Figure Spotlight: Funko’s Savage World Thundercats

Funko’s ‘Savage World’ line of 5.5″ retro-aesthetic continues to grow and one of the most recent (and noteable) additions are the Thundercats. Funko sent over the first wave (Mumm-Ra, Slithe, Lion-O, Panthro) for an early look at these figures.

It’s interesting that these figures almost serve as a “what-if” collection of toys. “What if” the Thundercats property landed at Mattel while Masters of the Universe was running? The resulting toys would look very much like Funko’s ‘Savage World’ figures, which stick very closely to that established format. Fortunately they do it very well. Funko’s “barbian”-style buck fits the expectations of the style and each figure is well detailed…but not too well detailed. And speaking of details – the paint on these figures is perfect. From an execution perspective these are very well done. And Slithe is amazing…he fits the format the best of all the characters.

Each figure comes with one or two character-specific accessories. Lion-O includes his claw shield and the Sword of Omens. Panthor comes with his nunchucks. Mumm-ra carries his Sword of Plun-Darr. And finally, Slithe has an axe. One thing to note – you need to work to get the weapon into the figure’s hand due to the very stiff plastic used..but once in there they’ve got a great grip on them.

For fans of the vintage 5.5″ aesthic or Thundercats (or even best – fans of both) these figures are easy to recomend…Funko has executed them very well. Funko even has the confidence in them to list a 2nd wave on the back of the card – so expect this world to grow. Look for these in stores soon – or catch a preorder at Amazon or Entertainment Earth.  Thanks to Funko for providing these figures for an early look.

Also, everyone should buy Slithe. He’s great even if you don’t care about Thundercats.


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