SDCC 2016 – Hasbro’s Star Wars Toy Panel

SDCC 2016 logoEarlier today, Hasbro held their panel where all things Star Wars were discused – from 6″ Black Series to an all-new Rogue One vehicle debut. Keep reading for notes from the panel and then the gallery below has the slides from the presentation (except for one I missed – sorry).

Star Wars Black Series 6″
Qui-Gon Jinn – lightsaber, detachable blade, 2nd hand
Tusken Raider – swappable gaffi stick. 3 different ways to set it up. Uses a soft PVC cape. Using soft goods on the arms
Royal Guard – fully sculpted body under soft goods
Lando – plastic cape with full deco’d interior

Fans vote winner — Jaina Solo

New Titanium Series Helmets

Sabine, Vader (Rebels), Boushh, Boba Fett

Luke Skywalker Force FX lightsaber

SDCC Exclusives
Obi Wan:First “try me” on Black Series with the sound. Uses actual recording from original movie.
Kylo: First Order banner and Vader helmet helps build the world.
Jyn Erso: Custom art pieces included inside the package. PVC hood for best appearance.

3.75″ Figures
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Fenn Rau
Hera and A-Wing
Poe vs. Snowtrooper Squad Leader

Rogue One Vehicle Debut!

Rogue One AT-ACT: It walks, light up missles, cargo pod. Head moves. Nerf darts.
Includes 3 figures. Controls via phone.
Cargo box becomes a bunker. Has a zipline from AT-ACT to bunker.
Opening cockpit.

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