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Shire Post Mint Announces Coinage from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

logologo_for web_500 x 500Shire Post Mint has officially licensed with Middle-earth Enterprises to make in-world coinage from the realms of The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™.

Shire Post is perhaps best known in fandom for the in-world fantasy coinage made for George R.R. Martin’s A GAME OF THRONES. Shire Post is a traditional workshop located in the central United States, using antique coining presses, solid metals, and hand-engraved dies to create very authentic “ancient” coinage by doing them the old way.

Shire Post plans to make coinage for various realms and cultures of Middle-earth. Realms will include such places as: The Shire, The Blue Mountains, Rivendell, Gondor, Rohan, Lake-town, Old Dale, New Dale, Erebor, Khazad-dûm, Lórien, Hollin, Mordor, The Woodland Realm, Isengard, Harad, and more!

These will be the coins the characters use… as when Frodo has to pay the exorbitant sum of twelve silver pennies for Bill the Pony in Bree… as well as coinage that might have been found in the Troll Hoard, and, of course, inSmaug’s Hoard.

Shire Post will be working with a stable of talented artists to create new content and new visions of the world of Middle-earth, taking inspiration directly from the books by J.R.R. Tolkien. Shire Post’s stated intent is to be as true as humanly possible to Tolkien’s vision and the story in the books.

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Toy Fair 2012 – Lego Collector’s Event

Lego held their annual Toy Fair Collector’s Event this morning, giving the media their first look at the 2012 product this morning – and providing breakfast! Highlights of the event were the reveals of both the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the Marvel sets. Also debuting at the show were the ‘Monster Hunter’ sets – some great minifigs in these sets.

Not pictured, but included in the press guide – the Lego Architecture line is continuing into 2012 with releases pending of Big Ben, the Sydney Opera house and the Namdaemun Gate. When I get back to Phoenix, I’ll post images of those sets – but very glad to see Architecture continuing another year.

Check out the gallery below for tons of Lego goodness.

AwesomeToyBlog’s Holiday Gift Guide – Day 8 – Designer geek shirts

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to pick up gifts for your favorite people. But, from time to time, your favorite geek/nerd/toy collector can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. To help you out, I’ve put together the AwesomeToyBlog holiday gift guide. Ten products, each addressing a niche in the fandom, one each day. Up today are the perfect shirts for anyone on your list.  And everyone needs shirts!

Epic Proportions makes fantastic shirts.  At San Diego Comic-con this past year I got their ‘Alcoholic’ shirt and it is one of the nicest, softest, awesomest shirts I have.  They have designs appeal to a wide variety of fandoms, designed by artists include Cliff Chiang and Walter Simonson.  Their AT-AT Maze and Vader shirts are perfect for the Star Wars fan, they have a Godzilla shirt, even a Science Ninja Team Gatchaman shirt. And for readers of this site, Epic Proportions are debuting a new shirt in their ‘signature’ series – a Walter Simonson design featuring his interpretation of a Balrog from Lord of the Rings!  Check out the picture below (with Walter modeling the shirt).  You can’t find this shirt for sale on the Epic Proportions site yet, as it’s being made available here first – and at a discounted price of $25.

 To order email  jerry@epicprops.com and tell him you want to order the shirt, and give your size (S,M,L, XL, XXL) and mailing address.  The total including shipping will be $28 and can be sent through PayPal.  Thanks so much to Jerry at Epic Proportions for extending this exclusive offer to readers of AwesomeToyBlog…now order a few shirts!

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