Funko x Playmobil Figures Coming Soon

Announced at Toy Fair last year, the Funko x Playmobil figures are heading into stores with first figures available later this month. Included in these first figures are Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters, Willy Wonka, an Oompa Loompa, the 11th Doctor and 4th Doctors, Back to the Future’s Doc Brown and Marty McFly.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will also get a focus with Leonardo, Michelangelo and Shredder on the way. Entertainment Earth will offer a black and white Raphael.

Check them all out below and find them all for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and other fine retailers.


Diamond Offers Previews Exclusive Luke Cage and Iron Fist Pop! Vinyl Figures

Luke Cage and Iron Fist—two stars of Marvel’s Netflix series—make their way to your local comic shops in their classic outfits with a new line of Marvel PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures.

You’ll find two excellent depictions of Marvel Comics’ Luke Cage and kung-fu master Iron Fist in their 1970s uniforms from the hit series Heroes for Hire and Power Man and Iron Fist. These figures stand at 3 ¾” tall and sport the urban, stylized design that has made these characters so popular with fans and collectors.

Also available is the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2017 exclusive variant of the Iron Fist figure. Whereas the standard figure has the classic costume, the FCBD 2017 figure sports the white costume worn in the comics to symbolize his status as the current and most powerful Iron Fist.

These two PREVIEWS Exclusive figures will be featured in the January issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. Each figure will carry a suggested price of $11.99, and will be available in stores late January 2017. The FCBD 2017 exclusive variant will be available in stores on Saturday, May 6 th , 2017 with a suggested price of $11.99 as well.


Fans can pre-order their own Marvel PX Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures at their local comic book specialty shop to ensure they get these marvelous figures. To find a comic shop near you and order, visit

Diamond Offering Exclusive Black Bolt Pop! Vinyl

The Midnight King screams into comic shops as Diamond Comic Distributors and Funko present a new line of Marvel PREVIEWS Exclusive (PX) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures. Fans will find two regal figures of Marvel Comics’ Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans and star of the upcoming television series, with two designs: his classic Black costume and the redesigned Blue costume designed by artist Steven McNiven for Uncanny Inhumans. Both figures stand at 3 ¾” tall within the standard Funko window box packaging.

These two PREVIEWS Exclusive figures will be featured in the January issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. Each figure will carry a suggested price of $11.99, and will be available in stores late January 2017.


Fans can pre-order their own Marvel PX Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures at their local comic book specialty shop to ensure they get these marvelous figures. To find a comic shop near you and order, visit

Funko’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Plans Detailed

Funko has revealed their product for the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. All the product is expected to hit shelves in February.

On the Pop! vinyl front Funko is releasing Star-Lord,  Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot,
as well as Nebula, Mantis, and Taserface. A number of exclusives are also slated which included Rocket with dual guns (available exclusively at GameStop), Groot in jumpsuit (only at Walmart), Groot with patch (only at Hot Topic), action pose Star-Lord (only at Toys R Us), and a special super-sized 10″ Groot, only at Target. There is also a Star-Lord’s masked chase variant, a 1 in 6 rarity.

Next, the Dorbz line features Mantis, Taserface, Rocket and Groot. Two versions of Groot will be available with Groot with Eye being exclusive to Walmart and Groot with Patch being exclusive to Hot Topic.

Also coming are a series of Pint Size Heroes, Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot Keychains, Gamora and Mantis Rock Candy statues and several plush.

Funko Celebrates Upcoming Power Rangers Movie With Pop!, Pocket Pop! Keychains

Funko is celebrating the March 24th release of the Power Rangers feature film with a series of Pop! vinyls and Pocket Pop! keychains. Both will be availble this month in advance of the movie.

The whole Ranger crew Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Jason will be available as both Pop! Vinyl and Pocket Pop! Keychains.

The villainous Rita Repulsa, will be available as a Pop! exclusively at Hot Topic.

Funko Takes On Tomb Raider and More Fallout 4 Pop!s

funko logoFunko today revealed two new series of products in the video game space: Tomb Raider and Fallout 4.

On the Tomb Raider front, look for a Pop! vinyl and Rock Candy vinyl figure of everyone’s favorite explorer and archaeologist (who isn’t Indiana Jones, at least) – Lara Croft. The Pop! should be available in January and the Rock Candy figure in February.

From Fallout 4 comes a series of Pop!s which includes: Nick Valentine, Piper, Paladin Danse, t Codsworth, X-01 Power Armor, and a super-sized 6” Liberty Prime Pop. Exclusive figures in this series include a damaged Codsworth available only at Target, and battle damaged Liberty Prime exclusively at GameStop. Look for these Pop!s this February.

More Naruto Pop!s Coming from Funko

Funko has announced all-new Naruto Shippuden Pop!s for release in February. This series features Naruto with the Rasengan, Naruto’s Team 7 cohorts Kakashi and Sakura, as well as the masked man Tobi.

There are also exclusive variants: Naruto in empowered Sage Mode (available only at GameStop), and Naruto in super-empowered Six Paths Sage Mode (exclusively at Hot Topic).

Check them all out below.

Funko Releasing ‘Lost’ and ‘Ren & Stimpy’ Pop!s In February

funko logoFunko Announced a pair of new Pop! series both planned for release in February 2017.

From the hit ABC series ‘Lost’ come Pop! versions of the survivors of Flight 815:  Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and John Locke as well as Jacob and the Man in Black.

And from the classic Nickelodeon cartoon ‘Ren & Stimpy’ come the titular characters as well as 1:6 chase variants of the characters in dalmation disguises.

Check these out below.

Funko Gives Zorn Pop! and Action Figure Attention

funko logoThe original new FOX show Son of Zorn is getting the Funko treatment with both Pop!s and action figures available now. A warrior from the fictional Zephyria, Zorn must reconnect with his ex-wife and teenage son in Orange County, California.

Zorn Pop! figures come in three forms: Zorn with his sword, Zorn with hot sauce, and Zorn (office attire), available exclusively at Hot Topic.

Or, follow Zorn into battle with action figures in both his classic Zephyria outfit, or in his office attire.

Catch an all-new episode of SON OF ZORN on Sunday, December 11th at 8:30pm on FOX.

Funko Releases Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Minis and Announce Batman Super Deluxe Vinyl

funko logoTo help you get through the mid-week, here’s a pair of Funko news items. Our fantastically fun Funko friends have released a series of blind boxed Mystery Minis based on 80’s pop phenomena – the Garbage Pail Kids. This new series includes 12 figures with classic characters such as Buggy Better, Brainy Janie and Beasty Boyd. These are available now.

Funko also announced a 10″ Super Deluxe Vinyl Batman figure. Standing 10″ tall – this vinyl figure features Batman in a dynamic pose with his Batarang ready to go. This will be available in Februrary.

Deadpool Dorbz Rides, Marvel MyMoji and Marvel Lanyards On The Way From Funko

funko logoOur friends at Funko today shared a number of new Marvel products on tap for early next year – a Dorbz Ridez Deadpool featuring Mr. Pool in a Chimichanga truck, a blindbag series of Marvel MyMjois and a pair of Marvel lanyards featuring Thor and Hulk. These should all be out in January and check them out below.

Lots of Funko Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Products Set For Early Next Year

funko logoFunko’s take on the Might Morphin’ Power Rangers will continue early next year with brand new Pop!s, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes and Pen Toppers on the way.

The new Pop! vinyl series features the Red, White, and Pink Rangers in unique action poses. Exclusives are planned for several of the figures including Metallic Pink and Red Rangers at Hot Topic! and Alpha 5 at Walmart.

Dorbz of the entire gang are also slated with metallic chase versions of the Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger available with a 1 in 6 rarity. Planned exclusives include Rita Repulsa at Toys R Us, and a glow-in-the-dark Pink Ranger, only at Walmart.

Also slated is a full range of Pint Size Heroes, with 24 characters to collect and a line of pen toppers.

Funko Continues Specialty Series With Batgirl Pop! And Fallout Adamantium Skeleton Dorbz

funko logoFunko has announced the ‘Specialty Series’ – special Funko exclusives that will only be available to qualified retailers. Each month, two exclusives will be announced, one Pop! and one Dorbz that will only be available through this program.

Funko’s kicked off this program with a Batgirl Pop! vinyl, and the Adamantium Skeleton Dorbz from Fallout both of which will be available in February. Stayed tuned for future announcements in the Specialty Series.

specialty-series-batgirl-pop specialty-series-fallout-dorbz

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