursday 7/18 3pm – 4pm WWE® Autograph Session. Come get your brawl on with WWE® Superstars The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Stop by at 9:30am to get tickets, first come, first served.
  • Thursday 7/18 5pm – 6:30pm Monster High® Talent Signing. Meet the “brains” behind Monster High® creative and entertainment teams and get your toys, comics and collectable cards signed! Stop by at 9:30am to get tickets – first come, first served.


  • Friday 7/19 10am – 10:30am BATMAN™ Classic TV Series Product Raffle. BIF! BAM! KAPOW! If you’re a fan of the BATMAN™ Classic TV Series line, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to win free products!
  • Friday 7/19 11am – 12pm WWE® Autograph Session. Bring on the action! Rey Mysterio, Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan will be on hand for autographs. Stop by at 9:30am to get tickets, first come, first served.
  • Friday 7/19 12:30pm – 1pm Four Horsemen Autograph Signing. Come meet the fantastic sculptors of our flagship MOTU and DC 6” lines. They will be happy to sign any item you bring.
  • Friday 7/19 2pm – 3pm Madison Beer Signing. Meet Madison Beer, the creepy cool singer of the new Monster High® song, “We are Monster High!” Meet Madison as she kicks off the green screen video event. First come, first served.
  • Friday 7/19 2pm – 6pm Monster High® Green Screen Video Booth Event. Be a part of Monster High® through green screen technology, and enter for a chance to have your freaky fab moves in the next Monster High® music video! Show your school pride by singing and dancing your “guts” out to the new rally song, “We are Monster High!”


  • Saturday 7/20 11am – 12pm WWE® Autograph Session. Come battle with the best! Sheamus and Ryback will be on hand for autographs. Stop by at 9:30am to get tickets, first come, first served.
  • Saturday 7/20 12:30pm – 1:15pm Toy Hunter Autograph Session. Come meet Jordan Hembrough, the star of “Toy Hunter,” and take a look at some great vintage toys he’s found while traveling the country.
  • Saturday 7/20 2pm – 6pm Monster High® Green Screen Video Booth Event. Be a part of Monster High® through green screen technology, and enter for a chance to have your freaky fab moves in the next Monster High™ music video! Show your school pride by singing and dancing your “guts” out to the new rally song, “We are Monster High.”


  • Sunday 7/21 10am – 12pm Monster High® Talent Signing. Meet the “brains” behind Monster High creative and entertainment teams… and get your toys, comics and collectable cards signed!
  • Sunday 7/21 2pm – 4pm Max Steel® Turbo Battlers™ Tournament. Test your turbo energy by battling and competing to be the clear winner of the Max Steel® Turbo Battlers™ Tournament. Please stop by prior to obtain your battle time!


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