Hasbro Toy Fair 2019 – Power Rangers

Today at New York Toy Fair, Hasbro hosted the press for their annual preview event. This was the first year for Power Rangers to be part of the event. Below are notes from the presentation and pictures from the showroom.

  • Theme song was reworked by DJ White Shadow – shows the new energy being brought to Power Rangers
  • New Power Rangers comics announced: Necessary Evil. Introduces the White Ranger and a new creative team: Ryan Parrott, Daniele Di Nicuolo

New Products:

  • Lightning Collection: features fan favorites across the franchise.
    • Wave 1: MMPR White Ranger, MMPR Lord Zedd, Dino Charge Red Ranger, SPD Shadow Ranger (with a dog head) – Available towards end of April
    • Wave 2: Coming this fall. Beast Morphers Red Ranger
    • Gamestop Exclusive: MMPR Goldar. Available for pre-order today.

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