Marvel United: X-Men Kickstarter Adds Fantastic Four Expansion

Marvel United: X-Men has proven to be a HUGE success! The Kickstarter campaign has raised almost $4M, and there are still 54 hours left to go. Over 18,000 backers have contributed to the campaign and CMON and Spin Master Games have been following comments and feedback closely. 

Due to overwhelming demand from fans, a Fantastic Four Expansion is now available for purchase at $35! This was not pre-planned. This was created for the fans. Get your hands on this expansion and all the other awesome Kickstarter only exclusives. You won’t be able to get them after the campaign ends on May 5th at 8PM EST.

This Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings Marvel’s First Family to Marvel United! Join the fantastic Dr. Richards, Sue, Johnny, and Ben, with the cosmic aid of the mysterious Silver Surfer, as they use unparalleled teamwork to battle the nefarious plans of Doctor Doom across all new locations being taken over by his unstoppable Doombots!

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