Super7 Launches ReAction Transformers

Super7, the premier pop culture design house and producer of lifestyle-oriented collectibles, toys, apparel and consumer products, is expanding its assortment of retro-styled ReAction Figures to include the classic Robots in Disguise – Transformers!

Now you can relive all the action and excitement of the groundbreaking 1980s Transformers toys and cartoon with the Generation 1 collection of Transformers ReAction Figures – only from Super7! All of your favorite Autobots and Decepticons are faithfully reproduced as cartoon-accurate 3.75″ action figures, blister-packaged with accessory on a classic cardback featuring brand new retro-style artwork.

The titanic struggle between the heroic Optimus Prime and the Evil Megatron is in your hands for only $18 per figure with accessory! 

Transformers ReAction Figures Wave 1 includes:

  • Optimus Prime, the Heroic Leader of the Autobots
  • Jazz, Autobot Special Operations Agent
  • Bumblebee, the small but mighty Autobot Warrior
  • Megatron, the Evil Leader of the Decipticons
  • Soundwave, the Decepticon Master of Commuincations
  • Starscream, the treacherous Decepticon Air Commander

Available online now at!

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