Toy Fair 2017 – Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow!

Entertainment Earth has been an awesome partner to AwesomeToyBlog throughout the years, so it’s always a joy to visit with them during Toy Fair and see all the latest Bif Bang Pow! products making their debut.

With the limited series coming to Showtime, and an untapped merchandise market, the new Twin Peaks merchandise is sure to be a hit with old and new fans of the series. 

Of course the big theme for Bif Bang Pow! this year is wooden pop culture collectibles. From nesting dolls, stackable totems and, of couse, the Pin Mate figures – there’s going to be a ton of next expressions of some of your favorite pop culture characters. The Pin Mates line in particular is set for big growth and won’t be limited to just figures – vehicles will be introduced for both the Marvel and DC lines.

Check out the toy fair display below and see everything from Pin Mates to Twin Peaks and from Twilight Zone to KISS.

[nggallery id=494]

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