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Stop-Motion Video Introduces the Hot Wheels Justice League Character Cars

Justice League is set to hit theaters in November and La Di Da partnered with Warner Bros. and made a fun stop-motion film introducing the Hot Wheels character cars in support of the new line from Mattel.

The video features Batman and Wonder Woman (as Hot Wheels cars) assembling the Justice League with The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. The League then makes a getaway in the Flying Fox!  Check the video out below!

Director: Adam Blake Carver
Cinematographer: Eric Adkins
Animator: Brandon Lake
Art Direction: Lauren Shell
Scenery and Set Fabrication: Dustin Yoder, Natalie Knudsen 
Gaffer: Dustin Gardner
Electrician: Ian Raymond
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Hakim
Color: Paul Sage
Music by: Fredrik Ekstrom 
Sound Design: Hive Studios 
Special Thanks: Musa Brooker
Produced By: Adam Blake Carver & Leah McKissock
Production Company: La Di Da Films 


New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hot Wheels Hitting for Force Friday II

It’s almost here – Force Friday II, the launch of products for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, kicks off at midnight September 1st. Mattel sent over details off the new Hot Wheels product set to hit store shelves tonight. Keep reading for all the details and May the Force Friday Be With You.

SRP: $ $39.99 | Age: 4+

  • The Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon™ playset allows kids to reenact their favorite scenes from the Star Wars™ universe using their collection of Hot Wheels® Character Cars.
  • The Millennium Falcon™ has broken down and must be fixed for battle before the First Order launches their attack.
  • Take the elevator up to fix the hyperdrive, tune up the engine and man the guns. When ready to launch an attack, lower your vehicle into the Smuggler’s Bay, aim carefully and then launch your Character Cars along the Hot Wheels® track and towards the First Order to take them out and defeat the dark side.
  • Other features include lights and 20+ Star Wars™ sounds.
  • Set includes an exclusive Chewbacca™ Character Cars.

SRP: $3.99 | Age: 3+

  • Two of the most iconic brands in adventure — Hot
Wheels® and Star Wars™— have formed
an alliance!
  • Kids and collectors alike will love seeing their favorite Star Wars™
characters reimagined as Hot Wheels® cars. Each 1:64-scale Character Cars is individually
designed to accurately reflect iconic Star Wars™ characters, combined
with the thrill of Hot Wheels® racing excitement.
  • Re-create your favorite storylines, send the cars flying at light speed on a Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ track set (sold separately),
or display them with your other favorite Star Wars™ collectibles. There’s an entire galaxy to choose from — collect them 
  • New character cars include:
    • Rey Jedi Training
    • Elite Praetorian Guard
    • B8-9E
    • Captain Phasma
    • First Order Executioner
    • Finn

Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Starships Assortment

SRP: $4.99 | Age: 4+

  • Launch into hyperdrive with one of the most iconic starships from Star Wars™, brought to you by Hot Wheels®.
  • Kids will love re-creating some of the galaxy’s most epic battles and fiercest showdowns with this detailed die-cast starship.
  • Attach the flight stand (included) to display your Starship collection. Starships are compatible with Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ play sets (sold separately), so kids can build an entire galaxy of play!
  • New starships include:
    • Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer
    • First Order Heavy Assault Walker
    • Resistance Bomber
    • Crait Speeder
    • Resistance A-Wing Fighter

Mattel Offer SDCC Exclusive ‘Spider-Mobile’ and ‘Dead-Buggy’

Mattel today revealed one of their Hot Wheels SDCC exclusives and it’s lifted right from the pages of Marvel’s history books. The ‘Spider-Mobile’ is Spider-Man’s dune buggy for times when web slinging across town just doesn’t cut it and it’s now gotten the Hot Wheels treatment for SDCC. Priced at $15 this 1:64 scale vehicle features rubber tires. 

In 1:5 packages the Spider-Mobile will be swapped out for Deadpool’s Dead-Buggy and feature ‘vandalized’ artwork and a letter from Deadpool explaining the swap. As these are blind boxed, you won’t know which you’re getting at the show until you open it up. 

Check these out below and pick one up at Mattel’s SDCC booth.

Star Wars Hot Wheels and Ever After High SDCC Exclusives Revealed

SDCC 2014 logoToday’s new reveal of Matty SDCC exclusives is the Hot Wheels Star Wars exclusive. Images of the Darth Vader helmet inspired car hit last week, but USA Today spilled the details on the whole package. Priced at $40 the sleek black vehicle comes packaged in a lights and sound lightsaber in a collector’s box. This is on exclusive that will be going home with me.

The news of of the ‘Ever After High Cerise Wolf’ exclusive doll hit while I was in the Grand Canyon . ‘Ever After High’ takes the Monster High formula and applies it to classic fairy tales. In this case, Cerise Wolf is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and will be debuting at SDCC.

SDCC 2014 Hot Wheels Star Wars Mattty Collector Ever After

MattyCollect’s Hot Wheels SDCC Exclusives – The Homer & Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

SDCC 2014 logoMattyCollector’s revealed two Hot Wheels SDCC exclusives earlier today – both of which look fantastic. From the Simspsons comes “The Homer” and from James Bond you get his Aston Martin BD5. SDCC voucher pre-sales will take place 8AM PT  on 6/23 for Early Access (Club Eternia subscribers only) and 9AM PT on 6/24 for everyone else. After the show these will be available at

See descriptions and images of both cars below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Hot Wheels® The Homer ($30): Hot Wheels® proudly presents The Homer from everyone’s favorite cartoon show “The Simpsons.” This vehicle is a faithful reproduction in awesome collectible packaging of the Homer Simpson-designed car “that’s everything the average man ever dreamed of!”

Hot Wheels® Aston Martin DB5 ($20): It’s the movie car that became almost as famous as 007 himself! This detailed Hot Wheels® version of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 comes with a special spy-catching deco and a Comic-Con package that you won’t want to miss.

MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Bond Boxed MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Bond Opened MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Homer Opened MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Homer Boxed

AwesomeToyBlog Spotlight – MegaBloks Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility

megalogoA few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing a handful of MegaBloks sets – a Halo set, a Hot Wheels set and a Skylanders set. When they asked if I wanted to look at a second Hot Wheels set, I jumped at the opportunity. When I tore open the box, I found the Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility.

The Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility from MegaBloks is a pretty big set – with 382 pieces. This set builds a racing truck, a launching wheel,  and a stunt “plaza” including jumps, gates, a spinny gate, barrels and the set includes two drivers. This was a big set – and takes up a good chunk of space. I’d say the build took an hour, hour and a half…a decent chunk of dedicated building time. The directions were clear and easy to follow. I do wish the pieces had been packaged in a more modular fashion – there were about 6 bags of parts…all of which were opened in the first few steps of assembly. Digging for parts is never the best part of any build..and at the start there was a lot of that. Just a minor quibble, once things got started – it went easy.

Once assembled, the set has a ton of play value. The car itself is the highlight for me, it’s very ZZ Top (hope you’re old enough to get that reference!). The addition of a few pieces with deco really makes this red truck stand out. The roof opens up, letting you put a driver in. I really like the “launcher” – which is essentially a wheel on a stick…and while it’s a straight forward approach – it works great. Put the wheel on the roof of the car, spin the wheel with your hand and the car zips off, and goes quite a distance. The stunt facility has a ton of play features – a kid would have a blast with this. Clearly I need to practice more, I was unable to get the car to fly through the banner at the top of the facility!

The driver figures included are also quite nice – one driver is red and the other white. Both have great deco – bold ‘Team Hot Wheel’ logos on their chests. The figures have articulated necks, waists, shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles. There’s a ton of poseability in these little guys.

Overall – this is a great set with a ton of value. The truck is fantastic and the playset has a number of different ways to play with it. To top it off, the directions include alternate ways to put the facility parts together to build other obstacles – a nice addition that adds some extra value. The Super Stunt Test Facility is available now ($39.99 on Amazon) and thanks to MegaBloks for providing the set for review!


Mega Bloks’ Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck Review

megalogoA couple of weeks ago a few MegaBloks sets were sent to the AwesomeToyBlog HQ for review. Earlier in the week I posted my thoughts of the Halo UNSC Night Ops Gausshog and tonight I’m back with the Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck, which is completely unrelated to the famous reindeer. This set provides the directions and pieces for building three different vehicles, one featuring a pull-back motor, and includes one driver and several course obstacles.

The set, which includes 87 pieces includes directions for three different vehicles – each taking about 20 minutes to build. While having instructions and pieces for three vehicles really provides some value to this set, I am a bit disappointed by the “Monster Truck” which is essentially takes the first sports car and connects it to the monster truck chassis and tops it off with suspension and big wheels. Having a few more pieces to differentiate the sports car and the monster truck would have been nice. However, both sports cars are the highlight of this set – they’re solid builds and hold up well to play. Since these are construction toys, there’s an ample number of exposed studs on the cars there’s plenty of opportunity to customize your car with parts from other sets.

Also included with this set is a driver figure which features articulated shoulders, legs, wrists, ankles, neck and waist. The flames and skull deco on the figure are very well done and the driver does fit very well in all the assembled models.

The Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster Truck is available now both online and in stores near you. Thanks to Mega Bloks for providing the set to AwesomeToyBlog for review!




3rd Pair of MattyCollector SDCC Reveals – New 52 Shazam! and Hot Wheels Asteroids Pick-up

SDCC 2013 logoMattyCollector’s SDCC reveals week continues with the 3rd pair of exclusives now revealed. Up today we have:

DCU Club Infinite Earths “Shazam!” New 52

Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, this is the first ever figure of the New 52 Billy Batson, the boy turned DC Super Hero known as “Shazam!” Not included with club subscriptions, this figure arrives with a removable hood in Club Infinite Earths die cut packaging with distinctive silver foil. The perfect addition to your DCU collection!

Hot Wheels® Atari Beach Bomb™ Pickup

There’s nothing better than the lights and sounds of an arcade game… except maybe a Hot Wheels® car, of course. You’ll be transported back to the local video arcade with the Hot Wheels® Atari Beach Bomb™ Pickup, finished in Red Line Club level hand polished Chrome Spectraflame® and Asteroids deco! And just like the arcades of old, this awesome finish will soon be a thing of the past… this will be one of the last hand polished Chrome Spectraflame® Hot Wheels® car offered. Features diecast body and chassis, and Real Riders® wheels.

Matty Reveals Hot Wheels and Masters of the Universe SDCC 2013 Exclusives

SDCC 2013 logoMattyCollector has kicked off their SDCC reveal week, and plans to unveil two exclusives daily through Friday (with a few surprises saved for later). If you’re attending this years’ show, pre-sale voucher sales kick off June 4th and the after-con sale is planned for August 5th. Now on to the reveals.

Masters of the Universe Classics: Rokkon and Stondar 2-pack

The Comet Warriors have arrived! This 2-pack of vintage MOTU Rockmen figures includes the young and excitable Rokkon™ and the wise and heroic Stonedar™. Recreate the Filmation look with snap-on arm and leg armor, or go bold(er) and transform into full rock mode with the additional snap-on front piece! Each figure also comes with trademark laser gun that they can hold, or can be snapped into chest. These figures, sculpted by the Four Horsemen, come in window box packaging and are not part of Club Eternia.

Hot Wheels: Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider

Destruction of the Twelve Colonies and the human race is the objective, and the Cylons will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the thrilling TV show with this 1:64 scale Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider! Featuring VUM finish and die-cast body and chassis, this detailed replica comes on a commemorative blister card recalling the look of the original packaging from 1978. A perfect addition to any vintage collection, and a must-have for Battlestar Galactica fans!

Toy Fair 2013 – Mega Bloks’ Jeep, Hot Wheels and John Deere

TF2013 LogoIn our continued coverage of the Mega Bloks booth, my personal favorite Mega Bloks items are in this gallery. Their Jeep line doesn’t launch until 2014 but looks great. As a former Jeep owner, I can’t get these soon enough. The other product in this gallery is their new Hot Wheels line and an expansion of their John Deere line, which previously was limited to a Wal-Mart only set.

MattyCollector’s SDCC 2012 Exclusives

In an unexpected twist, Matty revealed their SDCC exclusives the old fashioned way – on their website (vs. the reveals on G4 the past two years). This years line up is:

  •  Masters of the Universe – Vykron (3 figures in 1: Barbarian, Space, Military)
  • DCU Tiny Titans – 1 1/2″ scale 5 pack of figures
  • DC Comics Vertigo Death
  • Ghostbusters Dana as Zuul
  • Disney Pixar Cars 2012 Comic-con Mater
  • DC Universe Polly Pockets Villains Set – 3 pack of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn
  • Hot Wheels – Masters of the Universe Volkswagon Drag Bus
  • Hot Wheels – Scooby Doo! Mystery Machine
  • Hot Wheels – K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand
  • Monster High – Unknown

See below for a gallery of images from Matty.

Details of SDCC presale

With Comic-con less than a month away, MattyCollector have announced the details of thier SDCC voucher pre-sale set to take place on July 11th at 9AM Pacific.  With the vouchers you order your desired exclusives on MattyCollector and then pick them up at a designated location at Comic-con.  The program has been expanded over last year, and now all the exclusives (including Hot Wheels) will be available for pre-sale.  The complete list is below:

  • Ghostbusters™ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ($70)
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Queen Marlena™ Figure ($25)
  • Voltron® Blazing Sword Voltron ($30)
  • DC Universe Swamp Thing (plus Un-Men) ($30)
  • Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber ($20)
  • Hot Wheels® Back to the Future Time Machine Vehicle ($35)
  • Hot Wheels® Franken Berry™ Vehicle ($20)
  • MOTUC Polly Pocket™ Collection ($20)
  • Monster High™ Ghoulia Yelps™ Doll ($20)
  • Green Lantern Kilowog ($25)
  • Carol Ferris Barbie® Doll ($35)

For those not attending SDCC, the sale of remaining items will take place August 1st at 9AM Pacific.  Please note that for the after-show sale Swamp Thing won’t have the Un-Men and Queen Marlena will be packed as Captain Glenn Heroic Galactic Adventurer, but she’ll still have all the accessories you need to transform her into Marlena.

See all the details and rules for the presale after the jump.


Full slate of Mattel SDCC exclusives

After the preview on yesterday’s “Attack of the Show” MattyCollector has revealed the full line of 2011 Mattel San Diego Comic-con exclusives.  With no further ado, here’s the list of exclusives.

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

This is possibly my second favorite San Diego Comic-con exclusive, Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.  Originally posted as an April Fools joke, this is now an officially SDCC exclusive.  Wonder Woman’s jet is invisible, so you can’t see it, but it comes on a Hot Wheels blister card and will sell at the show for $5.  Yes, I realize it is $5 for a blister card.  Yes, I do think its brilliant.  Check out the image below!

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