Toy Fair 2018 – Super7

Super7 made a big splash when they took over Masters of the Universe from MattyCollector, but they’ve been working hard to expand their product offering and their display at Toy Fair showed the results of those efforts.

On the Masters of the Universe side of things, their previously shown Classic and Deluxe Classics were on display as well as their new Filmation ‘vintage’ style figures. Also on display was Masters glassware and ReAction style figures. 

The surprise of the show was a number of Transformers based items.  From glassware, Halloween buckets, Transformers character ‘Keshi’ blind boxed minifigures to awesome 12″ ‘Super Cyborg’ Megatron and Optimus Prime there was certainly more than meets the eye to the Super7 display.

Also ReAction figures had a great showing with new Universal Monsters, Planets of the Apes, Robotech, Misfits and more making a strong showing. ReAction is in great hands being back at Super7.

This is just a quick summary of the product on hand at the show.  See it all in the gallery below.

[nggallery id=546]

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