Figure Spotlight: Playmobil How to Train Your Dragon III Hiccup and Toothless with Baby Dragon

In 2017, Playmobil introduced sets based on the Dreamworks ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ franchise. Some great Playmobil sets have come from this theme and with ‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ in theaters now it’s only natural that Playmobil has new sets in support of the movie. Our friends at Playmobil were kind enough to send over the Hiccup and Toothless with Baby Dragon set for us to check out.

The box is bold and bright with the vast majority of the package’s front being covered by product photography – which is nice to see the toys so prominently featured on the box. The top of the front does feature some Dragons artwork and a multi-lingual blurb calls out the LED light-up feature. The back of the box specifically details the 19 piece contents of the box with Hiccup (and accessories), Toothless (missles and red tail fin accessories) and the baby dragon all shown. One AAA battery is needed for the LED lights, which is not included.

Once opened up (and not the subject of this spotlight, I do find Playmobil boxes especially rewarding to open up – the glue on the flaps seems to give way just perfectly) a little assembly is required to get everyone together – Toothless needs his wings and tail fin attached and the baby Dragon needs wings. Once assembled, two word can sum up my thoughts – adorable and sturdy. Being toys for younger kids – the toys do feel solid, but the wings come off easy enough so that in the event of a dragon crash, no one will get hurt. Playmobil has done an excellent job translating the digital designs into fun toys. Toothless is pretty large – at about 15 inches long and 18 inches from wingtip to wingtip. He’s got scultped scales on his body and a fantastic reptilian blue paint deco that pops against his black skin. Toothless also hides a missle launcher – open up his mouth, put a missle in and close his mouth. To fire the projectile (with a rubber tip for safety) you open up his jaw by pushing his ears down and the missle shoots from his mouth. It’s awesome that the projectile doesn’t interfere with the looks of the toy – it’s really cleanly done. In addition to the wing articulation and the action feature built into the jaw, Toothless also features articulated legs. As shown on the back of the box, the tail fin can be swapped out, letting you have either his natural looking tail or the prosthetic one that Hiccup made for Toothless.

The baby dragon is made with a really cool iridescent plastic and the black and green paint really look great and are cleanly applied. The baby dragon has wings that pivot around the attachment point, an opening mouth and poseable legs. The baby may do less than Toothless, but might be even cuter. The baby is adorable.

The Hiccup minifigure takes the Playmobil format and gives it just a little twist to make it fit the ‘Dragons’ universe. Hiccup, in addition to more traditional Playmobil hair – also has a windswept hair piece. He includes a helmet, a firey sword and snap on guantlets. He is articulated at his neck, shoulders and waist.

Playmobil’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Toothless, Hiccup and baby dragon set does an excellent job of translating the designs from the movies into fantastic toys. With excellent designs, fantastic decos, and fun features, this set is great and is certain to make fans of the movie franchise very happy. The ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Playmobil sets are available in stores now.

AwesomeToyBlog would like to thank Playmobil for sending this set over to check out.

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