Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2017 – Spin Master

Spin Master’s booth can be summed up in one word – fun. From wearing a VR google streaming video from a drone being flown by a professional drone racer (that’s a thing!) to talking to BB-8, the booth was awesome.

In addition to the awesome Air Hogs and droid antics, the Spin Master booth was also home to Meccano with two new premiere robots being introduced this year, Max and the MeccaSpider which can spray venom! 

The Doctor Dreadful product line gives kids a chance to mix up their own gross, but tasty concoctions all with a mad scientist twist.

Tech Deck finger boards continue to entertain kids of all ages and this year Spin Master is intoducing a number of playsets for the boards giving even more places for finger boardin’ and biking tricks.

On the action figure side of things, Spin Master is releasing a line in support of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the toy line features smaller figures and featurs a good number of pirate ships for swashbuckling fun.

And of course, the 2/3 scale BB-8 rolled and beeped his way into my heart. See all the fun Spin Master products from toy fair in the gallery below

Toy Fair 2017 – Mattel

Mattel hosted a special collector’s event at toy fair this evening, showcasing their latest Halo, WWE, DC Multiverse, DC Superhero Girls, Minecraft and Teen Titans product.

Of particularly interest was new product from the upcoming Wonder Woman film with both the action figures (with build-an-Ares) and Wonder Woman dolls on display. The Wonder Woman figures look fantastic.

See them, and everything else from the Collector’s showcase, in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2017 – Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic gets the prize for the first 2017 SDCC Exclusive reveal this year as their DC Comics Golden Goddess series of DC Bombshells statues were one of the first thing I saw when I walked in their booth today.

There were ample bombshells on display (including a new series of blind tinned minis) as well as mini-Streetfighter figures, DC character inspired shoes, tiki inspired Batman and Joker figures and much more. Check it out in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2017 – Tomy

My visit at the Tomy booth at toy fair focused on three main properties: their new Lightseekers interactive app based game system with a toy-to-life feature, Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon.

While the idea behind Lightseekers may not be new, the execution of it is as each figure has a “fusion core” embedded in it, which eliminates the need for any sort of chip reader attachment. When accessories are added to the figure, the “fusion core” knows and it is reflected in the game. The figures are generally 7″ in scale.

The latest introduction on the Pokemon front is a new line targeting young female Pokemon trainers which feature some adorable Pokemon.

Check out all the new product from Tomy in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2017 – Quantum Mechanix

Quantum Mechanix is always a favorite stop at toy fair and their 2017 offerings did not disappoint.

Their line of adorable Q-Figs continues to expand with a new Harry Potter, Iron Man and Pinky & the Brain being among the new reveals.

Their excellent 12″ figure line is also continuing and with 2017 being the 30th anniversary of both Star Trek: the Next Generation and The Princess Bride figures from both properties were on display. In fact, Captain Picard is the next 12″ figure on the way from QMx.

Also new in the booth were a line of premium notebooks from Supernatural, Batman and more – look for those in time for back to school.

Check out the entire QMx booth below.

Toy Fair 2017 – Wicked Cool Toys

The big star of the Wicked Cool Toys toy fair booth was Teddy Ruxpin who will be making his return to toy shelves this fall. Everyone’s favorite story telling bear has never looked as good as he does now. He’s even cassette free now.

Of course Teddy Ruxpin wasn’t alone in the booth, he was joined with other cool products that ranged from WWE microphones and jumbo figures to Wild Kratts toys and cat paws. Check out their showroom space below.

Toy Fair 2017 – Hasbro’s Transformers Display

At Hasbro’s Toy Fair event today, they opened their showroom up to the media and we got a chance to look at all the new Transformers for 2017. Highlights of the display were new Transformers: The Last Knight toys and the newest entries in both the Titans Return and Robots in Disguise lines. 

Of course the biggest news was actually the biggest in size with the reveal of Trypticon. This huge transforming T-rex features the coolest action feature in years…the ability to snack on other Transformers. He’s on impressive bot!

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