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2020 has been an auspicious year for Character Options’ Doctor Who portfolio with an ever-expanding list of new releases announced since January. To follow on from the latest B&M and USA product launches, the team are now delighted to announce another first for the Doctor Who Toy Line, with the addition of a true online exclusive set that will be available worldwide via the Character Options Website,

Way back in 1965, a six-part First Doctor story entitled ‘The Chase’ became famous in the eyes of Doctor Who fans for being special in many ways. It
featured some unique ‘guest’ Daleks seen in Episode Three and Five. In creating this exclusive JUNGLES OF MECHANUS SET, the team at Character have followed up on their original Chase Daleks release with
something unique to delight, fans and collectors and to pay homage to the unique Daleks seen onscreen.

1965 The Chase
The storyline follows The First Doctor and his companions Ian, Barbara and Vicky who are forced to flee through time in the TARDIS after they learn
that a group of Daleks, with their own Time Ship are following them with orders to exterminate!

An epic chase through space and time ensues, starting on the Planet Aridius and then continuing through locations including the Empire State Building, the ‘Marie Celeste’ ship, and even an old haunted house populated by classic horror characters.

Heading to a final confrontation, the TARDIS lands on the Planet Mechanus, where the Daleks arrive shortly afterwards. Pursued by multiple Dalek patrols through the dense and aggressive Mechanus jungle, the travellers eventually come upon a strange metallic city suspended high in the sky which belongs to an equally evil robot species known as the Mechanoids.

The chase leads to a final confrontation between the Mechanoids and the Daleks in which both sides are destroyed and the Doctor shows Ian and Barbara how to use the Dalek Time Ship to return home to Earth.

The story broadcast between May and June of 1965 and is special to fans for a variety of reasons. Al Dewar, Character Options’ Head of Product Development, went on to explain why for him it holds a special place
in his heart.

“Firstly it’s the final adventure for the last of the original TARDIS companions, Ian and Barbara but it also features the first and
last appearance of a race of robotic creatures the Mechanoids”
“Dalek aficionados will also know that it marks the appearance of some rather special ‘guest’ Dalek props that were seen in Episodes 3 and 5. At the time of filming the BBC were short of Dalek props having only three left. New Daleks were commissioned, but to fill the gap, they hired three Dalek props from the ‘Doctor Who and The Daleks’ movie.”

“These ‘guest’ Daleks were chosen because they had sucker arms which matched the Daleks from the BBC series and two are seen in altered form, with their deep skirt bases and light covers removed. The second and more exciting appearances however, are two unaltered props glimpsed several times as part of the Dalek patrols pursuing the TARDIS crew through the Jungle.”

“As fans will know, we’ve introduced the Dalek Twin pack sets starting with ‘The Daleks’ and ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ this year which begin to chart the chronological TV appearances of the Doctors greatest and oldest enemies. So, it was a fitting next step therefore to announce a new and unique Dalek Two figure Set which neatly dovetails into that series.
“It is these special ‘guest’ Daleks that we present here in our new Online Exclusive. With their distinctively different light covers and skirt bases along with unique metallic colours, this set brings the fans and collectors a one-off unique TV Dalek Action Figure never produced before.”
The JUNGLES OF MECHANUS SET will cost just £24.99 and will be globally available to pre-order from Character Options’ website from Wednesday 26 th August 2020.

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