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Toy Fair 2018 – Gentle Giant Ltd and Gentle Giant Toys

Gentle Giant made a splash at this year’s toy fair by announcing an all new division – Gentle Giant Toys which will service mass market retail. This will give Gentle Giant the opportunity to bring the level of quality and detail associated with their specialty market products to stores everywhere. Their booth at toy fair showcased items from both Gentle Giant Ltd and Gentle Giant Toys.

New products on display for Gentle Giant Ltd included polystone bookends of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper (sold individually so they can be mixed and matched), a new Boba Fett statue, a new 4-LOM statue, 4 Wolverines (from his first appearance to Old Man Logan), and new Marvel animated statues.

Everything shown from Gentle Giant Toys was new. Product lines include Star Wars and Marvel Tiny Tins Pocket Pails (scale replica lunch boxes with thermoses),  the return of both Marvel and Star Wars Bust-Ups, Micro Bobble figures, Star Trek fleet flyers which feature starship replicas on suction cup atached flight stands, Star Wars enamel pin (in the form of vintage action figures), Mini Heroes small scale animated statues and Marvel busts.

You can see both the Gentle Giant Ltd. ad Gentle Giant Toys products in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2018 – Diamond Select Toys

Each year, Diamond Select Toy has a ton of new offerings in their Toy Fair showroom and this year was no exceptions. Standouts included new ‘Real Ghostbusters’ Ghostbusters and a build-a-firehouse, a new line of DC PVC statues and a new Dazzler PVC statue (other Marvel ones also looked great, but Dazzler is a site favorite).

Of course there was much more on display, and it’s all in the gallery below. Also, if you’re a fan of the work Diamond Select Toys did on the Muppets – stay tuned as they are working on a way to get that last wave out starting with the Swedish Chef. Stay tuned for future developments.

Toy Fair 2018 – Funko

Of all the toy fair areas – Funko’s is the largest and most intimidating. Filled from end to end with product, I made every effort to photograph only stuff that hasn’t yet been released – but the gallery below has a ton of Pop!s, Dorbz, Mystery Minis, action figures and more.

A few highlights:

Pop!s:  I was thrilled to see new Buffy Pop!s!  Deadpool, Gossip Girls and Royal Pop!s were also stand outs.  But really, there are still so many Pop!s coming out there’s something for everyone.

Pop! Pez Dispensers: Yes, Pop! and PEZ are merging…there was just a proto pic of this in the booth, but the idea is super fun.

Savage World Action Figures: We’ve seen (and reviewed!) the 5.5″ Mortal Kombat figures, but Funko had 3 additional properties on display for this new, retro, figure format. Of the three the Thundercats were the clear standout.

And this only scratches the surface of what Funko has.  The gallery below is LONG, so sit back and scroll through.

Toy Fair 2018 – Wicked Cool Toys Debuts Pokemon

Wicked Cool Toys today hosted a press event where they debuted their all Pokemon line of products. This is their first year with the property and they aren’t pulling any punches as they have a wide product line that includes multiple sizes of action figures, plush, role play and even collector skewed specialty retail items.

You can see the complete line-up of products below and look for more details on what’s coming soon from Wicked Cool Toys.

Toy Fair 2018 – Whatnot Toys GI Joe and Transformers

One of the surprise announcements leading into the show was that new G. I. Joe vinyl figures were announced by Whatnot Toys. The new figures feature a deformed, stylized aesthetic and come in both a 4.5″ and 2.5″ scale.  The figures feature mutliple points of articulation (including a ball jointed head) and their key weapon. Also included in the line are vehicles which are sized for the 4.5″ figures to drive. The product shown is just the start of what they have planned for the Joe property.

Also on display were a series of stylized vinyl figures from the Transformers movie property.  You can see both the Joes and the Transformers below.

Toy Fair 2018 – Titan Merchandise

Each year Titan Merchandise offers a new assortment of Titan Vinyls at toy fair, however this year had a refreshing twist as they’ve introduced a brand new format for their Doctor Who ‘Kawaii’ vinyls. With an all new look, the Doctors look better than ever in this most recent series.

Of course, the tried and true Titans Vinyl format continues with new series being shown for American Gods, Kill Bill and other properties. In the larger Titans format – the Monkees (and their Monkee Mobile) made their debut at the show.

See the new Doctor Who series and all the new items in the gallery below…and stay tuned for new Star Trek: Discovery vinyls in the upcoming months.

Toy Fair 2018 – Super7

Super7 made a big splash when they took over Masters of the Universe from MattyCollector, but they’ve been working hard to expand their product offering and their display at Toy Fair showed the results of those efforts.

On the Masters of the Universe side of things, their previously shown Classic and Deluxe Classics were on display as well as their new Filmation ‘vintage’ style figures. Also on display was Masters glassware and ReAction style figures. 

The surprise of the show was a number of Transformers based items.  From glassware, Halloween buckets, Transformers character ‘Keshi’ blind boxed minifigures to awesome 12″ ‘Super Cyborg’ Megatron and Optimus Prime there was certainly more than meets the eye to the Super7 display.

Also ReAction figures had a great showing with new Universal Monsters, Planets of the Apes, Robotech, Misfits and more making a strong showing. ReAction is in great hands being back at Super7.

This is just a quick summary of the product on hand at the show.  See it all in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2018 – Playmates

With a number of hot properties, Playmates had an impressive showroom at toy fair this year. The big news were the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys which reflect the new look of the upcoming animated series ‘Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. Playmates has a whole line in support of the show, with basic figures, roleplay, vehicles, a GIANT Turtle Lair playset (stands 43″ inches tall and will be even bigger when stacked with the 2019 playset). It’s a brand new take on your favorite Turtles.

In addition to the Turtles, Playmates had a big focus on both Voltron and Ben 10. The highlights of the Voltron section was the debut of the remaining pilot figures (including Allura) and new ‘stealth’ lions.  Ben 10’s focus was on building the line including a few new ways to incorporate play into the Omnitrix.

Check out all the Playmates items below.

Toy Fair 2018 – NECA

NECA’s big news for the show was their acquisition of the Chia Pets and Clapper brands and both brands had a presence in the NECA showroom. Of course, there was a ton of new collector’s brand figures and items on display. 

The largest and most surprising item they were offering is a ‘street scene’ environment which was covered in their Turtle figures, but they were sure to specify it would be great for many different lines of figures.

Also on display were new Aliens, Predators, Gremlins and horror figures. If you love what NECA’s been doing, look for another banner year and see all their products below.

Toy Fair 2018 – Factory Entertainment

The spotlight on Factory Entertainment’s toy fair display was their all new line of ‘Revos’ vinyl figures. These are Factory Entertainment’s take on the deformed vinyl figure, which feature a self-righting wobbley base, letting you fidget with your display. Among the properties available are Jurassic Park, Wizard of Oz, Universal Monsters, Justice League and others.

Also on display at Factory Entertainment were new S.W.A.T. items from Harry Potter and the Wonder Woman film, new Game of Thones plush, It plush, Harry Potter statues and much, much more. 

See all the new Factory Entertainment items below.

Toy Fair 2018 – DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles always has an impressive line-up at toy fair and 2018 did not disappoint.  Items showcased included the latest Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn expressions set, the new DC Essentials figures (Batman, Deathstroke, Flash, Reverse Flash, Superman, Brainiac, Aquaman, Black Manta), the Artist Alley Statues (including an amazing trio by Murase), a new PVC based statue line which offers the quality DC Collectibles is known for at a lower price point and finally some fantastic resin statues.  See all the new DC Collectibles product in the gallery below.

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