Kidrobot Offers Latest Female Artist Art Figure Series Care Bear – Jordan Elise Perme’s Share Bear

If sharing is truly caring, then Share Bear may just be the best of the lot! Kidrobot is excited to present the last two art figures in the Care Bears Female Artist Art Figure Series. The Care Bears Share Bear Art Figures were designed in two individual color ways by the female artist behind Horrible Adorables and winner of Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2016 Designer Toy Awards, Jordan Elise Perme.

“Being a part of this series is a dream! Not only for the fact that Care Bears is one of my all time favorite childhood shows, but I also deeply admire all the other women chosen for this series. I’m proud to show off my art in a male dominated field, because my perspective and style is innately unique. It’s formed from my experiences of being a creative woman and I think my voice as an artist is worth hearing. There may currently be less women in the scene, but celebrating female artists through series like these will help encourage more young girls to pursue the arts.” – Jordan Elise Perme

The exclusive purple version, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, and the playful green version of these high quality vinyl art figures are sculpted to portray Horrible Adorables iconic and signature felted scale style that adorns most of their creations. Get these both today! You can shop the entire Kidrobot Care Bears catalog here.

Kidrobot Offers New Yummy World Keychains and Vinyl Figures

Fans of Kidrobot’s Yummy World series should rejoice at the news of the brand new Gourmet Snacks vinyl figure series and the Sweet and Savory keychains.

The Yummy World Gourmet Snacks vinyl mini series features many vending machine favorites ranging from gum to chocolate, candies to soda. There’s 16 different blind bagged vinyl figures in this series to collect.

The Sweet and Savory keychain series features 15 different styles of…well, sweet or savory snacks all in a keychain format.  


Kidrobot Introduces Andy Warhol ‘Brillo’ Blind Box Series

Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation have teamed up again for an all new addition to the Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Collection with the Andy Warhol Brillo Box Mini Series.  Created because he “wanted to make something ordinary,” the Brillo Box series pushed the boundaries of what art is.

Considered to be one of his most controversial pieces, Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation have teamed up to bring you the Andy Warhol Brillo Box Mini Series. Each tin Brillo “box” contains a mystery vinyl or plush figure worth of their 15 minutes of fame. Collect them all today and add new depth to your Andy Warhol collection.

Shop the complete collection of Kidrobot Andy Warhol collectibles, art figures and toys.


Kidrobot Introduces Johnny Draco’s Mr. Watt Dunny

Kidrobot is excited to debut the Mr. Watt 5″ Anatomical Dunny designed by Johnny Draco on the Jason Freeny anatomical Dunny platform.  Sometimes luck just isn’t on your side, especially when dark clouds follow you wherever you go. You never know when lightning will strike.  This 5-inch tall Half Ray Dunny offers an electrifying take on the Dunny. The Mr. Watt Anatomical 5″ Dunny by Johnny Draco comes in two collectible color ways: an original color way (limited to 1000 pieces world-wide) and a Exclusive grayscale color way (limited to 200 pieces world-wide).  Collect both colors today to make your collection electric!

Kidrobot Debuts Holiday 2017 Collection

The Halloween decorations all hit clearance today, but Kidrobot wants us to focus on the upcoming holiday season as they today revealed their 2017 holiday collection. All of the below holiday items are available at and may be perfect for someone on your shopping list.

Christmas Pudding 3″ Dunny by Kronk

The Mistletoe has been hung by the chimney with care in hopes that jolly old Kidrobot will soon be there. This holiday season why drink and be merry when you can get straight Kronk? Kidrobot and Kronk have teamed up to make your holiday dreams come true with the Christmas Pudding 3″ Dunny. This festive Dunny looks good enough to eat and is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the holidays.  The Christmas Pudding 3″ Dunny comes in two collectible colors: a exclusive yellow color and the original white color.  This holiday season, get Kronk and get lit!

Kronk and Kidrobot have previously collaborated on the Love Birds, Killjoy 20” Dunny, The Evolved Dunny series and various other projects.

Happy Labbit Christmas Tree Ornaments by Frank Kozik
You may not be ready for Christmas cheer but our Labbits are! Just in time for the holidays, Kidrobot is ready to lift your yuletide spirits with the Happy Labbit Christmas Tree Ornaments 5 pack. The Santa Labbit ornament and his happy elf Labbit ornament, the frostiest of snowmen Labbit ornament, a mischievous party goer Labbit ornament hopped up on nog and a Krampus Labbit ornament add perfect accents to your favorite holiday decorations. Pick up packs of these Labbit Christmas tree ornaments for you and all of your loved ones today and get ready to get cheery!

Yummy World Holiday Cupcake Plush
Meet Jo Jo the Jolly Holiday Cupcake Plush by Kidrobot! This cute holiday plush pillow is the perfect holiday accessory for your home.

Yummy World Christmas Cookie Ornaments
Christmas Cookies aren’t just for Santa anymore! Yummy World has made way for four sweet festive new members of town: the Cookie Squad Christmas Cookies plush ornaments! This four pack of gooey chewy goodness features 4 different holiday favorites of Christmas Cookies plush ornaments. Each Christmas cookie plush comes with an elastic band to create a festive holiday air wherever you go! Hang these Christmas Cookies on your Christmas Tree, in your car or on your bag!  Grab them today before the guy in the red suit eats too many!

Krampus 5″ Dunny by Scott Tolleson
Kidrobot is here to bring some holiday un-cheer with a production run of the Krampus 5” Dunny by Scott Tolleson. We warned you all year to behave. To be good. But you didn’t listen. And now it’s Christmas. He’s coming for you. You can’t run. You can’t hide. It’s Christmas. And you’ve misbehaved. Based on the 2016 DTA Dunny Show custom piece by Scott Tolleson and SeriouslySillyK, the Krampus 5-inch Dunny comes in two collectible colors: the black color (limited to 800 pieces worldwide) and the exclusive blue color (limited to 200 pieces worldwide). Collect both versions of St. Nick’s dark companion the Krampus 5” Dunny by Scott Tolleson and stay on the naughty list!

Spongebob Squarepants (RED) Enamel Pin Set

Kidrobot has teamed up with Nickelodeon and (RED) for a special Spongebob Squarepants (RED) Enamel Pin Set. Kidrobot is happy to add some feel good glam to your wardrobe game with three Spongebob Squarepants enamel pins! These glimmering pins in the signature red color feature the outline of everyone’s favorite undersea dweller who lives in a pineapple. A portion of all proceeds will be donated by Kidrobot to Project (RED). Support the cause and give your loved one these iconic pins as holiday gifts!

Kidrobot Releases The Simpsons Devil Flanders & Mr. Sparkle Figures

Kidrobot teams up again with The Simpsons to bring you The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 3-inch Mini Figure and The Simpsons Devil Flanders Art Figure in two horrifying color ways just in time for Halloween.

The Simpsons Devil Flanders Art Figure
It’s always the one you least suspect. Straight from the Treehouse of Horror, Kidrobot is ready to sell your soul for a donut with the 7 inch tall The Simpsons Devil Flanders medium art figure featuring Ned Flanders. Depicting the head demon in charge and coming complete with a pitchfork, this art figure is ready to wreak hi-diddly-heck on your favorite Simpsons pieces. Collect both the Exclusive Glow in the Dark Devil Flanders (limited to 500 pieces world-wide) and the original brown color way today to prove you’re smarter than the devil himself!

The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 3″ Mini Figure
Kidrobot and The Simpsons have teamed up for an all-new The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 3″ Mini Figure. For lucky best wash, use Mr. Sparkle! Homer Simpson’s doppelganger is finally here as a mini figure based off the wildly popular The Simpsons 7″ Mr. Sparkle Medium Figure! Relive the classic episode with our The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle mini figure! Mr. Sparkle comes in an all new 3 inch size and makes a wonderful addition to your The Simpsons collection!

Find both at

New Krampus 5″ Dunny by Scott Tolleson Available from

Kidrobot is here to bring some holiday un-cheer with a production run of the Krampus 5” Dunny by Scott Tolleson. Based on the 2016 DTA Dunny Show custom piece by Scott Tolleson and SeriouslySillyK, the Krampus 5-inch Dunny comes in two colors: the black color (limited to 800 pieces worldwide) and the exclusive blue color (limited to 200 pieces worldwide). Collect both versions of St. Nick’s dark companion the Krampus 5” Dunny by Scott Tolleson and stay on the naughty list.


Kidrobot SDCC Exclusives Announced, Pre-Sale Started

Kidrobot’s SDCC 2017 pre-orders are now officially open at A percentage of each exclusive are offered for preorder on the website and the remaining quantities of each exclusive will be reserved for purchase at San Diego Comic Con 2017.  The selection of exclusives includes licensed figures and pins from The Simpsons, South Park, Bobs Burgers, Ren and Stimpy, Andy Warhol and Adult Swim as well as an exclusive from their recent Arcane Divination Dunny Mini Series.

Please note: Pre-orders are available for pick-up at San Diego Comic Con 2017 only. Order number, valid ID and badge must be presented at pick-up. Name on ID and badge must match.  Must pick up on selected date. No international orders accepted. No cancellations. Read the SDCC 2017 Exclusives FAQs before purchasing.

The exclusives are:

  • The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle Pink Medium Figure
  • Andy Warhol Space Fruit: Lemons 3″ Dunny
  • Arcane Divination Gold Wheel of Fortune 3″ Dunny by JRYU
  • Bobs Burgers Badder Tina Medium Figure
  • Ren and Stimpy Powdered Toast Man Medium Figure
  • South Park The Bard 3″ Mini Figure
  • Venture Bros. Bloody Brock 3″ Mini Figure
  • Adult Swim Enamel Pin Series 4-Pack
  • Bob’s Burgers Beefsquatch Pin
  • Kidrobot SDCC 2017 Enamel Pin

See them below, or place your pre-order above.

3DRetro Hosting Rick and Morty Kidrobot Figure Signing Tomorrow, April 28th

Our pals over at 3DRetro in Los Angeles sent over a note with details on an event they’re having tomorrow, April 28th. To celebrate the release of the new Kidrobot [adult swim] Mini Figures and the new Rick and Morty medium vinyl figure they are hosting a party with food, photo-ops and signings.

The event starts at 6PM and the signing begins at 7PM. The line for the purchase of the medium Rick and Morty figure ($49.99) begins at 4PM, mini figures ($9.99) will be available all day. A figure purchase is necessary for autographs but due to time restrictions on the talent autographs are not guaranteed, but they will be trying to accomodate everyone.

The signing includes the creators of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon and Matt Senreich an SethGreen from Robot Chicken in attendance and signing!

We will also have William Tokarsky from “Too Many Cooks” at the event for photo-ops with fans. 
Food trucks in attendance will be Go Fusion N Grill, Pinch of Flavor and Blast Ice Cream
Also on hand will be artist Matt Gondek to talk about his new Rick and Morty mural and artist Juan Muniz which will be painting a new [adult swim] piece.
See all the details over on the facebook event page.

Kidrobot Introduces Labbit Blind Box Series: Labbit Band Camp 3000

Kidrobot, the world’s premiere designer and online retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, has launched a new music-themed Labbit series titled Labbit Band Camp 3000. The new 2.5” blind box mini series is now available for purchase in stores worldwide and online at
Labbit, designed by artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer Frank Kozik, is headed to band camp in this all-new 2.5” blind box series featuring five unique Labbit bands including the Marching Hares, the Labbit Chub-harmonic, Black Labbith, Shnorp and the Flogrillates and the Labbi-tones — collect them all to add a touch of music to any collection! From jazz to metal, this series has something for every music lover.

Key features:

  • The Marching Hares
    • Marching Prone Cheeks 1/18
    • Marching Standing Major Trouble – 1/18
    • Marching Sitting Joe Thumps – 1/18
  • The Labbit Chub-Harmonic
    • Classical Prone Ingrid Bassoon – 1/36
    • Classical Standing Crash Parker – 1/18
    • Classical Sitting Johnny Beethoven – 2/18
  • Shnorp and the Flogrillates
    • Alien Prone Forp – 1/36
    • Alien Standing Shnorp – 2/18
    • Alien Sitting Ba-Dorp – 1/18
  • The Labbi-tones
    • Jazz Prone Stumpy Lawler – 1/18
    • Jazz Standing Snaps Coleman – 2/18
    • Jazz Sitting Pails Parker – 1/18
  • Black Labbith
    • Rock Prone Gamma Stripes – 1/18
    • Rock Standing Rikky Panther – 1/18
    • Rock Sitting Skid Chill – 2/18 

“We’re excited to share new Labbit designs with fans as the beloved platform takes on a new form with a musical twist,” said Allen Richardson, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Kidrobot. “Both music lovers and Kidrobot fans will enjoy the unique designs and fun features this series offers.”
The Labbit designed by Frank Kozik is rabbit character first featured in Kozik’s nineties rock poster art and was brought to life by Kidrobot. Learn more about Labbit at

Kidrobot Themed Enamel Pin Blind Box Series Now Available on

Kidrobot, the world’s premiere designer and retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, today announced the release of “Pinning & Winning,” an enamel pin blind box series featuring new Kidrobot themed designs. The series is available in select retailers worldwide and on
Kidrobot is back in the accessories game with this new enamel pin blind box series. Featuring designs of Kidrobot Dunnys, Bot Heads, Labbits and a few of their friends, these pins are available now.
“We’re excited to bring this dynamic series to life in pin form for fans to enjoy and collect,” said Allen Richardson, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Kidrobot. “From Dunnys to Bot Heads and Labbits to unicorns, this series gives fans a fun twist on favorite Kidrobot designs.”

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