Monogram Announce New DC, Marvel, Nightmare Before Christmas Bust Banks

Monogram’s collection of bust banks is set to grow with a new set of characters on the horizon. Newly announced are Harley Quinn, Batman and the Joker from DC’s cinema slate; Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Spider-Gwen and Deadpool from Marvel; and Sally from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Look for these in stores near you.

New X-Men Marvel Legends Wave Available for Pre-Order At Entertainment Earth

AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth has posted a pre-order for newest wave of Marvel Legends featuring characters from the X-Men. This wave includes:

  • Dazzler (yes, after asking Hasbro about her every chance I got for four years, she’s an actual figure and she’s incredible)
  • Shatterstar
  • Polaris
  • Sunspot
  • Cyclops (in his Jim Lee look)
  • Old Man Logan
  • Colossus

This wave is set to ship this month and is priced at $159.99. You can pick it up from Entertainment Earth here.

Havaianas Launches Collaboration With Marvel

Havaianas sent over some details of a new collection that launched today. This new collection is the result of a collaboration between Marvel and Havaianas which put some of the most iconic heroes of the Marvel universe on flip flops.

This limited edition collection is Marvel’s first official flip-flop collaboration and includes six unique men’s, women’s and kids’ styles. Some of pop-culture’s greatest  super heroes, including Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man, are highlighted in bright Havaianas colorways and designs as part of the collection.

The collection can be seen both in stores and online.

eFX Announces Star Wars Celebration Exclusive, Pre-Orders for Star-Lord Helmet, Cap’s Stealth Shield

eFX has announced their exclusive for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, a chrome plated Stormtrooper helmet celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Limited Edition: 500 Pieces Worldwide
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977,we are pleased to announce a very special commemorative edition of one of the most iconic helmets in the Star Wars universe!

This unique, chrome plated helmet is a limited edition of only 500 pieces.  Each one comes with a numbered plaque and our unique new display stand.

A very limited number of helmets will be available for pre-order to be shipped AFTER Star Wars Celebration. Pre-order starts Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 9AM.

They also announce they will offer a second 40th Anniversary commemorative exclusive for SDCC with more details to come.

Other items now available for pre-order are the Star-Lord Helmet and Captain America’s Stealth Shield. See all these collectibles below.

Funko Releasing Classic Spider-Man Mystery Minis and Star Wars MyMoji

Funko shared the details of a new series of classic Spider-Man Mystery Minis and Star Wars MyMoji, both set for release this May.

The Spider-Man Mystery Minis include some of your favorite charagers from the Spider-verse – Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Scarlet Spider, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Rhino and more are all included in this blind boxed series. 

The Star Wars MyMoji series features the Wampa, X-Wing Luke, Chewbacca, Yoda, Princess Leia, Wicket, Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader – each with a range of emotions (you know, like an emoji). In each blind bag you’ll find the perfect Star Wars figure for your feelings.

See these items below.

Ghost Rider Dorbz Ridez and Fallout Valut Boy Dorbz On The Way From Funko

Funko today shared details of the April release of their Dorbz Ridez Ghost Rider and a series of Fallout Vault Boy Dorbz.

Marvel’s spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider, is getting the Dorbz treatment and is bringing his flaming motorcycle along as his ride.

A series of Fallout Vault Boy Dorbz is also on the way with Mysterious Stranger, Grim Reaper, Rooted and a chase version of Rooted – Sneak (with a 1 in 6 rarity) included.

See all these in the gallery below.

Funko Announces Newest Additions To Specialty Series

Funko’s Specialty Series continues with two new exclusives that will only be available at your favorite specialty or comic book store. This month’s new exclusives are Marvel’s Iceman Pop! and an Iron Fist Dorbz. If you’re interested in picking up either of these pieces be sure to let your local store know.

Toy Fair 2017 – Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys always impresses at Toy Fair with the sheer volume of product they have on display. From their Marvel Select figures, to Ghostbusters, to Muppets and Nightmare Before Christmas there’s something for every fan.

Standouts of this year’s show were the expanded line of Vinimates, an amazing Psylocke statue, series 3 and 4 of the Muppets wave and a fantastic Phoenix resin statue.

Check out all the Diamond Select Toys reveals in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2017 – Hasbro’s Marvel Legends

At the Hasbro Toy Fair event, they opened their showrom to the press and I’ve got pics of this year’s Marvel Legends figures and roleplay items. From the upcoming X-Men wave (with Dazzler!) to new Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures be sure to check the gallery out below. There’s even a handful of 3 3/4″ figures and roleplay items included.

For details of the reveals from the Marvel brand presentation, check here.

Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro’s Toy Fair Presentation – Marvel

It’s toy fair, and Hasbro’s annual brand presentations were held today. See below for all the Marvel details revealed during their panel.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Music Mix Star-Lord, Dancing Groot and Growing Groot (12″ figure that grows to 15″)

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Spider-Man Mega City playset – 46″ tall and various roleplay toys.

Marvel Legends

3.75″ Movie 2-packs: Dr. Strange with Astral Dr. Strange, Star-Lord and Yondu, Spider-Man and Vulture, Shocker and Spider-Man and a Thor 2-pack in fall.

Spider-Man 6″ Wave 2: Web wings Spidey, Homemade outfit Spider-Man, Vulture (wings are the build-a-vehicle for the wave), Moon Knight, Cosmic Spider-Man, Tombstone and the Beetle

Spider-Man Movie 2-pack: Iron Man and Spider-Man with a Tom Holland head

Guardians Wave 2 – Death’s Head II, Adam Warlock (with Magus head), Ex Nihilo, Star-Lord in long coat, Gamora, Baby Groot and Rocket, Nebula and Mantis build-a-figure

Kurt Russel as Ego in a movie 2-pack with an unmasked Star-Lord

Thor 6″ Wave (fall 2017) – Lady Thor

12″ Figures: Deadpool (spring 2017), Thor (fall 2017), Hulk (Fall 2017)

Premium Role Play; Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer (fall 2017), Star-Lord electronic helmet (fall 2017) which includes a bluetooth 

Pre-orders launched today for the role toys and the GotG 2-pack


Amazon Sinister Six 3 3/4 box set on vintage style cards

Toys R Us: Mary Jane and Sider-Man 6″ 2-pack, Cyclops and Dark Phoenix 2pack, A-Force Box Set, Evolution of Groot pack, 3 3/4′ GotG Comic 5-pack

Walmart: 6″ Spider-Man and Vulture 2 pack, 10.5″ Ravager Groot

Target: 12″ Black costume Spider-Man, Thor Ragnarok 2-pack, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite mystery

Walgreens: 6″ Legends Invisible Woman, Human Torch

And a quick tease: Netflix Daredevil, Elektra, Jessica Jones and Punisher




Diamond Select Toys Previews 2017 New York Toy Fair Offerings

Diamond Select Toys has spilled the beans on many of the products that will be making their debut at the New York Toy Fair later this week. See below for this preview including a ton of new items from existing product lines and new licenses Dark Tower, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. They promise this is just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned for more news form New York Toy Fair.

Back to the Future

One of DST’s most venerable licenses meets its newest brand when DST expands their Vinimates vinyl figure line to include Marty McFly and Doc Brown! Plus, they’re also bringing back their sold-out Electronic Hover Time Machine from Back to the Future II!

Back to the Future 2 Hover Time Machine Electronic Vehicle (Item # FEB172621, SRP: $59.99)

Back to the Future Vinimates Doc Brown Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172602, SRP: $9.99)

Back to the Future Vinimates Marty McFly Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172603, SRP: $9.99)

Batman Classic TV Series

The epic bust series based on the original Gotham-based TV series continues with another classic villain and legendary actor from the 1960s TV show – Roddy McDowall as the Bookworm!

Batman Classic TV Series Bookworm Resin Bust (Item #JAN172651, SRP: $59.99)

Batman: The Animated Series

More busts and statues capturing the iconic 1990s animated series continue to roll out, including a bust celebrating the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn, a full-size statue of Catwoman, and two characters are revisited in new PVC dioramas — New Adventures Batgirl and Laughing Fish Joker! Plus, the Justice League Unlimited bust series continues with Shazam!

Batman Animated Series Premier Collection Catwoman Resin Statue (Item #JAN172650, SRP: $150.00)

Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn 25th Ann. Bust (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $59.99)

Batman The Animated Series Mr. Freeze Resin Bust (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $59.99)

Batman Animated Series Riddler Resin Bust (Item # FEB172600, SRP: $59.99

DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series HARDAC PVC Diorama (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $45.00)

DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series Laughing Fish Joker PVC Diorama (Item #JAN172652, SRP: $45.00)

DC Gallery New Batman Adventures Batgirl PVC Diorama (Item # FEB172601, SRP: $45.00)

Justice League Unlimited Animated Series Shazam Resin Bust (Item # JAN172653, SRP: $59.99)


The beloved golf comedy has never gotten collectible toys before now, and two more Vinimates vinyl figures are joining the line! Articulated necks allow you to customize each iconic pose!

Caddyshack Vinimates Ty Webb Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172606, SRP: $9.99)

Caddyshack Vinimates Gopher Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172607, SRP: $9.99)

The Dark Tower

Anticipation for the film adaptation of Stephen Kings Dark Tower is at an all-time high, and DST is tackling the new film with Vinimates vinyl figures, Minimates mini-figures and Select action figures!

Dark Tower Vinimates Gunslinger Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172604, SRP: $9.99)

Dark Tower Vinimates Man in Black Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172605, SRP: $9.99)

Forbidden Planet

The classic sci-fi film Forbidden Planet is now the latest Minimates 2-pack, and work has begun on a larger-scale electronic Robby!

Forbidden Planet Minimates Robby the Robot & Crewman 2-Pack (Item #JAN172655, SRP: $9.99)


All-new Ghostbusters action figures will make their debut at the show, plus a highly anticipated variant figure, and two new Vinimates vinyl figures!

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Winston Action Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, $19.99)

Ghostbusters Vinimates Slimed Egon Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Ghostbusters Vinimates Slimed Winston Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

The Iron Giant

The heartwarming tale of a boy and his giant robot is now the newest set of Minimates mini-figures! This 2-pack includes fully poseable 2” mini-figures of young boy Hogarth Hughes and the alien automaton he grows to love, with even more Iron Giant merch in the works!

Iron Giant Minimates Iron Giant and Hogarth 2-Pack (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Marvel Comics, Movies and Television

The Marvel Gallery OVC Diorama line is one of DST’s most popular launches in years, and the response has been phenomenal. Five new PVCs were recently revealed, with more scheduled to be on display at the show. New Marvel Select figures from Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios films and Marvel television will be on display, as well as new Minimates mini-figures, and Milestones and Premier Collection collectible statues!

Marvel Gallery Classic Iron Man PVC Diorama (Item #JAN172648, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Gallery Ironheart PVC Diorama (Item #TBD, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Gallery Jean Grey PVC Diorama (Item # FEB172612, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Gallery Luke Cage Netflix TV Series PVC Diorama (Item #JAN172647, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Gallery Old Man Logan PVC Diorama (Item #OCT160011, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Gallery Punisher Netflix TV PVC Diorama (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Milestones Armored Thor Resin Statue (Item #JAN172646, SRP: $225.00)

Marvel Milestones Civil War Movie Iron Man Resin Statue (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $199.99)

Marvel Minimates Series 73 Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Asst. (Item #JAN172661, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

Marvel Premier Collection Classic Iron Man Resin Statue (Item # FEB172611, SRP: $150.00)

Marvel Premier Collection Wolverine Resin Statue (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, $150.00)

Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Movie Drax Action Figure (Item #JAN172662, SRP: $24.99)

Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Movie Star-Lord Action Figure (Item #JAN172663, SRP: $24.99)

Marvel Select Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Action Figure (Item # FEB172613, SRP: $24.99)

The Muppets

The hit Muppets Select action figure line continues with a new assortment of America’s favorite Muppets!

Muppets Select Action Figures Series 4 Asst.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Select action figure line continues with new assortments of characters, plus new Vinimates vinyl figures and Minimates mini-figures!

Nightmare Before Christmas Vinimates Pumpkin King Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Nightmare Before Christmas Vinimates Santa Claus Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Nightmare Before Christmas Vinimates Zero Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This year, pirates are back, savvy? Based on the highly anticipated new film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, new assortments of Minimates mini-figures, Vinimates vinyl figures, Select action figures and Gallery PVCs capture all of the heroes and villains of the movie!

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Minimates 2-Pack Asst. (Item # FEB172623, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Vinimates Jack Sparrow Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172608, SRP: $9.99)

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Vinimates Barbossa Vinyl Figure (Item # FEB172609, SRP: $9.99)

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Vinimates Salazar Vinyl Figure (Item #FEB172610, SRP: $9.99)


The hunt is back on! The epic fourth series of Predator Minimates is based on films from across the popular movie franchise, including Predator, Predator 2 and Predators!

Predator Minimates Series 4 2-Packs Asst. (Item # FEB172624, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

Watchmen Movie Minimates Box Set

We still may not know who watches the Watchmen, but now fans of the epic superhero film can watch the Watchmen join their Minimates mini-figure collection! Plus, three more Vinimates vinyl figures!

Watchmen Movie Minimates Box Set (Item # FEB172622, SRP: $24.99)

Watchmen Vinimates Silk Spectre Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Watchmen Vinimates Dr. Manhattan Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Watchmen Vinimates Ozymandias Vinyl Figure (SEE IT AT TOY FAIR, SRP: $9.99)

Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! Unveiling New Marvel Collectibles at Toy Fair 2017

From classic characters to new movie-inspired products, the designers at Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth are unveiling dozens of all-new 2017 wooden Marvel-inspired collectibles sure to capture the hearts of fans and collectors of all ages for the very first time at their New York Toy Fair booth (#5452).

Pin Mate™ by Bif Bang Pow!
With its charming 2-inch scale wooden figures, each with an individual series-driven number, the Pin Mate™ line celebrates its one-year anniversary with the exciting new addition of moveable wooden vehicles, wooden dioramas, and an ever-expanding cast of character wooden figures.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Wood Milano Set with Masked Star-Lord and Yondu is ready to blast off for adventure. Including with a wooden Milano Pin Mate™ ship that features six seats and working wooden wheels, the movie-derived Masked Star-Lord (#47) and Yondo (#48) Pin Mate™ wooden figures set a course of fun in this unique set. But no journey is complete without the rest of the crew! The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 offers fans more wooden figures that can join in the ride with an unmasked Star-Lord (#38), Gamora (#39), Drax the Destroyer (#40), a growing Groot (#41), and Rocket Raccoon (#42).

Also in 2017, Bif Bang Pow! introduces dozens of beloved, classically-styled Pin Mate™ wooden figures. For Spidey fans, the Spider-Man Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 gathers Spider-Man (#11), with a new Agent Venom (#46), Spider-Woman (#37), Spider-Gwen (#36), and Black Cat (#15) into one swinging collection.

In addition, individually sold Pin Mate™ wooden figures of Doctor Strange (#19), Thor (#28), The Punisher (#29), Daredevil (#30), Vision (#31), Luke Cage (#32), Peter Parker (#33), Mary Jane (#34), Gwenpool (#35), Spider-Gwen (#36), Spider-Woman (#37) join the line. Each figure features highly detailed, vibrant 360-degree artwork.

Wooden Push Puppets by Entertainment Earth
Remember the hours of fun you had pressing the hidden buttons at the bottom of those adorable push puppets you had as a child? Well, now they are back! And for these retro-styled wooden classics, cute is ready for crime-stopping action. Created in a 5-inch scale and made from solid wood, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Deadpool bend, collapse, and stand back up on their themed base based on your touch for another round of good vs. evil – while looking amazing with the vibrant 360-degree artwork, of course.

Tiki Tiki Totem™ Wooden Characters by Entertainment Earth
Whether you are avenging evil on Earth or guarding against space supremacy, take your Marvel fandom to new heights with Tiki Tiki Totem™ wooden characters by Entertainment Earth! Making its Toy Fair debut, this line of interconnecting, stackable, wooden Tiki Tiki Totem™ pieces allow you to create your own custom Tiki Tiki Totem™ poles with your favorite characters. Enjoy these 3-inches tall, character-inspired wooden figures from every angle with hand-painted, 360-degree artwork that includes some decal elements.

Each of these coveted collectibles can be seen at Toy Fair 2017 inside the Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! booth (#5452).

More Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends Revealed

Maybe your Spidey Sense was tingling earlier today, as Hasbro revealed more toys from the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming product line. Today’s reveals focused on the collector focused Marvel Legend line with an Iron Man / Spider-Man two pack (with a bonus Tom Holland head to swap on to your Spidey) shown as well as hoodie Spidey, Web Wing Spider-Man, the Vuture and the build-a-figure Vulture wings. Check out complete descriptions and pics below.


(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2017)

Fans can imagine swinging into action with their favorite SPIDER-MAN characters with this LEGENDS SERIES assortment! Featuring high-quality deco and articulation in a premium 6-inch scale, each figure also comes with a different Build-A-Figure piece. Collect all the figures in each wave to complete the spectacular Build-A-Figure. Includes characters from the comic books and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, such as SPIDER-MAN, GREEN GOBLIN, and MS. MARVEL. Each figure sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on


(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 2017)

Bring home the movie-inspired collectable 2-Pack of superior 6-inch figures! Each figure features extensive articulation and sculpting with deco. Choose between SPIDER-MAN and IRON MAN from SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Includes 2 premium 6-inch figures. Each pack sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on

Hasbro Announces More Spider-Man: Homecoming Toys

Spider-Man: Homecoming is hitting theaters this July and Hasbro has announced another batch of toys in support of this newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This newest batch of announcements focuses on 12″ (and bigger) figures with electronic features and roleplay toys. Keep reading for all the details and see pics at the end of the post!

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: May 2017)

Imagine SPIDER-MAN swinging into action with the 12-inch scale EYE FX ELECTRONIC SPIDER-MAN figure. Featuring signature phrases, moving, light-up eyes, and iconic, movie-inspired deco, the EYE FX ELECTRONIC SPIDER-MAN figure lets kids imagine their favorite web-slinger swinging into crime-fighting action. Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Available at most major retailers and on

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: May 2017)

Imagine VULTURE flying through the skies, wreaking havoc on the city with the 12-inch scale ELECTRONINC MARVEL’S VULTURE figure. Featuring sound effects, foldable wing set, and iconic, movie-inspired deco, ELECTRONIC MARVEL’S VULTURE lets kids imagine the winged Super Villain soaring into battle action. Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Available at most major retailers and on

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: May 2017)

This 15-inch scale, motion-activated SPIDER-MAN figure is ready for action! This poseable,movie-inspired figure features light up eyes, over 40 phrases and sound effects, and 2 unique battle modes. Lift SPIDER-MAN’S arm to activate Flight Mode, or lower the arm to activate Battle Mode. In both modes, Spider-Man reacts depending on how kids hold him – upside down, side-to-side, SPIDER-MAN reacts! With TECH SUIT SPIDER-MAN, kids can imagine SPIDEY gearing up for battle action! Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Available at most major retailers and on

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: May 2017)

Imagine being the web-swinging Super Hero SPIDER-MAN with this new SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING inspired mask! Featuring chin-activated emotive eyes, kids can act out even more SPIDER-MAN scenes and expressions. Available at most major retailers and on

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: May 2017)

Kids can imagine taking down the tough guys and save the day by blasting up to 6 custom NERF darts from this new quick fire web shooter. Kids can blast darts and quickly eject and reload to
keep up with the action. Available at most major retailers and on

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: May 2017)

Defeat evil with a flick of the wrist and a quick web attack with SPIDER-MAN web blasters. Each blaster in this assortment features a different type of projectile, either rubber web disks or web missiles that are fired from the top of the arm. Two blasters available, each including 3 projectiles. Each sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 2017)

SPIDER-MAN hides his true identity with an iconic mask, and with this SPIDER-MAN FLIP-UP HERO MASK, kids can too! Put the mask on to conceal a true identity, or flip up the bottom of the mask, made with adjustable fabric, to begin to partially reveal the identity of the masked Super Hero! Mask features details and styling inspired by SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Available at most major retailers and on


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