News from Star Wars Livestream – Lots of Pre-orders Tomorrow at 1PM EST

Hasbro today hosted a Star Wars livestream and spilled the details on all sorts of new upcoming products, see below for all the details. Before we get into the new stuff, there was a little disappointing news – the HasLab Razor Crest which was originally slated to ship this year will push a few quarters into 2022. But with the bad news behind us – look! New toys!

Retro Series ‘Prototype’ Stormtrooper: The latest in the series of faux prototypes – the Stormtrooper features multiple colors spread across the limbs of the figures suggesting the molds were tested with whatever plastic is in the tools. This Stormtrooper is a TARGET exclusive and should be available for pre-order tomorrow (Sept 9th) at 1PM EST.

A new Black Series Ceremonial Leia is on the way and will be available for pre-order November 1st.

New Black Series 6″ Credit Collection figures were also announced. Greef Karga is a Fan Channel exclusive and will be available for pre-order tomorrow at 1PM EST. Moff Gideon is a Best Buy exclusive and will be available at 1PM EST tomorrow. The Armorer is a GameStop exclusive, also available for pre-order tomorrow at 1PM EST. Finally the Mandalorian and Kuuil will be Amazon exclusives…and available at 1PM EST.

A new Gaming Greats Black Series figure was also shared – the Battlefront II Jet Trooper. Will be available for preorder tomorrow at 1PM EST on GameStop and Hasbro Pulse.

A new ForceFx saber was announced for next year – the Rey Skywalker saber! Featuring a unique twist switch, this saber is a great recreation of the saber from the end of ‘Rise of Skywalker’

A new deluxe Mandalorian box set was announced. The Arvala-7 Mandalorian & Grogu includes a new pram and mudhorn egg. This Target Exclusive will go up for pre-order at a later date, expected to hit shelves in early 2022.

Hasbro announced new army builder packs – starting with the army builder of all army builders – an imperial Stormtrooper. This four pack includes 3 troopers and one commander. This set will be available at ShopDisney and Hasbro Pulse, retail price is listed as $41.99. Should be up for preorder tomorrow at 1 PM EST.

Walmart is getting another wave of Carbonized Vintage Collection figures – Moff Gideon, the Incinerator Trooper, Shoretrooper and the Armorer. This will be available for pre-order on October 7th.

A new wave of Vintage figures is now complete and will go for pre-order tomorrow. This wave includes Bib Fortuna, Lobot, Lando, Teebo, IG-11 and the Emperor.

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