SDCC 2018 – Transformers Panel

Its the first full day of SDCC and one of the first panels is the Transformers panel. Read below for the latest on the end of the Prime Wars Trilogy, the Bumblebee Movie and be introduced to War For Cybertron and Cyberverse, the new animated series.

Bumblebee Movie – #jointhebuzz
Wide range of Bumblebee merchandise lined up for the movie Razor scooter, Amazon Bumbleee shirts, Alpha bomber jacket Transformers Bumblebee Overdrive game by Budge Studios – an 80s style video game.
Bumblebee prequel comic series – a cold war spy series Jr Novelization arriving just before the movie.

Bumblebee Toy Line

  • Energon Ignitors – ‘energon’ activates action features with the toys
  • DJ Bumblebee – plays music and dances
  • Powercharge Bumblebee – features a VW automode and electronic features

Exclusive Programs – Walmart brining G1 Transformers back with reissue of G1 Starscream, Devastator, 4 mini-bots, Hot Rod

Bumblebee Greatest Hits at Target – Soudwave (based on Titan Returns Soundwave, with retooling), Bumblebee showcase helmet
The helmet is available now

Generations Line
New “War for Cybertron” trilogy is launching with Siege. Promises to be the most in scale line in recent times.
Battlemaster and Deluxe Weaponizers outfit other bots with weapons and gear. Each includes a “fire blast”
Deluxe Class – Hound with Lionizer, Sideswipe, Cog (he can split up and arm other bots), Ironhide and Chromia
Battlemasters – Firedrive
Micromasters – Flask, Big Shot 2 pack forms a weaponized accessory, Race Patrol (Swindler, RoadHandler), Rescue Patrol (Stakeout, Red Heat)
Voyager – Optimus Prime
Leader class – Ultra Magnus (very inspired by TF:RiD Ultra Magnus)

Prime Wars – Blast Off (combiner wars), Repugnus and Couterpunch available exclusivevly at amazon.

Studio Series – Transformers Bumblebee from Bumblebee Movie, TF4 Shadow Raidor, TF3 Ratchet, TF4 KSI Sentry, TFBB Dropkick, TF1 Ironhide and TF2 Starscream

New animated series – Cyberverse. Animated series is trying to capture the feeling of G1. Over 90 bots designed for the first season of the show.

Toys feature new “Action Attacker” feature across a multiple of scale. Scout Class, 1-step, Warrior Class, Ultra Class (action attack in alt mode) and Ultimate Class (action attack in both modes)

New characters being introduced in the series: Windblade, Acid Storm, Slipstream, Shadow Striker

New exclusive – Gold VW with 2 additional dino-cassettes.  Will be going on Entertainment Earth.

Blackarachnia added to the Hall of Fame and Roadtrap/Battleslash is Toy of the Year. John Barber of IDW is the latest person in the Hall of Fame.

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