Kotobukiya Offers Up Details on Justice League ArtFX+ Statues

The Justice League floodgates have opened, and our pals at Kotobukiya have sent over details of their Justice Leauge ArtFX+ statues. These statues, at a 1:10 scale, stand about 8″, have premium details and decos and include a magnetic base which keeps the statues standing tall.  

The first ArtFX+ statues being released are Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman in December 2017. The Flash and Cyborg follow in January 2018 with Aquaman hitting in February 2018.

Check them out below and look for them at all your favorite places to pick up Kotobukiya’s fine products.

Kotobukiya Announces Star Wars Celebration Exclusive ARTFX+ Droids

Kotobukiya has announced their exclusives for the 2017 Star Wars Celebration taking place next month in Orlando, Florida. For this years’ show they are offering four all new ARTFX+ droid releases.  Each of these will be sold exclusively at the Kotobukiya booth (#3332) at Star Wars Celebration. The four exclusives for the show are:


Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusive 0-0- 0 (Triple Zero) & BT-1 ARTFX+

A Kotobukiya Japanese import!  Activated by Doctor Aphra and under the service of Darth Vader the assassin Droids known as 0-0- 0 (Triple Zero) & BT-1 appear for the first
time in the ARTFX+ series! Programed in the art of “etiquette and torture” this dastardly duo wreaks havoc (and incinerations) across the galaxy!

Triple Zero stands just over 6 ½ inches tall while BT-1 stands 4 ½ inches tall in 1/10 the ARTFX+ scale. Magnets in their feet provide the perfect stability on the included metal display bases. As with other Celebration exclusives this release also includes a special commemorative collector’s coin. And as an extra special bonus to this set only, a 10” x 8” print is included in the box with exclusive artwork by acclaimed artist Adi Granov!

srp $79.99
Available APRIL 2017.
© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.


Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusive R5-D4 ARTFX+

A Kotobukiya Japanese import!  As fate (or sabotage) would have it R5-D4 was brought to a screeching stop just moments from reaching the Lars homestead. Due to a “bad” motivator this red and white Astromech Droid was retrieved by his Jawa handlers thus setting off a chain of events that would forever change the life of young moisture farmer Luke Skywalker.

R5-D4 stands 4 ½ inches tall in 1/10 th ARTFX+ scale. Magnets in its feet provide the perfect stability on the included metal display bases. As with other Celebration exclusives this release also includes a special commemorative collector’s coin.

srp $44.99
Available APRIL 2017.
© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.


Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusive R4-M9 ARTFX+

A Kotobukiya Japanese import!  A green and white Astromech Droid of the Galactic Empire, R4-M9 played an instrumental role in retrieving data from the Tantive IV’s computer banks in conjunction to the whereabouts of the stolen Death Star plans.

R4-M9 stands 4 ½ inches tall in 1/10 th ARTFX+ scale. Magnets in its feet provide the perfect stability on the included metal display bases. As with other Celebration exclusives this release also includes a special commemorative collector’s coin.

srp $44.99
Available APRIL 2017.
© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusive R2-X2 ARTFX+

A Kotobukiya Japanese import!  Assigned to Rebel pilot Theron Nett, R2-X2 was one of the many causalities during the Battle of Yavin when the X-wing it was assigned to was shot down in the trenches of the first Death Star.

R2-X2 stands 4 ½ inches tall in 1/10 th ARTFX+ scale. Magnets in its feet provide the perfect stability on the included metal display bases. As with other Celebration exclusives this release also includes a special commemorative collector’s coin.

srp $44.99
Available APRIL 2017.
© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

If you’re not attending the show and you want to grab any of these ARTFX+ releases, there is a limited pre-order taking placed on

Kotobukiya Reveals SDCC Exclusive Bruce Wayne ArtFX+ Statue

SDCC 2016 logoKotobukiya has shared their 3rd SDCC exclusive – an ArtFX+ statue of Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne. From their description:

By day Bruce Wayne is the billionaire playboy, philanthropist and head of Wayne Enterprises. By night he dons a bat-shaped cowl and becomes the underworld’s greatest threat, Batman.
This limited edition Bruce Wayne ARTFX+ statue stands in 1:10 scale and includes two interchangeable accessories, a rose and a batarang along with an a magnetized base. The perfect addition to your bat family shelf!
Bruce Wayne is priced at $49.99 plus tax. Available at Kotobukiya booth, #2601 during San Diego Comic-Con beginning July 20th. Limited, one-time production, while supplies last.

koto cc16 artfx bruce wayne

Cap Takes On Iron Man In Kotobokiya’s Latest ArtFX+ Statues

Kotobukiya-LogoIt’s hero vs. hero as Kotobukiya’s hit Marvel ARTFX+ series returns to the big screen with the upcoming mega-blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. Two mighty characters headline the new collection starting with the star-spangled hero CAPTAIN AMERICA and a brand new armor suit, the IRON MAN MARK 46!

Fighting for freedom and his friends, Captain America (portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by
Chris Evans) heads into battle fearlessly even against his one-time ally and fellow Avenger Iron Man. The pinnacle of human ability thanks to the Super Soldier Serum created by Abraham Erskine, Captain America charges forward in his distinctive uniform, his shield leading the way and one fist cocked and ready to strike for justice. Steve Rogers looks like he stepped right off the screen with an incredibly accurate sculpt capturing all of the intricate details of his patriotic red, white, and blue costume including the reinforced armor, straps, buckles, boots, gloves, and of course the “A” mask with chinstrap. And while the colors on his costume are muted his iconic shield is bright with metallic paint and will immediately catch your eye in your Marvel collection.

Meanwhile, the latest creation of Tony Stark (portrayed as always by Robert Downey Jr.) is the Iron
Man Mark 46. It incorporates all of the brilliant inventor’s cutting edge innovations, though it’s sadly
brought to a conflict with fellow superhero Captain America. This brand new Iron Man suit is a perfect
replica of the one you’ll see in the film, and it’s captured in a super cool battle pose as the Armored
Avenger lunges forward and steadies his right arm for a repulsor ray blast! A direct descendent of
previous suits like the Mark 43, the Mark 46 suit is a sleek war machine with interlocking armor plates,
tons of technological details, and of course the awesome chest-mounted arc reactor and trademark
faceplate. Of course, all of that is presented in gleaming red and gold with additional silver accents.

Sculpted by the same master artist responsible for many of the Marvel ARTFX+ statues, Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE), Captain America and Iron Man each stand just over 7 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale). Both heroes charge dynamically across a cracked and broken concrete battleground, and while each Captain America: Civil War ARTFX+ Statue is an incredible display piece on its own, they’re even better together as their bases join to create an amazing battle scene! These have a suggested retail price of $69.99 each and will be available October 2016.

Kotobukiya Reveals ArtFX+ Magik Statue Due in February 2016

marvel_logoKotobukiya is continuing their X-Men line of ArtFX+ statues with the February release of Magik. She’s joining the previously announced Cyclops, Emma Frost and Magneto statues.

The statue, sculpted by Junosuke Abe, has her posed posed dynamically with her feet spread apart, her hands laid on top of the pommel of her Soulsword stuck into the ground before her. Her costume is straight out “All New X-Men” with thigh high leather boots, short shorts, a halter top with armored shoulders, armbands, and gloves reflects her look in the book. This statue stands 7.5″ tall and includes a magnetic display base.

Magik will be available in February 2016, other upcoming X-Men include Beast, Rogue and Wolverine.  Check out Magik below along with an amazing pic of the entire group.


Kotobukiya’s First SDCC 2015 Exclusive – ArtFX+ Alfred Statue

cc15 tnAt SDCC, Kotobukiya can always be counted on for some cool exclusives – and based on their first reveal 2015 will continue that trend. Today, via their facebook page, Kotobukiya revealed their SDCC exclusive ArtFX+ Alfred Pennyworth statue.  Keep reading for the full description, non-attendee pre-order details and an image. After this reveal, I can’t wait to see what else they have on tap!
Sculpted by Keita Misonou, the Alfred Pennyworth SDCC Limited Edition ARTFX+ stands just under 8 inches tall (1/10th scale) and includes magnets in his feet for extra stability when placed on the Batman, Robin (Damian Wayne), Nightwing, or other ARTFX+ statue bases. Alfred is sure to be a sought after addition to any display of the ARTFX+ Batman Family!

Pre-orders for non-attendees begin Friday, 6/12 at 10AM on!

Koto ArtFX Alfred CC15

Preview Kotobukiya’s Super Powers Batman ArtFX+ Statue

Kotobukiya-LogoOk,  I just posted the preview of Robin from Kotobukiya’s facebook page, but then I saw the Super Powers ARTFX+ Batman statue and couldn’t help myself. This 1/10 scale statue is an all new sculpt based on the classic Super Power toy line. Batman is wearing his classic blue and grey costume and resemble his 5 point of articulation figure.

Sculpted by Naoya Mutou, the Super Powers Batman ARTFX+ stands just under 8 inches tall (1/10th scale) on his included magnetic display base with perfect stability. See the preview pictures below.

Koto SP Batman 1 Koto SP Batman 2 Koto SP Batman 3

Preview Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ Super Powers Robin

Kotobukiya-LogoKotobukiya today took to their facebook page and previewed their upcoing DC Comics Classic Costume ARTFX+ Super Powers Robin Statue. Based on the the classic 1980’s Super Powers toy line, an all new sculpt updates the classic style yet retains the nostalgic feel. Dick Grayson is ready to fight crime in his classic costume. Sculpted by Naoya Mutou, Robin Classic Costume ARTFX+ stands just under 7 ½ inches tall (1/10th scale along with his mentor Batman) on his included magnetic display base with perfect stability. Collect all of the DC Comics Classic Costume Statues including Robin’s crime-fighting partner Batman. Check out a pair of preview pics below.

Koto SP Robin 1 Koto SP Robin 2


Kotobukiya Debuts ArtFX+ Cyclops Statue

Kotobukiya-LogoEarlier this week, via their facebook page, Kotobukiya debuted their Cyclops ArtFX+ statue. This is following on the popular (and awesome) Avengers ArtFX+ line, the X-Men are based on concept artwork by Adi Granov and sculpting by Junnosuke Abe. There’s no details on a release date, but stay tuned.

Are you excited about Kotobukiya expanding their ArtFX+ line to include Marvel’s merry mutants? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

kotobukiya cylcops 1 kotobukiya cylcops 2

Barnes & Noble Offering Exclusive Kotobukiya ArtFX+ R2-M5 Statue

Kotobukiya-LogoKotobukiya announced a new astromech ArtFX+ exclusive today. An ArtFX+ statue of R2-M5, one of the droids that served on Queen Amidala’s Royal starship, is exclusive to Barnes & Noble and is available now. R2-M5 also includes an collectible, commemorative coin.  The statue, priced right around $45, can be found in-store or ordered online and is currently in stock. Check R2-M5 out below!

koto r2m5

Kotobukiya’s SDCC Exclusive First Appearance Batman ArtFx+ Statue

SDCC 2014 logoKotobukiya have announced their first SDCC exclusive for this year’s show. This first exclusive is a 1/10th scale ArtFX+ statue of Bat-Man as he appeared in Detective Comics #27 – his first appearance. Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger Batman is celebrating his 75th anniversary and this is the perfect way to commemorate that milestone.

This first appearance of Batman will be available exclusively during San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and through a limited non-attendee pre-order event.

Koto SDCC Batman ArtFx

What I Bought Today: Marvel Now! Black Widow

wibt tn Item: Black Widow
Line: Marvel Now! ArtFX+ Statue
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Store: Entertainment Earth

Thoughts: The day after I posted my write-up of Kotobukiya’s Marvel Now! ArtFX+ Hulk I saw that Entertainment Earth had Black Widow in stock. She was quickly on her way to me and arrived today. Needless to say, Hulk has a new friend and my Avengers ArtFX+ line-up is starting to form.

When I reviewed Hulk, I was looking forward to seeing how Black Widow would compare to his bulk and size. She is nearly 7 1/2 inches tall and obviously considerably smaller than the Hulk (you can see a comparison shot of the two in the gallery below). However, she is still substantial and a good sized statue in her own right. I think Kotobukiya did a great job getting the respective sizes between the figures correct and I now have a general feeling where the other men of the Avengers are going to fit in.

Black Widow does require a bit more assembly than the Hulk did, as she was packaged as 6 pieces – legs, upper body, hands and guns. Everything comes together quickly and firmly – but if you wanted to return her to the package, all the pieces come apart easily enough. Much like Hulk, Black Widow has no problems standing on her own without the use of the included magnetic display stand. This stand is identical to the ones that came with the Hulk and I expect the same going forward.

Black Widow’s sculpt is good, and clearly comic inspired, this is not a statue of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.  Natasha is in a “neutral action” pose – she’s ready for action, but there’s an element of classic sculpture and elegance to her pose. Even her hair has some dynamic element to it – without being exaggerated or cartooney. The paint applications on this statue are perfect.

Summary: With two members of the team under their belt, Kotobukiya’s Marvel Now! ArtFX+ Avengers statue collection is well underway. In fact, there’s a nice juxtaposition having Hulk and Black Widow displayed together that makes it fitting these two were the first of the Avengers released. Seriously, if you’re a Marvel fan – you should be picking up these ArtFX+ statues, I cannot wait for the next one to join my collection. Great work from the team at Kotobukiya!


What I Bought Today: Marvel Now! Hulk

wibt tn Item: Hulk
Line: Marvel Now! ArtFX+ Statue
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Store: Entertainment Earth

Thoughts: The announcement two toy fairs ago that Kotobukiya would be releasing a line of Marvel Now! Avengers ArtFX+ statues was one of my personal highlights of that show. I’ve now got the first piece of this new collection in my hands, the Incredible Hulk, and he was worth the wait.

Standing almost 10 inches tall, this 1/10th scale statue of the Hulk is big. And not just tall, but he’s a big beef slab of green monster. I was actually a bit surprised at how hefty this statue is. With this as a reference point, I’m looking forward to seeing how Black Widow (the smallest of the Avengers) compares to Hulk (easily the biggest). One of the things I like about the ArtFX+ statues is the scale – they’re larger than a 6″ figure but smaller most of your high-end statues. It’s a great middle ground – you can have some amazing details yet not break your bank or use up too much display space.

When unboxed, the Hulk is in three pieces – his head, his torso and his legs. The pieces slide together easy and are very sturdy together. Standing, the Hulk is very stable. Two magnetic display stands are included with the Hulk, and while I’ll likely end up using them, they are not required for me to feel comfortable that Hulk is stable. There are no points of articulation or swappable parts – it’s good that Kotobukiya gave him an excellent pose, since he’s not moving from it.

Regarding the Hulk’s sculpt – there’s not much I can say, it’s pretty near perfect. I’ve already mentioned how big he, so the size is appropriate for the Hulk. I also like the balance they’re achieved with the detailing on the sculpt, while there are quite a few fine details (like ‘stiching’ on his rear jeans pockets) he isn’t “hyper-detailed”. The Hulk’s head is also quite good – there’s a ton of emotion in his expression, which isn’t always captured well.  His heavy brow, his squinting eyes and his bared teeth all help convey that the Hulk is mad. Of course, even the greatest sculpts can be ruined with poor paint decos, fortunately that’s not the case here. The details are painted perfectly.

Summary: I’ve waited two years for the Marvel Now! ArtFX+ Hulk, and frankly, it was worth it. He’s fantastic – a perfectly sized, highly detailed, fantastically sculpted statue of the Hulk. He’s the first in a series of Marvel Now! Avengers ArtFX+ statues, and if you’re a fan of the Avengers or the larger Marvel Universe you should consider picking up a Hulk – you won’t regret it! The next release in the line will be Black Widow.


Kotobukiya Debuts ARTFX+ Incredible Hulk

Kotobukiya-LogoThis is something I’ve been waiting for since Toy Fair when Kotobukiya announced that they would begin producing Marvel figures in the ArtFX+ scale! Today they shared details of their first release from the Marvel Now Avengers – the Incredible Hulk! He has all the detailed sculpting and dynamic poses you’ve come to expect from Kotobukiya’s amazing Marvel statues – but now in the ArtFX+ scale (the Hulk stands just under 10″ tall). Available in March of next year, the Hulk has an SRP of $64.99.  Check out a gallery below, and read the full announcement after the jump. I cannot wait to see the rest of the Avengers!


Kotobukiya Star Wars ARTFX+ Sandtrooper Sergeant and Squad Leader Two-Pack


Kotobukiya has announced some new Star Wars ArtFx+ statues – Sandtrooper Squad Leader and Sandtrooper Sergeant. These 1/10th scale statues stand right around 7 inches tall, and feature magnetic feet allowing them to stand solidly on the display base. In addition, the Squad Leader, available in a 2-pack, includes additional parts to enable a total of 4 poses. These are both going to be available in January 2014. After the jump see complete descriptions for the pieces and a complete gallery.



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