Marvel United: X-Men Kickstarter Adds Deadpool Expansion Option

Marvel United: X-Men has taken Kickstarter by storm over the last two weeks, and it’s so close to reaching a whopping $3M! So, what’s the newest development in the campaign? Something special for the BIG kids is here — snag the Deadpool expansion pack now!

For $30, the Deadpool expansion brings you a whopping three flavors of the Merc with a Mouth, as well as his not so trusty sidekick Bob, Agent of Hydra. These most unusual characters can all be played as either Heroes or Villains, always with tongue stuck firmly in cheek. Deadpool can also crash into any game, riding his plush unicorn, in the form of a Challenge that sows chaos wherever he goes!

If you acquire this Optional Buy in this campaign, you’ll also get an extra Kickstarter Exclusive bonus Hero to add to your (dead) pool: the fun-loving Lady Deadpool, including her character piece and deck of 12 Hero cards!

This expansion contains a single Location. After all, there’s nowhere else in the universe Deadpool would rather be than in his old, dingy apartment. The perfect place to sit back, kick off your crime-fighting boots, and just relax.

Fans still have 8 days left to snag Marvel United: X-Men and the Deadpool expansion pack. The campaign closes on May 5th at 8pm EST, so get your pledges in now before these Kickstarter exclusives are no longer available!

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