Sideshow Announce Their Return To San Diego Comic Con With a Hybrid Event Featuring Online Product Reveals and More

The Con is back on! As fans celebrate the return of San Diego Comic Con, pop culture collectibles giants Sideshow have unveiled plans for a hybrid event that combines their much-loved SDCC booth experience with an online “Sideshow Con” to create weeks of geeky content! 

Over the last few years, Sideshow has pioneered a unique event format that combined live streamed content, with virtual tours of a physical art gallery, games, contests, and VR components – all with the aim of keeping the convention spirit alive during the pandemic.  

As pop culture fandom slowly returns to live-events Sideshow has announced that they will not be abandoning the online side of their con planning. Rather, they will be hosting a web-based “Sideshow Con” the week before the physical event – followed immediately by an in-person appearance at SDCC! 

Sideshow’s PR Manager, Andy Smith, said:

“There is a magic and an energy at the heart of these physical events, and it was our aim from the outset to capture at least a small part of that vibe. Sideshow Con is as much a celebration as it is a showcase. For us, this is about community and fandom as well as the art. I think that’s what made it work so well.

I’m originally from the UK, and for many years visiting San Diego Comic Con was just a dream for me. I watched the con online as best I could, and lived vicariously through fan videos. I would have loved Sideshow Con back then, and I’m so happy that online content like this is becoming more commonplace. 

This year should be really fun, as Sideshow Con will also serve as a kind of pre-game party. We have a bunch of content lined up with some epic reveals, as well as contests, special offers and more.  Sideshow and our partners will be celebrating pop culture for a whole week online, then rolling straight into a big physical event.  I highly recommend that fans sign up for free pre-registration, because we’ve got some very exciting stuff that we’ll be revealing early before the con floor opens”

Pre-registration opens on June 27, 2022 on the Sideshow Con Event Page

FREE Pre-registration for Sideshow Con gives fans:

  • $10 in Sideshow Rewards that can be used on future purchases
  • Access to exclusive giveaways only for registrants
  • Exclusive Sideshow Rewards opportunities
  • Priority access to order summer convention exclusives
  • Notifications whenever Sideshow goes live – don’t miss any of the new reveals as they are announced!
  • Limited time deep discounts on in-stock items exclusive to registrants

Be sure to sign up before the con begins on July 11 to ensure that you get these benefits for the full duration of the event.

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