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The KOOSH Ball Returns from Basic Fun!

Basic Fun! is bringing the original KOOSH ball back. Introduced in the late ’80s, the KOOSH ball is set to wiggle back into stores everwhere. If you’ve not played with a KOOSH ball before, it’s perfect for a game of catch or just to fidget with while trapped in a conference call (or to launch into the audience of your daytime television show). With an SRP of just $3.99, you’ll be able to find these at Targets, Walmarts and Staples everywhere.


New York Toy Fair 2018 – Basic Fun

Highlights of the Basic Fun display at toy fair included:

  • PooPeez are collectible minifigures all with a poop theme
  • The Exploding Kittens game will get toys and figures of several scales
  • Their scale arcade games are continuing, Tetris and Ms. Pac-Man are new for 2018.
  • In the Star Wars Science line they have a number of toys will let you excavate a Star Wars skeleton. I can’t say I ever wondered what a Taun Taun’s skeleton looked like, but now I know.

See all this and a ton of other product on display at Basic Fun’s booth below.

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