Toy Fair 2017 – Super Impulse

Each year at toy fair I always stumble across a new company that has some treasures in their toy fair display. This year that hidden gem was Super Impulse whose ‘Worlds Smallest’ toys captured my eye and lured me into their booth.

A huge part of Super Impulse’s mission is to offer products that are based on classic properties. Among there offerings are plush toys and vinyl figures from Fraggle Rock, an amazingly stretchy Gumby, a whole line of Whizzer tops (I had one as a kid and it was amazing to play with one again) and the lure that brought me in – the Worlds Smallest line.  The Worlds Smallest line takes some iconic toys and products and makes them super small. G.I. Joe, Barbie, the Rubik’s Cube, Stretch Armstrong, the Poloroid camera, Hot Wheels and Gumby are just a fraction of the miniaturized classics they offer. These are hands down, one of my favorite products I saw at toy fair.

But that wasn’t the end for Super Impulse’s offerings, they have miniature (and roughly 3 3/4″ scale) video game cabinets…that work. Power them on and a small screen flickers on and you can play games with a very small controller. There are other small scale video game cabinets (in the 4″ish range) on the market, but these are the only ones I’m aware of that actually play a game, and they have an SRP of around $20. 

And there’s even more, they offer a line of super-accurate rubber band shooting guns called Precision RBS. They had a fun target range set up and I can vouch for the accuracy of these…I was shocked when I hit a target about 30 feet away. Tons of fun!

See these, and more, in the gallery.

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