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Toy Fair 2018 – Whatnot Toys GI Joe and Transformers

One of the surprise announcements leading into the show was that new G. I. Joe vinyl figures were announced by Whatnot Toys. The new figures feature a deformed, stylized aesthetic and come in both a 4.5″ and 2.5″ scale.  The figures feature mutliple points of articulation (including a ball jointed head) and their key weapon. Also included in the line are vehicles which are sized for the 4.5″ figures to drive. The product shown is just the start of what they have planned for the Joe property.

Also on display were a series of stylized vinyl figures from the Transformers movie property.  You can see both the Joes and the Transformers below.

The Six Million Dollar Man Teaming Up With G. I. Joe

 Yo, Steve! The Six Million Dollar Man (aka Steve Austin) and G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, are teaming up for a 4-part comic book crossover from IDW and Dynamite Entertainment beginning January 2018.
The series will be scripted by rising star writer Ryan Ferrier (TMNT: Dimension X, Rocko’s Modern Life) with art by SL Gallant, who has achieved an epic run on G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, alongside legendary G.I. JOE writer, Larry Hama, for over 75 issues.
“To say Shannon and I are having fun with bringing these two iconic properties together would be a massive understatement,” said Ferrier. “We are going full-tilt and no-holds-barred with this story. It’s everything we love about G.I. JOE, the classic characters, and massive action, colliding face-first with the steel-infused, secret agent coolness of The Six Million Dollar Man. We are chomping at the bit for everyone to read this comic with a kung fu grip.”
“Ryan and Shannon have found the perfect story to tell,” said IDW’s Editor in Chief, David Hedgecock. “Fans both new and old are going to be amazed at what this creative team is putting together. This series beautifully blends all the classic tropes of the characters while simultaneously creating something exciting and fresh. We are thrilled to be working with this team and with the fine folks at Dynamite to bring this series to the fans.”
“G.I. JOE and Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, are two pop culture mainstays who have influenced the comics industry for years,” said Dynamite CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci. “We’ve had great runs with our Six Million Dollar Manseries, and long been admirers of IDW’s ongoing G.I. JOE series. Now is the time for these two to cross-over and we couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating on this event series, and working with our good friends at IDW.”
Variant covers will be provided by John CassadayKen Lashley, and Mike Zeck. Special action figure covers will also be may orderable from your local comic shop. Subject to availability while supplies last.  
The action-packed cross-over event of 2018 kicks off this January!

Hasbro’s SDCC Exclusive REVOLUTION Set Includes G. I. Joe, Action Man, Transformer, ROM and More

 Hasbro today revealed their latest SDCC exclusive – one lifted right from the pages of IDW’s mega-Hasbro-crossover event comic REVOLUTION. This set includes 16 characters from the Hasbro universe: Jetfire (Transformers), Road Block (G. I. Joe), Action Man (Action Man), Matt Trakker (M.A.S.K.), ROM the Space Knight (ROM), a Dire Wraith (ROM), Leoric (Visionaries), Quin-Tillus (Micronauts), Biotron (Micronauts), Oberon (Micronauts), Acroyear (Micronauts), Xant (Micronauts), Phenolo-Phi (Micronauts), Gammatron (Micronauts), Baron Karza (Micronauts) and Betatron (Micronauts).  You can grab this box set at the HasbroToyShopBooth at SDCC or, in limited numbers, from HasbroToyShop.com after the show. See the complete description and pics below.

REVOLUTION Comic Crossover Preview Mega-Set
(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)
When characters from different story worlds come together in a single storyline, they call it a crossover. For this event, they needed something bigger. MUCH bigger. Celebrate the beyond epic IDW Revolution crossover event with the REVOLUTION Comic Crossover Preview Mega-Set convention exclusive. Featuring 16 characters from seven story worlds, this set serves as a prelude to IDW’s upcoming REVOLUTION: FIRST STRIKE sequel set for later this year. Many characters in this set are making their debut in the 3-3/4” figure format, and for the first time, characters from these brands are presented in a scale that allows the entire Universe to be played together! Includes JETFIRE from TRANSFORMERS, ROADBLOCK from G.I. JOE, ACTION MAN, a team of MICRONAUTS, MATT TRAKKER from M.A.S.K. MOBILE ARMORED STRIKE COMMAND, LEORIC from VISIONARIES and ROM and a DIRE WRAITH from ROM THE SPACEKNIGHT. The REVOLUTION Comic Crossover Preview Mega-Set will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on HasbroToyShop.com.

Hasbro Announces SDCC Exclusive G. I. Joe Cobra Missle Command Headquarters

Hasbro today announced their latest SDCC exclusive – a G. I. Joe set that is an homage to a rare set available in 1982. The G. I. Joe Cobra Missle Command Headquarters includes three figures (Cobra Commander, a Cobra Officer and a Cobra Trooper) as well as a recreation of the original playset…and to top it off, it is packaged in a vintage style box, complete with weathering.

The G. I. Joe Cobra Missle Command Headquarters will be available at booth #3329 at SDCC and is priced at $49.99. Limited stock will be available after the show on  HasbroToyShop.com.

See the complete description and images below.

G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

Cobraaaa! One of the rarest of all G.I. Joe playsets is back! The G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters, this convention exclusive is a faithful reproduction of the original and iconic Cobra Missile Command Headquarters Set from 1982. It recreates the classic design of the original in exacting detail with a weathered finished, following the original die-lines with all new re-created graphics. Assemble the highly detailed, sturdy graphic board components to build a headquarters that includes missile base, missile support systems, cruise missile, control panel, movable elevator, work platform, and seats. The set also comes with reproductions of the three figures that came with the original set – Cobra Commander (with a logo that is an homage to the original, first version Cobra Commander logo), Cobra Officer, and Cobra Trooper. Set includes file cards for the figures, as well as a file card holder for the cards. The G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on HasbroToyShop.com.

Hasbro Introduces HASCON for September 2017

Hascon_w_charactersToday Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), a global play and entertainment company, announced it is creating the first-ever HASCON fan and family convention in September 2017. The massive event, which will be held in Providence at the Rhode Island Convention Center and Dunkin Donuts Center from September 8-10, 2017, will treat attendees to three unforgettable days featuring a celebration of Hasbro’s powerful characters and stories, including live interactive experiences, exclusive products, talent appearances, panels and much more.

From bringing the first action figure to life with G.I. JOE, to creating a world where robots are truly ‘more than meets the eye’ with TRANSFORMERS, Hasbro’s brands have always overflowed with rich stories and dynamic, multi-faceted characters, providing an incredible platform to capture the imaginations of fans of all ages. The premiere HASCON event will bring the magic of decades of storytelling under one roof for the ultimate, immersive Hasbro fan and family experience. Hasbro’s top properties, including TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, MAGIC THE GATHERING, PLAY-DOH, MONOPOLY, G.I. JOE and many others will be reimagined through dynamic stage performances and unique opportunities for fans to engage with their favorite characters. In addition to interactive experiences designed to offer attendees a glimpse into Hasbro’s imaginative storytelling in action, visitors will have the chance to see first-look previews of Hasbro’s biggest television and movie series, attend panels and meet-and- greets with celebrities and creative talent associated with Hasbro brands, take part in Hasbro Gaming competitions and purchase special limited-edition Hasbro products.

“Hasbro is home to many of the world’s most recognizable brands, each of them with their own group of passionate and engaged fans,” said John Frascotti, President of Hasbro Brands. “HASCON will deliver an extraordinary peek behind the curtain of our brands, storytelling, and iconic characters while giving us the opportunity to invite fans and families to our hometown for the most memorable, unified Hasbro experience ever.”

For all of the latest information on HASCON 2017, please visit http://hascon.hasbro.com.


SDCC 2016 – Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Display

SDCC 2016 logoThe Real American Hero – G. I. Joe has a nice presence in the SDCC booth with their 2016 line-up featured. The line-up, which was revealed at JoeCon features some in-demand reissues of previous figures along with some all new entries – including new female Joes and Cobras.

And one, of course, cannot discuss the 2016 Joe offerings without highlighting the SDCC exclusive Joe vs. Transformers set – the fourth in the series.

Check out all the items in the Hasbro G. I. Joe case in the gallery below. Yo Joe!

Hasbro’s G. I. Joe / Transformers SDCC Exclusive Officially Revealed

SDCC 2016 logoHasbro’s first SDCC exclusive has been revealed and it’s the return of the G. I. Joe / Transformers crossover sets. This newest set pits Scarlett and Powerglide against Zartan and Soundwave. Powerglide is a red repaint of the Rattler and Soundwave is a HISS Tank repaint (I _love_ the missles). You can check out the official pictures for this set below and you’ll be able to pick this up at the HasbroToyShop booth at the show and, in limited quantities, from HasbroToyShop.com after.

Toy Fair 2016 – The Loyal Subjects

tf2016A few years ago while walking the rows and rows of the toy fair, I stumbled across the booth of The Loyal Subjects – and now they’re a must stop each year. This year was no exception and I was treated to the latest vinyl figures from Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G. I. Joe (including vehicles!!), Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Mr. Potato Head and Transformers.

The highlights of the display were the Masters of the Universe figures and the Joe vehicles. I was surprised by how well the vehicles translated to this style – I hope these are succesful and other properties do similar.

Check out all the newest Loyal Subjects toys from toy fair in the gallery.

G. I. Joe Pop!s Available in November

POP LOGOThis month will bring a bit of a toy crossover as Funko will be releaseing Pop! versions of some of the most popular G. I. Joe characters. Straight out of the 80’s cartoon, Funko will be releasing Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander and Roadblock. These Pop!s will be available at all your favorite Funko retailers – check them out below.

SDCC 2015 – G. I. Joe

cc15 tnSan Diego Comic-con 2015 saw the return of G. I. Joe to the Hasbro booth. All of the product at the booth was announced at Joe con, but it’s great to see Joe back on display. Both 2- and 3-packs will be available at retail later this year. Both SDCC vehicle packs were also in the case.

More G. I. Joe Love at SDCC as Hasbro Unveils Sgt. Slaughter Themed Kre-O Set

cc15 tnG. I. Joe might be absent from store shelves, but it is certainly getting it’s due at SDCC this year. Hasbro unveiled another exclusive today – a Kre-O set including Sarge and his Marauders, Destro and his Iron Grenadiers and Srg. Slaughter’s Triple T Tank. These sets are packaged in a manner that suggests a VHS box set. It’s an unexpected item in an awesome package – a perfect SDCC release.

To top it off, Sargeant Slaughter will be signing autographs in the Hasbro booth space on Saturday July 11th from 11AM – 12:30PM and between 3PM and 4:30PM.

You can pick this up at the HasbroToyShop booth at the show, or HasbroToyShop.com after the show. Yo Joe!

Gentle Giant Reveals Two SDCC Exclusive G. I. Joe Items

cc15 tnGentle Giant today posted two new SDCC exclusives for Premium Guild members to pre-order – both are G. I. Joe items.

The first is a convention exclusive jumbo Grunt figure. One of the first Joes released, this exclusive figure is packaged in a wooden footlocker. Premium Guild members can pre-order him here.

The second exclusive is a 2-pack of G. I. Joe Micro-figures. They’re like the Jumbo figures, but instead of going bigger – they went smaller. The two pack includes Rock N Roll and Snake Eyes. They are posted here for PGM preorder.

Check both out below!

GG CC15 Joe Grunt GG CC15 Joe Micro

New Jumbo Offerings from Gentle Giant this May

GentleGiantLtdLogoGentle Giant has sent out details of all their new products available for pre-order this month. There’s a ton of new Jumbo figures, so keep reading for the details!

Zap G.I. Joe Jumbo Figure

Inspired by the Hasbro vintage GI Joe A Real American Hero figure, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the GI Joe Bazooka Soldier, Code Name: ZAP. One of the first figures released in the series that started in 1982, continuing our amazing series of jumbo vintage figures.

CHAPPiE Chibbi Figure

This ADORABLE little figure is an awesome representation of CHAPPiE’s childlike nature. This cute and fun little guy features his new markings, replacement orange arm and ear, gold chains and his favorite throwing star!

Magneto Secret Wars Jumbo Figure

Secret Wars was a 12 part series from Marvel Comics that introduced the character of The Beyonder to the Marvel Universe. The Beyonder, assembles a planet from chunks of other planets and dubs it “Battleworld”. He then kidnaps several heroes and villains from Earth, and transplants them on Battleworld to fight for The Beyonder’s amusement. Magneto is transported to Battleworld with many other villains, but actually becomes a hero over the course of the story.

Jumbo Robin Figure from Batman: The Animated Series

In the fall of 1992, a new animated series debuted from Warner Bros. Animation on weekday afternoons. It would go on to leave a lasting impact on one of DC’s most enduring franchises.

Flash Super Powers Jumbo Figure

In 1984, Kenner began to release the next on their extremely popular action figure lines, the DC Super Powers Collection! This line included heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many, many more.

Gentle Giant May 2015

3 3/4″ G. I. Joe Returning in 2015 – SDCC Exclusives & More

GI Joe LogoThe Hasbro panel at JoeCon was earlier today and the big reveal was the return of 3 3/4″ Joes to retail in 2015. Two Joe SDCC exclusives were also announced, one for HasbroToyShop and the other for Toys R Us (available at the Entertainment Earth booth). The new products are:

SDCC EXCLUSIVES (Available: July 2015)
G.I. JOE CRIMSON STRIKE: Available in the Hasbro Toy Shop booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Features the Cobra Scythe jet and the G.I. Joe Chimera. Includes Grunt, Ralph “Steeler” Pulaski, A.V.A.C. & Alley Viper Office figures. Approximate Retail Price: $99.99.
G.I. JOE DESERT DUEL: Available from Toys “R” Us at the Entertainment Earth booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Features the F.O.E. Striker and the Cobra Basilisk. Includes Night Fox, Philip “Chuckles” Provost, Elite Horseman and Cobra Air Trooper. Approximate Retail Price: $59.99
TOYS “R” US EXCLUSIVES (Available: August 2015)
G.I. JOE DESERT DUEL: Features the F.O. E. Striker and the Cobra Basilisk. Includes Philip “Chuckles” Provost and the Elite Horseman. Approximate Retail Price: $49.99
G.I. JOE SILENT STRIKE: Features the G.I. Joe Skystriker taking on the H.I.S.S. Tank. Includes Brad “Ace” Armbruster, Sightline, H.I.S.S. Gunner and Driver, filecards and accessories. Approximate Retail Price: $59.99
G.I. JOE OUTNUMBERED TEAM PACKS (Approximate Retail Price: $19.99)
  • Chase for the MASS Device: Includes Conrad” Duke” Hauser, Cobra Commander, Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Trooper, filecards and accessories
  • Sneak Attack: Includes Bazooka, Firefly, Specialist Dusty, filecards and accessories
  • Vanishing Act: Includes Torpedo, Hit & Run, Zartan and accessories
  • Rock Rampage: Includes Alpine, Rock Viper, Cobra Shock Trooper, filecards and accessories
G.I. JOE VERSUS 2-PACKS (Approximate Retail Price: $14.99)
  • Marine Devastation: Includes Gung-Ho vs. Cobra Shadow Guard with filecards and accessories
  • Hunt For Cobra Commander: Includes Shipwreck vs. Cobra Commander with filecards and accessories
  • Classic Clash: Includes Spirit Iron-Knife vs. Storm Shadow with filecards and accessories
  • Troop Build-Up: Includes Steel Brigade vs. Iron Grenadier with filecards and accessories
  • Swamp Steam: Includes Blowtorch vs. Croc Master with filecards and accessories

And you can see them all in the gallery below!

New G. I. Joe Toys To Be Revealed at Saturday’s JoeCon

GI Joe LogoThe G. I. Joe convention is underway and there’s great news out of the show’s comic – there will be new G. I. Joe toys unveiled at the show!  Also confirmed is that there will be a G. I. Joe SDCC Exclusive. Details on these new toys haven’t been shared yet…in fact Hasbro’s having some fun with their empty cases. Pixel Dan is at the show and shared the below pictures through facebook. Stay tuned for details on the new Joe toys!

Joe Con Hasbro Display Friday 2 Joe Con Hasbro Display Friday 1

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