Hasbro PulseCon G. I. Joe Reveals: Classified, Cobra Island and Retro

The Hasbro Pulsecon continued today with a second day of online panels with a ton of reveals. One of the anchors of the second day was G. I. Joe. Back in the limelight, Hasbro had plenty to show.

Classified Series: In the mainline 6″ Classified Series, Hasbro is filling out the ranks of Cobra with a new Zartan and Cobra Infintry figure making their debut. Zartan stays faithful to his roots with this new 6″ figure including a disguise face and a color changing effect turning from flesh tone to a blue-grey color. The Cobra Infantry trooper includes multiple accessories and is wearing a standard issue Cobra uniform. Both Zartan and the Cobra Infantry Trooper are available for pre-order now.

Cobra Island: TARGET’s exclusive line of figures is continuing with the next wave announced today which includes the Cobra VIPER and Firefly. Firefly enters the 2020’s with the latest gear and gadgets, including a drone. The VIPER maintains his shiny facemasked classic look but also with updated gear. Look for these Cobra Island figures on TARGET shelves in January 2021.

Hasbro Pulse Exclusives: There are two exclusives also announced for Hasbro Pusle. Originally offered during Toy Fair 2020, the deluxe Snake-Eyes makes his return to HasbroPusle with pre-orders opening today and he is joined by the PulseCon exclusive Snake Supreme Cobra Commander. Both exclusives are packed with exclusive accessories.

G. I. Joe Retro Line: Walmart’s exclusive line of retro figures will continue and will be adding some Cobra air support. The next wave of vintage inspired figures includes Roadblock, Destro, Scarlett and a COBRA F.A.N.G. with pilot. Each of these figures features classic charcter design with a modern sculpt and articulated body. These new retro figures will be available towards the end of 2020, the F.A.N.G. in January 2021 and all are available for pre-order now.

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