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Character Options Releasing New 5″ 8th Doctor Figure in UK, Will Be Released Stateside

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Character Options sent over some cool news today as they’ved detailed some of the Doctor Who product that will be available in UK Toys R Us. Among them is an all new version of the 8th Doctor! This figure is listed here at and should be available starting November 9th. US fans, fret not, as there is also word that this figure will be available stateside – which is good as it’s awesome.

See this new 8th Doctor and all the other product heading to UK Toys R Us’ below, including a very cool 3.75″ Supreme Dalek that I have to own.

05813 5in 8th Doctor (Night of the Doctor) ABS2 05813 5in 8th Doctor (Night of the Doctor) CPS2


Lego Ideas Doctor Who Set Fully Revealed – Available in December

Doctor Who logoMuch earlier in the year, Lego announced that they chose a Doctor Who set for production from their Lego Ideas program. Earlier this week they revealed the final set which includes a TARDIS which folds out as part of the console room and includes the 11th and 12th Doctors, Clara and a few Daleks. This set will be available in December, just in time to fill up some space under the Christmas trees of Whovians everywhere. Check out a few pics in the gallery below.

BBC Home Entertainment Announces Doctor Who: Christmas Specials Gift Set & Dinosaurs DVD Set

Doctor Who logoBBC Home Entertainment have announced some new gift sets that will send your whole family on an adventure through time and space.  Whovians will enjoy a collection of all the modern era Christmas specials, on both Blu-Ray and DVD on November 24th. And you won’t need a TARDIS to visit the prehistoric era with the Limited Edition Dinosaurs DVD gift set available November 17th. Complete details on these sets are below!


Street Date: November 24, 2015

Suggested Retail Price: DVD $50.82 ($57.99 in Canada)

BD $57.98 ($63.99 in Canada)

Length: Approx. 692 mins + bonus features / 4-disc set (DVD) / 3-disc set (BD)

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Doctor, and now for the first time every Christmas special is available in one complete set. David Tennant (Broadchurch), Matt Smith (Terminator Genisys), and Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It) all take turns starring in a collection of exhilarating specials that set the Doctor rushing to save the world from a wide array of dastardly foes, including robot Santas, exploding Christmas trees, and an army of snowmen. The specials include Tennant’s first full episode and the Doctor’s regenerations into Smith and Capaldi. In an exclusive bonus feature, British comedian and upcoming season nine guest star Rufus Hound embarks on a mission to discover what makes a Doctor Who Christmas Special so, well…special. From juggling tangerines to meeting a guest star from The Time of the Doctor, Hound journeys through Christmases past to showcase many of the greatest moments and monsters of the holiday season. This bonus feature also includes personal reflections from current Doctor Peter Capaldi and writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. The gift set comes with a replica of the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.


Street Date: November 17, 2015

Suggested Retail Price: DVD $42.84 ($51.99 in Canada)

Length: Approx. 270 mins + bonus material / 3-disc set

Travel back to prehistoric times and experience the wonders of ancient Earth with a collection of three dinosaur films from BBC Home Entertainment.

Chased by Dinosaurs is a monstrous, Emmy® Award winning triple feature from the creators of Walking with Dinosaurs that takes viewers around the world and brings the lizards of the past to life. Journey back to the sand dunes of Mesozoic Mongolia and discover the therizinosaurus, a gigantic dinosaur with enormous 28-inch claws in The Giant Claw; travel to South America’s Patagonia and see the animal kingdom’s most awesome hunt in Land of Giants; and go back 150 million years in a stunning recreation of the life of “Big Al,” the dinosaur whose complete fossil skeleton was discovered in Wyoming in Allosaurus. Bonus material includes “Big Al Uncovered,” a 30-minute look at the science behind Allosaurus.

Extreme Dinosaurs is a dino double feature that will challenge a number of the previous perceptions of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In Extreme Dinosaurs, accompany Paleontologist Dr. Philip Currie as he searches for evidence of a fiercer predator than the T-Rex – the Argentinosaurus, a six-ton flesh-eating dinosaur; and in T-Rex: Warrior or Wimp, watch as the T-Rex’s reputation as the meanest, most bewitching dinosaur comes into question.

Predator Dinosaurs uses innovative techniques through biomechanics, CGI, special effects and hi-tech scans to provide an insightful look at dinosaurs and challenge theories about the prehistoric world.

The giftset includes a viewfinder full of 3D dinosaur images and instructions on how to upload new images to create your own 3D viewfinder reels.

Character Options Debuts New Doctor Who 5.5″ Figure – Missy

Doctor Who logoEarly this morning Character Options held a press conference and announced an all new 5.5″ scale figure – Missy. Based on the performance (and featuring the likeness of) of Michelle Gomez, she stormed on scene last season of Doctor Who and returned this past week in the season premier.

The new Missy figure will be availble in two version, a purple outfitted version with hat from the series finale episodes; and alternatively in her ‘Heaven’ outfit, hatless with black jacket and manic grin. Each features 18 points of articulation and collector’s grade details and deco. In addition, the heads from each figure are swappable – letting you mix and match your favorite Missy outfit with your favorite Missy expression.  The bespoke UK Collector Series packs are perfect for display and for the first time are re-sealable, so that the figures can be enjoyed in or out of packaging without losing their collectability.

Only 4,000 units of each of the two figures are available in exclusive UK packaging at for a price of £19.99 each (excluding P&P). Delivery will be made to customers by early November.

Al Dewar states: “Character Options has been designing, manufacturing and marketing Doctor Who toys since 2005, so as true fans of the brand we wanted to tell collectors the latest news in the most direct, if informal way, which is why I made the announcement in person on the website. Missy is the first of a potential new line of highly sought after 5.5-inch action figures so we expect interest to be high and we are all very excited to share this with fans and collectors alike.

“Working with Michelle Gomez was great fun and she was the best subject we ever 3D scanned, patiently holding her facial expressions including her trademark Missy “sneer” for long periods of time. We know that many collectors have been eagerly waiting to see if Missy would at some point be included within our figure range, and at last, here she is.”

Titan Merchandising Announces SDCC Exclusives and Debuts

cc15 tnTitan Merchandising has announced four SDCC exclusive vinyls and three series which will make their debut at the show. This years’ exclusives are a 10th Doctor in Tuxedo, a 10th Doctor in Fez, Sherlock in a priest costume and a red Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Series making their debut at the show include the Doctor Who Rebel Time Lord Collection, the Sherlock Baker Street Collection and the Ghostbusters Who Ya Gonna Call? Collection.

Check out the exclusive vinyls below!

Doctor Who Returning to SDCC – Hall H Panel Confirmed for Thursday, July 9

Doctor Who logoBBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who returns to San Diego Comic-Con for a Hall H panel on Thursday, July 9. Following his record-breaking first season as the Doctor, Peter Capaldi will make his first ever appearance at Comic-Con with stars Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), Michelle Gomez (Missy), lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and executive producer Brian Minchin. Doctor Who follows the adventures of the Doctor, the time traveler, who will continue to journey through all of space and time in epic adventures in the new season premiering this fall. Capaldi’s first season delivered BBC AMERICA its highest rated season ever and is available now on all digital platforms.

Peter Capaldi on making his first Comic-Con appearance: “Tales of San Diego Comic-Con are told in awe on every set around the known fantasy/sci-fi production world. It’s become a fabled kingdom. One I am thrilled to find myself heading for. And to appear in the legendary Hall H, is a further twist to the cosplay and comic madness I may never recover from.”

The new season premieres this fall with a two-part episode, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, written by Steven Moffat, produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Hettie Macdonald (Blink, the Hugo Award-winning Doctor Who episode).

Doctor Who is a BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC One and a BBC AMERICA co-production.


Titan Merchandise Announce Edward Scissorhands & Doctor Who ‘Fantastic!’ Vinyl Collections

Titan Logo TNTitan Merchandise two solicited two new collections of vinyls – an Edward Scissorhands “I’m Not Finished” collection and a Doctor Who 9th Doctor “Fantastic!” collection.

The “I’m Not Finished” collection celebrates cult favorite movie Edward Scissorhands with 4 vinyls of Edward, Avon lady Peg Boggs, her daughter Kim and six others (including a dinosaur hedge!). Each 3″ figure is blind boxed and there are 12 main figures with 4 hidden chase vinyl.

The Doctor Who “Fantastic!” collection takes you back to 2005 and the relaunch of Doctor Who with a series of vinyl figures from the 9th Doctor’s series. The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Captain Jack and a half dozen other characters make up this assortment. There are 12 characters in the assortment of 3″ blind box figures as well as 4 chase figures.

Check out both series below, they should be available this fall.Titan Ent Doctor Who Fantastic Titan Ent - Edwards Scissorhands


Toy Fair 2015 – Underground Toys

tf15-tnPrior to Toy Fair starting, Underground Toys issued a press release touting their new housewares range. Among the licensed properties with homeware products on display included Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Downton Abbey.

Other Doctor Who products on display included talking plush figures, wallets, and pen toppers. No new action figures were on display, but look for the next wave of 3 3/4″ figures this year.

One new property on display was Sherlock with goods ranging from wallets, keychains, pins and a prototype of the 5″ figure (which looks amazing!).

Check out all the products on display in the gallery below.

Toy Fair 2015 – Underground Toys Key Homewares Range On Show At New York Toy Fair

tf15-tnIt’s an exciting time for Underground Toys, who originally focused on toys, talking plush and other toy collectibles and have recently branched out into a range of homewares and décor items for Doctor Who and Star Wars.

The Doctor Who homewares range brings with it a unique collection of desirable and functional products with key pieces including a TARDIS Lidded Tumbler, TARDIS Tray, Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set and TARDIS Tongs, all or part of the range will be available in retailers such as Hot Topic, HMV, FYE and Books-A-Million and Hastings Entertainment.

Underground Toys launched its Star Wars homewares range towards the end of 2014 and it has created quite a buzz amongst fans. Items include Lightsaber BBQ Tongs, X-Wing Knife Block, R2-D2 Kitchen Timer and plenty more. These items are available in retailers such as Hot Topic, HMV, FYE and Books-A-Million, with new products such as Cookie Jars, Plates and Talking Bottle Openers coming to more stores in June to October 2015.

See overleaf for just a few of our homewares items or come to the Underground Toys stand (stand : 4816) at the New York Toy Fair, where you can find out more about both homewares ranges and see the range for yourself.

TF15 UT Homewares 1 TF15 UT Homewares 2


Titan’s ‘Rebel Time Lord’ Collection Revealed

Doctor Who logoThe newest collection of Titan Merchandising’s popular Doctor Who vinyl figures has been revealed. Titled the “Rebel Time Lord” collection, largely lifted from this most recent series of the show. Twelve different characters have been revealed, but there are no details on any chase or variants yet. Check them out below, and find a case of 20 available for pre-order at AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth.

Titans Rebel Time Lord Collection

London Toy Fair Doctor Who and Sherlock Previews

Doctor Who logoLondon Toy Fair kicked off today and thanks to The Doctor Who Site’s twitter account we got some previews of Character Option’s new Doctor Who products. Highlights include a new wave of 3 3/4″ figures and the return of Time Squad. Of course we won’t know anything about US distribution until New York Toy Fair in February when we talk to Underground Toys.

Speaking of Underground Toys – they did preview some 5″ Sherlock figures. More details on those also at New York Toy Fair.

In the meantime – enjoy these photos.

What I Opened Today: Gold Supreme Dalek

Doctor Who logo

In 2013 Character Options (and as a result Underground Toys) changed the scale of their main line of Doctor Who figures to 3 3/4″ – much to the disappointment of fans. One thing that has not been argued is that the Dalek sculpt being used in the line is fantastic. In 2014, Walgreens stores in the US had an exclusive classic Dalek, one from Genesis of the Daleks. I’ve picked up 10 of those…now here’s the next classic 3 3/4″ Dalek available in the states – the Gold Supreme Dalek from ‘Day of the Daleks’.

Package Bio: There is no figure specific package text.

Thoughts: I’ll be the first to admit, I have a problem when it comes to these Daleks. When they’re $10 each (Walgreens, Barnes and Noble) I’ll just buy it. That’s how I ended up with 10 of the Genesis Dalek. I found the Gold Supreme Dalek just before Christmas – and I’ve already got four of them.

The Gold Supreme Dalek is a repaint of the Genesis of the Dalek sculpt – replacing all of the grey with a nice matte gold color. This is not surprising as there are no significant differences between the Daleks in these stories, save for the coloring. Fortunately the mold is spot on and the paint deco is A+.

Articulation on this mold includes the eye stalk (moves up and down), the dome rotates, and both gun and plunger are on ball joints. The Dalek is wheeled, with two wheels fixed and the front wheel is free to turn. Short of the top lifting up to hold an operator (or mutant) – this is a rare example where the toy can recreate all the movements of the real prop.

Summary: I’ll be the first to admit that I have a Dalek problem, but since I have already bought 4 of the Gold Supreme Dalek, I’m going to try to show some restraint and at least make an effort to not pick up more. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and haven’t jumped into the 3 3/4″ figures yet, I cannot give the Daleks a stronger recommendation…they really are essentially perfect. Readers in the UK have a few more choices than we do in the states where they can get a Dalek with a mutant in a scoop or sets based on ‘Children of the Revolution’. ‘Evil of the Daleks’ and ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth’. Hopefully Toy Fair will bring news of these sets being available in the states. In the meantime get online or head to Barnes & Noble and buy yourself a Gold Supreme.


AwesomeToyBlog Holiday Gift Guide Day 8 – Doctor Who

AwesomeToyBlog Gift Guide IconIn it’s 51 years, it’s possible that Doctor Who has never been a bigger in world pop culture (what’s going on now doesn’t compare to Dalekmania in 60’s UK). As a result of it’s huge popularity there’s a ton of merchandise available – and here’s a few of my recommendations for great gifts for the Whovian in your life.

Up first are the latest classic Doctor Who figures from Underground Toys. There’s three recent figures – Ace from Silver Nemesis, a newly regenerated 4th Doctor (originally a UK exclusive figure) and the 10th Doctor as a hologram (also a previous UK exclusive).  The fourth and tenth Doctor figures are brand new and I don’t even have them yet…so if you’re looking for a gift for your favorite AwesomeToyBlogger, well here you go.

My second recommendation made my own personal Christmas list – and it’s not a toy. There’s now an official 7th Doctor question mark umbrella…something I’ve wanted forever. You can also pick up these Doctor Who costume tees for some easy Timelord cosplay.

My final item is a little bit of Doctor Who roleplay from Underground Toys, sonic screwdrivers. I have two and they’re fantastic. There’s a ton of options here – you can get an 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor, War Doctor, River Song’s, 3rd Doctor, 5th Doctor or 8th Doctor. These range from about $20 to $30 and really are great gifts.

New (to the US) 5″ Doctor Who Figures Announced!

Doctor Who logoIf I learned anything as a Doctor Who fan in the 1990s, it was patience and today that skill paid off as two new (to the US) 5″ Doctor Who figures became available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth. It’s been a few months since the announcement of the 2nd Ace figure (she’s due this month), so these new pre-orders show the line still have some life. The two newly announced figures are a Regeneration 4th Doctor (very similar to a figure included in the UK 4th Doctor Time Capsule DVD set) and a Holographic 10th Doctor (also a UK exclusive figure). Both of these figures are set for an early 2015 release and are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth (4th, 10th)

UT 4th Regen UT Holographic 10th

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