New Star Wars Vintage Collection and Black Series Reveals

Every Monday, Hasbro’s been revealing new Boba Fett or Mandalorian toys as part of the ‘Bring Home the Bounty’ promotion. This week Hasbro has two new reveals – one from the Vintage Collection and one from Black Series.

In the Vintage Collection, Hasbro showed a 3 3/4″ Din Djarin figure from Morak. Geared up in the uniform of the Imperial Tank Trooper, you can recreate the scene where Din Djarin is first unmasked. He will be available for pre-order 2/8 starting at 1PM EST.

In the Black Series, a deluxe sized Darktrooper was revealed. Featuring a blaster and rocket effects, these unstoppable (well until a certain Jedi shows up) Imperial robot soldiers go up for pre-order 2/8 starting at 1PM EST.

Check out pictures of both new reveals below.

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