Titanic Transformers Teasers Ahead of Toy Fair

transformersEarlier this week, Hasbro hosted a Google Hangout where they gave some early previews of a few items on the horizon.

For the Robots in Disguise line all new minicons and deployers are on the way. New Deployers include Overload, Drift, and Crazybolt. New Minicon Battle Packs are also coming, which feature special battle armor and weapons. Characters include Optimus Prime, Sideswipe,  Bumblebee and Grimlock.

On the Combiner Wars front a supremely-90’s box set was revealed – G2 Bruticus. This box set includes all the Combaticons in their G2 deco and includes their collector cards all in one convenient set.

And all new expression of Transformers were shared – Generations AltModes. These are your favorite Transformers characters with big heads and small vehicles/bodies which transform with just a tug on a tab. Inspired by the unique toys seen in Japan, these will be blind boxed and feature some of your G1 favorites.

The next two items were the most exciting reveals of the night!  Powermaster Optimus Prime will be making his return to Transformers for the Titan Wars line. Powermaster Prime of course has his truck and robot modes, but now also features a ‘battle city’ mode.  This toy looks amazing!

And the biggest reveal of the night was Fortress Maximus! While we haven’t seen the toy yet, we do know that it’ll very closely resemble it’s G1 counterpart even down to matched colors. Expect to tsee this big guy in February at toy fair.

With the announcement of Fortress Maximus, it’s clear that Hasbro remains dedicated to the Titan scale of Transformers.  For 2017 the Hasbro team is putting this scale into the hands of the fans. Starting November 24th, the official Transformers Facebook page will host a fan vote to set the character!  Options for voting include Scorponok, Trypticon and Omega Supreme. Starting on 11/20, fans will be treated to campaign-style posts featuring each of the three characters, leading up to the official voting post, which will go up on 11/24 at 1 pm EST. The vote will be active from 1:00 PM EST to 3:00 AM EST. Fans will be able to vote in the comments section of the post.  For the first time ever, fans in China will have the opportunity to vote on WeChat, and their votes along with the Facebook votes will set the winner!

Check out pics of all the new reveals below, and like Transformers on facebook and have your say for the 2017 Titan scale figure!

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