Mezco Presents ‘Batman Returns’ Catwoman Living Dead Doll

In 1992’s Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’ made its theatrical debut and audiences were introduced to an all-new Catwoman who grabbed their attention and batted them around like they were a ball of yarn. Mezco has taken this popular character and she now joins the ranks of their Living Dead Dolls. 

 The LDD Presents Batman Returns: Catwoman features her trademark homemade black vinyl catsuit with contrasting white stitches and a slick sheen. Catwoman features an all new head sculpt complete with mask. Her look is rounded out with clawed hands and knee-high boots. 

LDD Presents Batman Returns: Catwoman stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation. She comes packed in a specially die cut window box purrrrfect for display.

Catwoman is available for preorder now here and is scheduled to claw her way into stores in March – May 2018.

SDCC 2017 – NECA’s Aliens, Predators, Turtles, Quarter Scale and More

NECA’s always a huge fan draw at SDCC due to their ability to hit a sweet spot of quality products from fans’ favorite properties. This year was no exception with an expanding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line gathering specific attention including the new debut of ‘The Dimension X’ collection.

Of course TMNT is just the tip of the NECA iceberg with new Aliens, Predator, Evil Dead, Marvel and DC figures also featured in the booth.

See the gallery below for images of the entire booth.

Funko Introduces Vynl Figures at SDCC

Funko is proud to introduce Vynl., a brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles created with pop culture fanatics in mind! Vynl. will take a new approach to collecting by showcasing the intricate relationships between beloved characters through a playful new aesthetic and display-ready collector packaging.
As this new line of figures is centered around character relationships, every Vynl. release will contain two figures in order to highlight the connection between both characters and play off of their respective storylines.

Vynl. figures will utilize thoughtful and imaginative design to elaborate on the emotional bonds between some of the most cherished characters in pop culture. Though Vynl. figures will derive from countless realms, storylines, and universes, Funko will maintain a consistent design aesthetic ensuring all Vynl. figures look spectacular when displayed together.

This exciting new line will make its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 with Batgirl and Poison Ivy. Then, later this summer, you’ll be able to collect Freddy Krueger & Jason, Sally & Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and He-Man & Trapjaw from The Masters of the Universe.
More amazing two-packs are scheduled to arrive between now and the end of 2017.

Keep an eye out for more Vynl. news by visiting or following us @originalfunko, and get ready to start collecting Vynl. figures by Funko!

New This Week from Diamond Select Toys: Ghostbusters, Batman, Marvel and More

Each week, Diamond Select Toys ships off a new batch of toys and collectibles to comic and specialty shops. This week is a hot one…and so are these new goodies. Check them out below.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Select Red Hatter Action Figure PX
A Diamond Select Toys Release! You’ve met the Mad Hatter, now meet him again! This 7-inch, Previews-exclusive variant figure of the Mad Hatter, based on his appearance in Alice Through the Looking Glass, sports the red coat of the present day, rather than the green coat of his younger days. The figure features the likeness of Johnny Depp, has 16 points of articulation, and comes with a diorama background depicting a building from Wonderland – connect the base to the bases of the other two Alice figures to build a larger town! Figure comes packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #JAN172654, SRP: $24.99)

Back to the Future 2 Frozen Hover Time Machine Electronic Vehicle
A Diamond Select Toys release! Is it hot? No, it’s ice cold! DST has upgraded their bestselling electronic1:15 scale Time Machine from Back to the Future with the additions shown in Batck to the Future 2! Having just arrived in our time from 2015, this Version 2 Time Machine has adjustable hover wheels, the iconic Mr. Fusion fuel device, and a thin coating of “frost” over its entire surface, to replicate the effects of time travel. Vehicle measures approximately 14 inches long with opening gull-wing doors, and time-travel lights and sounds are triggered at the push of a button. Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item # DEC162558, SRP: $59.99)

Batman Classic TV Series Catwoman Season 3 Bust
A Diamond Select Toys Release! This tiger has changed its stripes! Like many of Batman’s classic foes from the 1960s TV series, Catwoman underwent several metamorphoses over the run of the show, and in Season 3, she was played by sultry singer Eartha Kitt! This 6-inch-tall resin bust depicts Kitt as Catwoman, perched atop a colorful base inspired by the show’s animated opening credits. It’s the purr-fect addition to your Batman Classic TV Series bust collection! Packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Barry Bradfield! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item # DEC162560, SRP: $59.99)

Batman Classic TV Series Bookworm Resin Bust
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Batman can defeat any foe, but can he stand up to the power of reading? Bookish Bat-foe Bookworm is the newest character in DST’s line of resin busts based on the Batman Classic TV Series! Depicting the villain as he was played by Roddy McDowall, this bust measures approximately 6 inches tall atop a pedestal inspired by the show’s animated opening sequence. Limited to only 3,00 pieces, it comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #JAN172651, SRP: $59.99)

Batman The Animated Series Premier Collection Catwoman Resin Statue
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Now this is a statue worth stealing! Continuing DST’s Premier Collection line of statues, this resin sculpture captures Catwoman as she appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, where she straddled the line between good and bad! Catwoman wears her classic grey catsuit, and wields a whip that wraps enticingly around her lithe form. Measuring approximately 12″ tall on her tiled base, this statue is limited to just 3,000 pieces, and comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Sculpted by Clayburn Moore! (Item #JAN172650, SRP: $150.00)

DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series Laughing Fish Joker PVC Diorama
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The Joker makes a triumphant return to the DC Gallery line! Based on the famous Batman: The Animated Series episode “The Laughing Fish,” this rendition of the Joker shows him holding the titular marine life, with one foot on a chained and partially submerged Batman! This approximately 9-inch figure is in scale to all DC Gallery and Femme Fatales PVC dioramas, is sculpted with a high level of detail and features exacting paint applications. Diorama comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell! (Item #JAN172652, SRP: $45.00)

Ghostbusters Select Action Figures Series 5 Asst.
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Anybody seen any ghosts? The hit toy line based on the horror-comedy classic movie Ghostbusters is back with a fifth series of action figures, and this series is spectrally delicious! Series 5 unleashes three spirits from the original 1984 movie: the Library Ghost, the Taxi Driver Zombie and a Terror Dog! Each 7-inch scale figure features up to 16 points of articulation, as well as character-specific accessories: the Library Ghost comes with a stack of books, the Taxi Driver comes with a steering wheel and the Terror Dog comes with interchangeable horns so it can be either Zuul or Vinz Clortho! Plus, each figure comes with a piece of the rooftop diorama – these are the last three figures you need to complete the whole shebang! Packaged in the trademark Select display packaging, with side panel artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!(Item #NOV162416, SRP: $24.99/ea.)

Justice League Unlimited Animated Series Shazam Resin Bust
A Diamond Select Toys Release! You don’t need the wisdom of Solomon to know that this bust is a must-buy! Based on his appearance in the Justice League Unlimited TV series, this approximately 6-inch bust of Shazam is the latest release in the animated-style resin bust line by DST. Featuring detailed sculpting and paint applications, Billy Batson’s alter ego is posed atop a pedestal styled after the Justice League’s Watchtower satellite. This bust is limited to only 3,000 pieces and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Varner Studios! (Item #JAN172653, SRP: $59.99)

Marvel Gallery Classic Iron Man PVC Diorama
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The Marvel Gallery line of dioramas continues with one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes: Iron Man! Wearing his classic red-and-gold armor, Iron Man hovers above the ground using his boot-jets, and is ready to join his fellow Avengers in the popular PVC line. Measuring approximately 11 inches tall, this diorama featured detailed sculpting and paint applications, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Mat Brouillard! (Item #JAN172648, SRP: $45.00)

Funko’s Fourth Wave of SDCC Exclusive – Cartoon Favorites

Funko has announced their fourth wave of SDCC exclusive – all focused on some of your favorite cartoon characters. Of course these will all be available at the Funko booth at SDCC, but many will be shared with other retailers with more details pending. The newly announced exclusives are:

  • Pop! Animation: Ren & Stimpy – Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2-pack (2500pc LE)
  • Pop! Television: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Baxter Stockman
  • Pop! Telvision: Catdog – Flocked Catdog
  • Pop! Television: South Park – The Coon
  • Pop! Television: South Park – Mint-Berry Crunch

NECA Debuts Joint SDCC / Alien Club Exclusive ‘Pizza’ Alien

NECA followed their SDCC exclusive TMNT set with the announcement of their next SDCC exclusive – a yellow Alien, which will be of interest to both Alien fans and Turtle fans. Officially the Alien’s bio reads:

Deep in space, something is happening at a remote Weyland-Yutani scientific outpost! The terrible coincidence of a power outage and a deep space radiation has created a new Xenomorph… one that’s right at home in the pipes and tubes of the station’s sub-levels. The Sewer Mutation Warrior Alien stands over 9″ tall and features over 30 points of articulation and a bendable tail.
Limited edition of 3,000

Of course, this yellow Alien is an homage to the ‘Pizza’ Alien from the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, making this the perfect figure to buy along with your Turtle box set. The ‘Pizza’ Alien will be priced at $30 and will be available at SDCC and to Alien Club Members.  The alien will not be available during the SDCC pre-sale.

NECA Announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SDCC 8 Pack

The folks at NECA have been doling out the teasers for a few days now, but today they made it official with the debut of their first SDCC exclusive – an 8 figure Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set packaged in its own themed carrying case.

For this year’s turtles, NECA has taken inspiration from the cartoon and these have an animation inspired deco and accessories. This set includes all four Turtles, Shredder, Krang and a pair of Foot Soldiers.

This set will retail for $200 and will be available for pre-order for both attendees and non-attendees of the show. They will be available at

Check the set out below. For more pictures, check out the Fwoosh!

$300,000 Toy Soldiers Collection on Next Episode of FOX Business Network Show “Strange Inheritance”

We all have our collections – big or small, they’re reflections of who we are and what we loved. For over 40 years collector Robert Posta accumulated nearly ten thousand toy soldiers – World War I, World War II, the American Civil War, the Napoleonic Wars and more – all reflected in his massive collection. When he passed away in 2015 from emphysema, his wife Carole inherited his collection..and wasn’t quite sure of what to do with it.

Strange Inheritance is FOX Business Network’s hit primetime series which explores unusual stories of inheritance. The episode airing on FOX Business Network on March 6th at 9:30PM is titled “Toy soldier story 2” and follows Carole’s story as she finds a way to honor her late husband and decides what to do with the collection that appraised with a value of nearly $300,000.

Check out Strange Inheritance on Monday March 6th at 9:30PM/ET on Fox Business Network to see what a $300,000 toy soldier collection looks like and see how Carole Postal preserve’s Robert’s collection and legacy.

NECA Shines at SDCC 2016

SDCC 2016 logoI apologize for not delivering a NECA gallery sooner – during the first full day of the show, due to the popularity of their TMNT SDCC exclusives – I couldn’t even get near the booth to photograph. Today I had a little more luck and was able to snap around the booth capturing all the awesome new toys they busted out for the show.

Highlights include new entries in their amazingly accurate quarter scale line (now including the TMNT), some modern take on Kenner Aliens, the continuation of their hugely popular series of video game inspired figures and some amazing horror figures. There’s, of course, much more in the gallery below – be sure to check it out.

Funko’s Second Wave of SDCC Exclusives Revealed

SDCC 2016 logo

Funko has shared details for their second set of SDCC exclusives – this set has some Pop!, some Dorbz and ReAction. Keep reading for the details.

  • Pop! Hanna Barbera: Peter Potamus & So-So 2-pack (750pc LE)
  • Pop! Movies: Batman v Superman – Superman (False God variant)
  • Pop! Marvel: Deadpool – Thumbs Up Deadpool (Black & White)
  • ReAction: Dark Crystal – Landstrider Box Set
  • Dorbz: Alice Through the Looking Glass 4-pack (750pc LE)
  • Pop! Animation: Duck Dodgers – Glow-in-the-Dark White Gamma (1500pc LE)
  • Pop! Animation: Duck Dodgers – Glow-in-the-Dark Blue Gamma (750pc LE)

The third set of exclusives will be shared this Friday!

Jada’s METALS Suicide Squad Die Cast Figures On Shelf Now

metalLOGO_02 tnDC’s next cinematic outing, Suicide Squad, is set to hit theaters soon and Jada’s Metals die cast line supporting the film is in stores now. This line of 4″ figures includes:

  • Harley Quinn with bat
  • Two distinct versions of Deadshot
  • Killer Croc
  • Joker without his shirt
  • Boss Joker with gun

There’s also a comic-deco inspired 2-pack featuring the Joker and Harley Quinn.

These figures are on shelf now at all major retailers and online stores. Metals 4” Civil War, Batman vs Superman, Classic TMNT and Classic Ghostbusters are also available with many more on the way. Check out the Suicide Squad line-up below!

IDW Introduces “Revolution Event” Bringing Many Hasbro Properties Together

idw logoIDW Publishing has unveiled its most ambitious comic book publishing venture in its history revolving around its fan-favorite titles based on Hasbro properties.

The “Revolution” event marks the birth of a comic book crossover that will be comprised of not only the TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE properties, but also all-new properties MICRONAUTS, ROM, and ACTION MAN, as well as the launch of a long-awaited M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand series.

This is not a reboot—rather, the Revolution series takes many of the building blocks of what has come before from IDW and builds on them anew, bringing all these elements together in an epic event that results in an all-new status quo for all involved. Everything fans have enjoyed up to this point remains intact as part of this ongoing continuity. The ramifications of Revolution will extend well beyond the event, as all of these iconic characters will henceforth exist in the same universe, altering the scope of IDW editorial in all the Hasbro series from this moment onward.

Revolution, the bi-weekly five-issue event series that launches this initiative, will be co-written by Cullen Bunn (MICRONAUTS) and John Barber (TRANSFORMERS) with art by Fico Ossio (MICRONAUTS). The event kicks off with a world-shaking threat that brings all opposing factions together in a storyline that just might see the destruction of the universe before it can truly begin!

All aforementioned titles will tie-in to the event with a bevy of talent on board including:

  • ROM
    • Co-written by Chris Ryall (Onyx), Christos Gage (Marvel’s Daredevil)
    • Art by David Messina (Star Trek)

G.I. Joe

    • Written by Aubrey Sitterson (Street Fighter X G.I. JOE)
    • Art by Giannis Milonogiannis (Prophet)

Transformers: Till All Are One

  • Written by Mairghread Scott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, TRANSFORMERS)
  • Art by Naoto Tsushima (TRANSFORMERS)

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

  • Written by James Roberts (TRANSFORMERS)
  • Art by Alex Milne (TRANSFORMERS)


  • Written by John Barber (Back to the Future)
  • Art by Andrew Griffith (TRANSFORMERS)


  • Written by Brandon Easton (Marvel’s Agent Carter, TRANSFORMERS: Deviations)
  • Art by Tony Vargas (Rot & Ruin)

Action Man

  • Written by John Barber (TRANSFORMERS)
  • Art by Paolo Villanelli (G.I. JOE: SNAKE EYES)


  • Written by Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men)
  • Art by Chris Panda

And many more!
“The Revolution series builds out of a detail that was introduced in IDW’s first-ever issue ofTRANSFORMERS in 2005,” said IDW’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Ryall. “So to finally be able to build upon the various story elements we’ve seeded over the years, and which come into play in a big way starting with July’s ROM #1 even before the launch of Revolution, is a blast. We’ve been working toward a full-fledged universe for some time and it’s great fun to be able to finally bring it to vivid life, especially since it allows us to give the world new titles like the very-requested M.A.S.K., as well as some exciting new books still to be announced.”

“We’ve done plenty of crossovers in the past,” said Michael Kelly, Head of Global Publishing at Hasbro, “but nothing near this scope or scale. Our heroes, whether they are from Earth or from distant reaches of the galaxy, all have one thing in common: their powers and abilities are based primarily on technology. We have been able to use this fact to build a natural and believable link between all of these disparate characters. The result is a complex and dynamic world where all manner of conflicts and team-ups can and will exist. If you are a fan of Hasbro’s brands, your time is now.”

As Revolution rolls out, each associated series will receive its own “Revolution” one-shot that ties in to the main event. Revolution will feature an array of variant covers with stunning cover art by Brandon Peterson, Tradd Moore, John Byrne, James Biggie, Adam Riches, Guido Guidi, Ken Christensen,Art Baltazar, and more.

Nothing will be the same after the Revolution erupts this September with issues 1 & 2 plus one-shot tie-ins (G.I. JOE, MICRONAUTS, ROM) all available to order together. Take a stand!

Two Additional SDCC Exclusives from NECA – Headknockers Spider-Gwen Unmasked and X-Force Deadpool

SDCC 2016 logoWith all the Turtle-mania earlier today, it was easy to miss that NECA announced two additional SDCC exclusive Headknocker bobble heads – an unmasked Spider-Gwen and an X-Force uniform Deadpool.

Unmasked Spider-Gwen

LIMITED EDITION OF 500. Add some head-bobbling fun to your shelf with this SDCC-exclusive unmasked version of Marvel’s Spider-Gwen! As a teenager, Gwen Stacy went to a demonstration on radioactivity and was bitten by a mutated spider. The bite transformed her, granting her amazing powers: a precognitive awareness of danger, adhesive fingertips and toes, and the proportional speed and strength of a spider. To the residents of New York, she is the dangerous vigilante called Spider-Woman, but we know her as Spider-Gwen! Figure stands approximately 8” tall and is made of cold-cast resin that’s hand painted for amazing detail.

She can be pre-ordered for pick up at SDCC here.

X-Force Deadpool

LIMITED EDITION OF 500. Add some head-bobbling fun to your shelf with this SDCC-exclusive version of Deadpool in his black and gray costume from Marvel’s X-Force! Possibly the most skilled mercenary in the world… and definitely the most annoying. The joke-cracking, reference-making, fourth-wall-breaking, taco-eating funnyman of the cold-blooded killer set, Deadpool has long skirted the line between hero and villain, between maniac and genius, between ugly and smelly. Figure stands approximately 8” tall and is made of cold-cast resin that’s hand painted for amazing detail.

X-Force Deadpool can be pre-ordered for SDCC pick up here.

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