Kidrobot Introduces Labbit Blind Box Series: Labbit Band Camp 3000

Kidrobot, the world’s premiere designer and online retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, has launched a new music-themed Labbit series titled Labbit Band Camp 3000. The new 2.5” blind box mini series is now available for purchase in stores worldwide and online at
Labbit, designed by artist and Kidrobot Chief Creative Officer Frank Kozik, is headed to band camp in this all-new 2.5” blind box series featuring five unique Labbit bands including the Marching Hares, the Labbit Chub-harmonic, Black Labbith, Shnorp and the Flogrillates and the Labbi-tones — collect them all to add a touch of music to any collection! From jazz to metal, this series has something for every music lover.

Key features:

  • The Marching Hares
    • Marching Prone Cheeks 1/18
    • Marching Standing Major Trouble – 1/18
    • Marching Sitting Joe Thumps – 1/18
  • The Labbit Chub-Harmonic
    • Classical Prone Ingrid Bassoon – 1/36
    • Classical Standing Crash Parker – 1/18
    • Classical Sitting Johnny Beethoven – 2/18
  • Shnorp and the Flogrillates
    • Alien Prone Forp – 1/36
    • Alien Standing Shnorp – 2/18
    • Alien Sitting Ba-Dorp – 1/18
  • The Labbi-tones
    • Jazz Prone Stumpy Lawler – 1/18
    • Jazz Standing Snaps Coleman – 2/18
    • Jazz Sitting Pails Parker – 1/18
  • Black Labbith
    • Rock Prone Gamma Stripes – 1/18
    • Rock Standing Rikky Panther – 1/18
    • Rock Sitting Skid Chill – 2/18 

“We’re excited to share new Labbit designs with fans as the beloved platform takes on a new form with a musical twist,” said Allen Richardson, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Kidrobot. “Both music lovers and Kidrobot fans will enjoy the unique designs and fun features this series offers.”
The Labbit designed by Frank Kozik is rabbit character first featured in Kozik’s nineties rock poster art and was brought to life by Kidrobot. Learn more about Labbit at

Kidrobot Themed Enamel Pin Blind Box Series Now Available on

Kidrobot, the world’s premiere designer and retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, today announced the release of “Pinning & Winning,” an enamel pin blind box series featuring new Kidrobot themed designs. The series is available in select retailers worldwide and on
Kidrobot is back in the accessories game with this new enamel pin blind box series. Featuring designs of Kidrobot Dunnys, Bot Heads, Labbits and a few of their friends, these pins are available now.
“We’re excited to bring this dynamic series to life in pin form for fans to enjoy and collect,” said Allen Richardson, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Kidrobot. “From Dunnys to Bot Heads and Labbits to unicorns, this series gives fans a fun twist on favorite Kidrobot designs.”

Kidrobot and Nickelodeon Team Up for New 8″ Turtles

kidrobot tnKidrobot, the world’s premiere designer and retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, has joined creative forces with Nickelodeon, the number-one entertainment brand for kids, to launch an all-new lineup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) figures. The eight-inch, mini series is now available for purchase on and in stores everywhere.

The new lineup also features an exclusive alternative colorway series available only on The world’s most fearsome fighting team — Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello are each featured in a unique colorway design true to each character’s color and signature weapon.

“Kidrobot is back with a brand-new lineup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures true to the original characters,” said, Allen Richardson, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Kidrobot. “We’re excited to partner with Nickelodeon and pay homage to one of the most iconic television shows and brands that continues to be loved by fans worldwide since the 1980s.”

Key features:

  • Eight-Inch Medium Figure Series — Four totally tubular TMNT Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo figures available in a faded colorway true to each turtle’s color and sporting their signature weapons!
  • Exclusive Alternative Colorway Series — Available only on, the alternative series features each TMNT character in unique colorway design. Collect all four and become a hero in a half shelf — Cowabunga, DUDE!

Featuring designs from the CG-animated Nickelodeon series and the classic 1980s comics, the TMNT and Kidrobot product line also includes the seven-inch medium vinyl TMNT figure series, three-inch blind box mini series, PHUNNY Plush and collectible keychain series — take your favorite TMNT character with you on the go!

Sonic the Hedgehog Keychains Blind Box Mini Series & Keychains Available Now at

kidrobot tnKidrobot has announced their newest collaboration – this time with Sega. They’ve teamed up to present an all-new Sonic The Hedgehog vinyl mini series and keychain series just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the original Sega Genesis game. There are 14 different vinyl minifigures and 18 unique keychains in these blind boxed assortments.

Find them now at and check them out below.


Kidrobot Release 20″ Plush Dunny

kidrobot tnKidrobot’s iconic Dunny has never been softer than it is now with the release of a squishy 20″ plush. This crisp white plush Dunny stands 20 inches tall and is the first plush version of the dunny.  Limited to just 200 pieces, it’s perfect as it is…or as the base for a custom piece of artwork. It is priced at $75 and is available here.


Kidrobot Offers Holiday Plush

kidrobot tnWith Halloween now hours in the past, the attention moves to the holiday season. Kidrobot is doing their part by offering a series of holiday plush ranging from their Yummy World line to holiday themed plush labbits. You can see their holiday collection here.

Kidrobot Launches Exclusive Adventure Time Glow in the Dark Lich Medium Figure at

kidrobot tnThe most powerful undead being from Adventure Time is getting the Kidrobot treatment! The Lich’s sinister style has been captured in vinyl form. Standing 8 inches tall, The Lich Medium Figure comes in the main line colorway and a exclusive Glow In the Dark colorway. Both are perfect additions to any Adventure Time or Kidrobot collection! The Glow in the Dark version is only available at and is limited to 150 pieces world-wide.

Kidrobot Offers Etched Dunny Skatedeck

kidrobot tnKidrobot is ready to roll into your life with their brand new skateboard deck. This wooden deck features the classic Dunny outline etched into the deck and is individually numbered with a total edition size of 150 pieces world-wide. This is the second skateboard made by Kidrobot and is exclusive to This unique skate deck works both as an actual board and also can serve as an art piece. You can find it here.


New from Kidrobot: Incognito 5″ Dunny by twelveDot

kidrobot tnTwelveDot is the winner of the 2015 Designer Toy Award Break Out Artist award, and kidrobot partnered with him for a special twelveDot x Kidrobot Incognito 5″ Dunny. This Dunny is disguised in twelveDot’s signature Apo Frog hat and arms. He also features translucent spotted wings and striped stomach.
TwelveDot’s award winning project, aftr, aims at reviewing our world and environment through one of the most fragile life forms on our planet, frogs. The project aims at raising awareness for frogs endangered by the pet and food trade. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Available now at


New From Kidrobot: Yummy World Blind Box Keychain Series

kidrobot tnKidrobot has released a new series of Yummy World keychains, which are available now from for $4.99. Each keychain is packaged in a food truck blind box. Perfect as zipper pulls or keychains, you can collect all 15. See them below.

Kidrobot Introduces New South Park Mini Series and 7″ The Coon Figure

kidrobot tnKidrobot’s South Park collection is gowing with their new South Park: The Fractured But Whole Mini Series & The Coon 7″ Medium Figure. This brand new mini series features the superhero group assembled by The Coon. Each mini figure stands 3″ tall and comes packaged in a blind box.

Kidrobot’s The Fractured But Whole Mini Series & The Coon Medium Figure are both now available on

Clutter and Kidrobot Announce the NYCC DTA Dunny Show

kidrobot tnCelebrating the launch of the 5″ blank Dunny platform, and the 6th Annual Designer Toy Awards, Kidrobot , Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards have once again teamed up to bring collectors a visual treat! Bringing together some of the industries top artists from around the globe, we are excited to announce the third installment of the DTA Dunny Show, “The NYCC DTA Dunny Show!”

With the aim to expand the market reach of Designer Toys, and to celebrate the effort of all involved, Kidrobot (long time supports of Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards) have once again donated all proceeds to fund the annual awards ceremony.

The list of participating artists include:

64 colors • Ally Burke • Amanda Louise Spayd • Camilla D’Errico • Chris Ryniak  • Dave Markart • Eimi Takano • Fiona Ng • Gary Ham • ibreaktoys • JeAA • The Bots • Jon-Paul Kaiser • Josh Mayhem • Kristina Drake • Lauren YS • Mike Strick • MJ Hsu • Mr. Mitote • Otto Bjornik • Patrick Wong • Quiccs • rxSEVEN • Sabrina Elliott • Scarecrow Oven • Scott Wilkowski • Seriously Silly K x Scott Tolleson  •  Tasha Zimich • Tokyo Jesus • Tomodachi Island • wetworks • Yu Maeda & Zard Apuya.

Artists will be using the hashtag #NYCCDTADunnyShow as they post images of their works-in-progress leading up the show.

A mixture of 5″ and 8″ Dunny  will be on display at New York Comic Con, October 6th – 10th at booth #603. Remaining pieces will be displayed at The Clutter Gallery (163 Main St., Beacon, NY), for the remainder of the month. Pieces will be first available on the floor of NYCC, then online at


Kidrobot Releases Extremely Limited 20″ Andy Warhol Dunny

Kidrobot has announced the release of their series of Andy Warhol x Kidrobot Limited Edition 20″ Dunnies. Each a limited edition, these four pieces capture Warhol’s most iconic work on Kidrobot’s most iconic platform. Together they bring pop art to life. Each Andy Warhol x Kidrobot Limited Edition 20″ Dunny comes packaged in a premium display box and is limited to just five pieces worldwide.

Available now at premium retailers.

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