Hasbro Announces New Transformers During Morning Pulse Livestream

HasbroPulse had a busy morning today with two livestreams, one for Transformers and one for G.I. Joe. On the Transformers stream, a bunch of new upcoming releases where announced including:

Walmart Exclusives:  Deluxe BumblebeeDeluxe Elita 1, Deluxe Wheeljack, Deluxe Red Alert, Deluxe Impactor, Voyager Optimus Prime 3 Pack, Voyager Soundwave 3 Pack, Leader Surprise Unboxing (pre-orders are live)

Fan Channel Generations Selects: Deluxe Exhaust, Deluxe Hubcap, Deluxe Greasepit (pre-orders are live)

Amazon Exclusives: Earthrise Seeker Ramjet and Dirge 2 Pack, Earthise Earthmode Prowl and Ironhide 2 Pack (pre-orders are live)

Hasbro Pulse: Quintesson Judge 4 Pack (available to order in September)

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