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Mezco Unearths The Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1

A little terror goes a long way with The Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1. Fresh from the tomb, this series of figures features Walpurgis, Pumpkin, Calavera, Eggzorcist and Dawn .

Based on the resurrection and variant versions of the characters they feature the reimagined outfits and designs that have thrilled Living Dead Dolls fans, there are:

  • 2 versions of Pumpkin from Resurrection Series 8
  • 2 versions of Dawn from Resurrection Series 11
  • 2 versions of Calavera from Resurrection Series 8
  • 1 resurrected version of Walpurgis
  • 2 resurrected versions of Eggzorcist

An ultra-rare mystery variant also lurks within one box per case, waiting to chill the blood of those who discover it.

Each of The Living Dead Dolls Blindbox Figures: Resurrection Series 1 stand 2 inches tall and come in a sealed body bag and entombed in their own windowless box. Each tray contains 12 figures chosen at random. 

The Living Dead Dolls blindboxed figures are available for pre-order here, and are expected to creep into stores in during Summer 2018.

Mezco Presents ‘Batman Returns’ Catwoman Living Dead Doll

In 1992’s Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’ made its theatrical debut and audiences were introduced to an all-new Catwoman who grabbed their attention and batted them around like they were a ball of yarn. Mezco has taken this popular character and she now joins the ranks of their Living Dead Dolls. 

 The LDD Presents Batman Returns: Catwoman features her trademark homemade black vinyl catsuit with contrasting white stitches and a slick sheen. Catwoman features an all new head sculpt complete with mask. Her look is rounded out with clawed hands and knee-high boots. 

LDD Presents Batman Returns: Catwoman stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation. She comes packed in a specially die cut window box purrrrfect for display.

Catwoman is available for preorder now here and is scheduled to claw her way into stores in March – May 2018.

Mezco Offers Living Dead Dolls Limited Edition Banner

Mezco Toyz is proud to present a new limited edition banner sure to thrill any Living Dead Dolls fan looking to decorate their crypt. To celebrate The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Set XI this original banner features all four of the dolls from the series: Hush, Dawn, Dottie Rose, and Isaiah.

 Each banner is printed on durable 13 oz vinyl and measures approximately 20 x 36 inches. This limited edition of 130 banners is available exclusively through our online store

Mezco’s Next SDCC Exclusive – Unmasked Harley Quinn Living Dead Doll

Mezco today shared details of their next summer exclusive, an unmasked Living Dead Doll Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn features her wild trademark pigtails, crazed stare and she is wearing her traditional red and black harlequin clown costume.  Included is her oversized hammer, ready to cause some chaos. 

Harley Quinn is fashioned on Mezco’s signature Living Dead Dolls body. She stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation and comes packaged in a specially die cut window box perfect for display.
This Summer Exclusive LDD Presents Harley Quinn Unmasked Variant  is only available at Mezco booth 3445 at San Diego comic Con and online here.

Living Dead Dolls Presents The Exorcist

The Exorcist burst onto the cinematic scene in 1973 and quickly cemented its place in film history as the 1st horror film nominated for an Academy Award.  The film tells the terrifying story of the demonic possession of a young girl and her Mother’s attempts to win back her child through an exorcism conducted by two priests.

Now The Living Dead Dolls welcome the tormented youth into their family with a new doll that is sure to make heads spin. Based on the groundbreaking FX used in the film to portray demonic possession, The Living Dead Dolls have created an all-new head sculpt to capture the instantly recognizable appearance of the main character.

The devil is in the details and each of them have been captured here;  from her wild hair and crazed eyes to her maniacal grin.  Not only has her screen accurate floral pattern nightgown been recreated, but the HELP ME inscription on her stomach has been reproduced as well.

The Living Dead Dolls Present The Exorcist stands 10 inches tall, has real cloth clothing,  rooted hair, and features 5 points of articulation. She comes packaged in a specially die-cut window box featuring graphics from the horrifying cinematic masterpiece.

Look for her demonic presence in stores October-December and for pre-order online now at

Mezco Reveals Living Dead Dolls Series 34

Mezco has shared details on the 34th series of Livind Dead Dolls…and they shared the backstory which is below.

Welcome to the picturesque town of Wassen Hole, East Dakota. It’s a quiet place with a secretive past, a past with terrible secrets that have been long buried. But somethings refuse to stay buried forever and in Wassen Hole the secret of their sins have risen, to exact spectral vengeance and set right the wrongs done so long ago. 

From deep within a collapsed mine called the Devil’s Vein rise five spirits— deceived by a greedy town and foresaken by their families—bringing hell to those who have trespassed upon their fated souls.

The five dolls in the series are:

  • Canary
  • Ash Lee
  • Tommy Knocker
  • Coalette
  • Soot

Each Living Dead Doll features 5 points of articulation and real cloth clothing, and are each packed in their own coffin with personalized nameplate and death certificate.

You can pre-order this series here.


Mezco Presents ‘All Treats, No Tricks’ Mystery Box With Living Dead Dolls

Mezco Mystery BoxMezco’s Mystery Box returns for a Halloween ‘All Treats, No Tricks’ edition.  Each of Mezco’s 300 Mystery Boxes will contain a minimum of 6 ghoulish goodies:
  • 4 Living Dead Doll items including 1 full size doll.
  • 1 Mystery horror action figure
  • 1 randomly selected plush figure
Each box contains items with a total MSRP of at least $80 – and they’re available for just $35 plus shipping. And if you’re super lucky, 13 lucky boxes will contain a special bonus item.
The All Treats, No Tricks Mystery Boxes will be available for sale exclusively on the Mezco Toyz website and will begin to ship the week of 10/17

Mezco Unveils Living Dead Dolls 2016 Halloween Exclusive – Jack O’ Lantern

Mezco Logo 2A new Halloween tradition starts this year! Jack O’ Lantern is the first annual Living Dead Doll Halloween doll.

Something has gone rotten in the pumpkin patch. Introducing the first doll in a new annually released commemorative celebration our favorite holiday, Jack O’ Lantern. Jack wanders the night in a never-ending quest to fill his insatiable hunger for Halloween tricks and treats.

Featuring a glow in the dark head and skeleton outfit, this Jack O’ Lantern is exclusively limited to a 666 production run.
The limited edition glow in the dark Jack O’ Lantern comes with a pumpkin shaped candy pail, stands 10 inches tall, features 5 points of articulation.

The Living Dead Dolls Jack O’ Lantern glow in the dark limited edition doll is packaged in his own Halloween themed coffin, comes with a death certificate and is only available at

jack olantern 2

Mezco Reveals Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Seriex X – Available for Pre-order Now

Mezco Logo 2For the past thirteen weeks our dark legions have assembled arcane clues to identify the remains of the Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series X set. Now all shall be revealed.
This extremely limited edition set entombs four dolls from previous series reimagined and “resurrected” with a new, terrifying look. Join us as we once again reawaken the dead in this tenth resurrected series.
The dolls that comprise Resurrection Series X are:
  • Angus
  • Purdy
  • Tessa
  • The Lost
Each doll stands ten inches tall, has five points of articulation, and features real cloth clothing. Each doll comes in their own coffin box with a special opaque lid. The glossy ebony cover helps not only to block the light, but to highlight the silver foil accents adorning their name plates. The coffin itself has been reimagined with a sleek monochromatic black on black design specific to this series.
Resurrection X is limited to only 250 sets within the US. You can pre-order them here.
LDD Ressurection Series X

Mezco Releases Living Dead Dolls Resurrection X Collector Pack

Mezco Logo 2A new series of Living Dead Dolls is set for release and Mezco is commemorating the event with a special sets of  creepy collectibles. The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection X Collector Pack includes:

  • A complete set of Series A Resurrection X postcards. When assembled, these cards form a group portrait of all four Series X dolls.
  • A complete set of Series B Resurrection X postcards. When assembled, these cards form an image of the Resurrection X logo.
  • A sheet of 24 Living Dead Dolls Resurrection X postage stamps. This previously unreleased stamp feature a group portrait of all four dolls in the Resurrection X series. These stamps can be used to send 1st class mail through USPS.
  • A collection of 4 enamel cloisonné pins. Each metal pin depicts a different doll in the Resurrection X series. All pins measures approx. 1.25 inches tall and features a sturdy post and rubberized clutch back.

The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection X Collector Pack is strictly limited to just 130 sets worldwide and available exclusively from and is priced at $40.

ldd 2 8 10 16 ldd 8 10 16

Mezco’s SDCC Display

SDCC 2016 logoMezco’s packed a ton of awesome into their SDCC display with an impressive collection of new One:12 Collective debuts populating half of their display case. From Star Trek to DC to Marvel – these figures continue to impress.

But the One:12 Collective wasn’t the only new product in their display, new Living Dead Dolls, Chucky, Mez-Itz and more joined in the fun. Check out the entire Mezco display in the gallery below.

Mezco Reveals Living Dead Dolls Series 31 Limited Edition Banner For Friday The 13th

Mezco Logo 2Mezco is proud to present a new limited edition banner sure to thrill any Living Dead Dolls fan looking to decorate their crypt. Based on the latest series of Living Dead Dolls, this original banner features all five of the dolls from the series:

  • Umbral
  • Kreek
  • The Dark
  • Bea Neath
  • Thump

Each banner is printed on durable 13oz vinyl and measures approximately 20 x 36 inches. This limited edition of 31 banners is available exclusively through starting on Friday, May 13th.

ldd series 31 banner

The Living Dead Dolls Introduce Sam from Trick’R’Treat

Mezco Logo 2Mezco has announced the availability of their Living Dead Doll of Sam from Trick ‘R’ Treat. He may look like a child dressed for trick or treating, but Sam is the personification of Halloween itself.

Beneath his apparently innocent scarecrow mask is his misshapen, demonic head. Part pumpkin, part supernatural being, Sam shows no mercy to those who show disrespect to his holiday.

Sam comes complete with his infamous and mysterious sack and his deadly oversized lollipop. He wears his film accurate removable hood mask and his orange footie pajamas.

Sam stands 10 inches tall, features 5 points of articulation, and comes packaged in a collector friendly, specially die-cut window box. He joins the Living Dead Dolls family in October / November and is available for pre-order here.


Toy Fair 2016 – Mezco

tf2016Mezco pulled out all the stops for Toy Fair 2016 with an impressive showing of One:12 Collective product. This line, which launched last year, will grow significantly this year with the addition of Star Trek, Marvel, Universal Monsters and more. New characters unveild at the show this year included Captain Kirk, two versions of Captain America, three versions of Daredevil, two versions of the Punisher, Superman, the Flash and Reverse Flash, Green Arrow, Shazam, Batman and Armored Batman from Batman vs. Superman, Superman from Batman vs. Superman, Space Ghost, two versions of Frankenstein, and a Batman vs. Superman Batmobile.

But the One: 12 Collective wasn’t the only new product on display! Highlights of the new product included three 24″ Gigantor figures, Beetlejuice plush and vinyl figures, new Living Dead Dolls, Child’s Play dolls and new Mortal Kombat figures.

Check out all the new reveals in the gallery below!

Mezco Releases Living Dead Dolls Limited Edition Blanket

Mezco Logo 2Mezco today announced a limited edition Living Dead Dolls blanket. Measuring an ample 50″ x 60″, this blanket can help keep you warm on those bone-chilling nights. This velvety shroud is crafted of 300 GSM silk-touch material.

Using a traditional dye-sublimation process, the blanket features larger than life images of a selection of the most popular Living Dead Dolls produced over their record setting 18-year history.

Only 50 of these textile treasures will be offered to the public, exclusively through

LDD Blanket

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