Toy Fair 2020 – Super Impulse

Over the past few years, Super Impulse has become a must-stop appointment for Toy Fair and this year they’ve really got an A+ consolidated line up. Key offerings for 2020 include:

  • Rubik: The Rubik’s cube is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of the original toy and Super Impulse is planning to celebrate the anniversary with the release of a metallic cube (both full size and World’s Smallest) and a re-release of the Rubik’s Revolution game.
  • Tilt Handheld Games: the Tilt line of handheld games take the pocket form factor video games and added motion controls to it. Control each game by tilting the game left, right, forward and backwards. It’ll be a brand new way to play some favorite games (Pac-Man, Hot Wheels, Rubik’s Tilt)
  • Tiny Arcade / Micro Arcade: The Micro Arcade line up is getting two new credit-card size games, including Galaxian and Oregon Trail. Tiny Arcade (the mini-scale cabinets) are adding Burger Time and Mappy..but the bigger news is that a significan screen update is on the way with the TMNT game being the first released with new upgraded graphics. I saw a demo of the new screens and they look perfect.
  • World’s Smallest: World’s Smallest has, ironically, turned into one of Super Impulse’s biggest lines with a ton of new additions. Check the gallery out below for everything that’s new – but the most relevant addition for readers of the site is a greatly expanded range of action figures being offered in the World’s Smallets format including MOTU, TMNT, Transformers, and GI Joe.

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