3DRetro Offers Juan Muniz Felipe’s “Uh-Oh” Vinyl Figure For SDCC 2015

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Artist Juan Muniz is one of the top street artists in Las Vegas to be finally breaking into the vinyl toy scene. Muniz’s art has been featured in multiple street as well as fine art galleries, public venues, sanctioned murals, hi-scale restaurants  as well as publications such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas Weekly. Juan started drawing and painting as a child in San Diego and later attended Collins College in Arizona for animation. After receiving an Associates Degree he moved back to Las Vegas and earned his bachelors in graphic design from The Art Institute; it is in Vegas where he made his name known and his character “Felipe” known.
‘Felipe’,  is neither male or female and is often shown wearing a rabbit suit and a mask. Juan states: “We often wear a second skin in daily life or at work and the ‘skin’ doesn’t reveal much of our true self. The ‘mask’ I draw is a blank stare and depending on the situation, can convey humor, doubt or irony. There is Felipe, dragging his bleeding heart, looking back to ensure it’s still there as if it’s a security blanket. There is Felipe, sitting on a chunk of earth with an anvil tied to his fishing pole. And there is Felipe, looking down at the bullet that moments ago pierced him, then popped out his back, walked around to the front and held up a sign that reads, “I’m sorry.”
Finally, Felipe can be yours. Brought to life from Muniz’s famous “Uh Oh” painting, Felipe and his “explosive” 5 mulit-color balloons stand about 9 1/2 inches tall from bottom of his feet to top of the balloons. Attendees of San Diego Comic-Con will be able to purchase Felipe for the first time at the 3DRetro/DKE Booth #5045. Felipe will retail for $55 and is limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Juan will be in attendance to sign figures, prints and other special items for fans on Friday 3pm-4pm and again Saturday 1pm2pm .
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