Party Animal Releases New TeenyMates In Support of 2019-2020 Football Season

The Rush Is On! Party Animal, Inc. kicks off the 2019-2020 football season with the nationwide release of its all-new NFL TeenyMates collection. This year’s set features the NFL’s top stars in the league’s special edition Color Rush uniforms.
The NFL TeenyMates Series 8 includes representation of all 32 NFL teams plus rare, hard to find figures.
Bryan Cantrall, President of Party Animal, said, “TeenyMates are one of Party Animal’s super fun collectible product lines. Each year there is greater anticipation and excitement over the release of our latest player figures. This year, we were able to offer an extra special twist on the collection with the NFL’s cool Color Rush uniform styles.”
The initial Blind Pack Bundle (MSRP: $19.96 for 4 packs) in the Party Animal NFL Series 8 lineup are packaged as 2 random 1″ NFL TeenyMates Color Rush player figures with Player Profile cards and 2 Double-Sided Puzzle Pieces. Each pack also comes with a TeenyMates Collector’s Checklist for fans to mark off each figure as they acquire them. The puzzle pieces build to complete a 35-piece double sided illustration (mini poster on one side and a football field on the other).
Party Animal was sure to add to the fun by offering 6 Rare Figures in its Series 8. Fans will be searching for the:

  • Red Glow in the Dark Patrick Mahomes (1 in 32 packs)
  • Orange Jersey Baker Mayfield (1 in 64 packs)
  • Classic Uniform Todd Gurley (1 in 128 packs)
  • Amethyst Ice Quarterback (1 in 171 packs)
  • Black Jersey Le’Veon Bell (1 in 256 packs)
  • Metallic Gold Coach (1 in 512 packs)

In addition to the NFL Series 8 Color Rush Blind Packs, Party Animal also offers its special Locker Sets (MSRP $9.99) which are also blind packs, but they include 3 random 1″ NFL TeenyMates Player Figures along with 3 TeenyMates Lockers, Locker Stickers, Locker Room Bench and Water Cooler.
Party Animal recommends its TeenyMates for ages 4 and up. All of the TeenyMates sets, including MLB, NHL, Soccer, previous NFL Series’, as well as Team Sets, Gift Sets, Locker Room Sets, Keychains, and Candy Dispensers are available at

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