Lego’s Marvel and DC Comics SDCC Minifigs Revealed

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Last year at SDCC Lego gave away Phoenix, Black Spider-Man, Bizarro and Shazam minifigs through random draw. It looks like Lego might be doing something similar this year as 4 new Marvel and DC Comic minifigures have been revealed today. This years figures are Green Arrow, Superman from Man of Steel, Spider-Woman and the Amazing Spider-Man. These are sure to be a hot commodity at the show, so if you’re attending, be sure to swing by the Lego booth and try your luck!

Check these minifigs out below!

CC13 Lego Green Arrow CC13 Lego Man of Steel Superman

CC13 Lego Spiderman CC13 Lego Spiderwoman

Lego Unveils 2,989 Brick Sydney Opera House

lego logoSome of my favorite Lego sets are their giant ones based on real landmarks like the Tower Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. Today Lego revealed their latest – a 2,989 piece build of the Sydney Opera house. This world renown building features organic curves, complex shapes and subtle details and will make one fun build! The assembled set measures over 11″ tall, 25″ wide and 15″ deep. This set is sure to be a draw for expert builders as well as it’s filled with rare tan bricks and the debut of the 48×48 stud baseplate in blue. This set, 10234, will be available in September from and is priced at $319.99.

Lego Unveils Amazingly Cool Full Scale Lego X-Wing Fighter In Times Square

lego logoLast week Lego sent out teasers to many media outlets promoting their new animated miniseries ‘The Yoda Chronicles’ (premiering May 29 on Cartoon Network) – mine is in the queue to be photographed for AwesomeToyBlog. The box promised there’d be a big secret revealed, but I don’t think anyone expected the secret to be this big. Today in Times Square Lego unveiled a full sized X-Wing Fighter constructed out of Lego bricks. This 46,000 lb model is built from 5.3 million Lego bricks. This build took 32 people 17,336 hours to build.  I’ll let those numbers sink in for a minute.

The full sized Lego X-Wing Fighter is on display in Times Square for three days and will then head to the west coast where it’ll be on display at Legoland for the remainder of the year. And be sure to watch The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network premiering May 29th. You can see Lego’s gallery of the unveiling here on Facebook.

Lego Xwing fighter in times square



Lego Offering Fans the Chance to Make a Scene for ‘The Lego Movie’

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On Monday, March 25th, Lego is kicking off a new contest on which will give fans worldwide a chance to create a scene for inclusion in the upcoming 3D animated film “The Lego Movie”. Fans are to create a 15-30 second clip where a (non-licensed!) minifigure needs to deconstruct their environment and then reconstruct the bricks into new tools and vehicles to prevent impending doom.

The Grand Prize winner gets a trip and VIP tour for two to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California; a meeting with the directors, to participate in a LEGO build; an exclusive LEGO film camera designed and built by the official LEGO model shop; plus souvenir items from the movie’s set, signed by the designers. Their scene may also be included in the film! Second and third place also get a sweet prize pack.

For full details, or to enter, continue reading after the jump or head to:


Lego Releasing Most Detailed X-Wing To Date


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Lego has announced an updated X-Wing starfighter set, which promises to be the most detailed build of this iconic vehicle yet. This $200 set has 1,558 pieces and will be available at Other details on this set are:

10240 – Red Five X-wing Starfighter™

  • Ages 16+.  1,558 pieces
  • Includes R2-D2 atromech droid
  • Features highly authentic detailing, and opening wings and cockpit
  • Measures over 10″ (26cm) high, 20″ (52cm) long and 18″ (46cm) wide
  • Includes display stand and data sheet label!

Check out pictures of this incredible set below!

Toy Fair 2013 – Lego’s Collector Event

TF2013 LogoIn what has become an annual tradition, the first day of Toy Fair kicks off early with Lego’s Collector Event. Before the show opens the fan media is invited to breakfast and to preview all the new product for the line. The gallery below has images of all the sets that could be photographed across all the themes – Duplo, Legends of Chima, Lego City, Star Wars, Heroes – everyhing. As you can imagine, it’s a large gallery. What you won’t see are images of the Iron Man 3 and Superman: Man of Steel sets that were on display, or the official contents of series 11 and 12 of the minifigures. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery and thanks again to the Lego team for organizing this event!

Lego’s 2013 Toy Fair Press Release

TF2013 Logo

More Toy Fair news continues coming into the AwesomeToyBlog HQ – here’s Lego’s overall press release for Toy Fair. Most of the information isn’t new, but there is the announcement of sets supporting ‘The Long Ranger’, and confirmation that 2013 will have 3 sets of blind-bagged minifigures. Keep reading after the jump for the full text of the release.


Lego Minifigures series 10 coming in the Spring

File this in news that most of the world seemed to miss, but the details for Lego’s 10th series of Minifigures were revealed back in November.The 16 figures in this assortment are:

  1. Female Nerd
  2. Captain
  3. Bee Woman
  4. Toy Soldier
  5. Baseball Catcher
  6. Medusa
  7. Skydiver
  8. Painter
  9. Roman Soldier
  10. Old Man
  11. Hawk Soldier Girl
  12. Clown
  13. Paintball Player
  14. Native American
  15. Diva
  16. Punk Biker

We will hopefully have more pictures after the New York Toy Fair’s Lego event!

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