Next Three SDCC Exclusives from DKE Toys – Django, Star Warhole and Mr. TMNT

cc15 tnDKE Toys is showing all sorts of cool SDCC exclusives and today I’m sharing three of them with you.

Django Uncloned “Heirloom Edition”

Last year Good For You released their DJango Fett figure (the D is silent) which of course is a mash up of everyone’s favorite Star Wars character and the hero from DJango Unchained. It completely sold out at SDCC by the second day. So this year they collaborated with another one of our favorites, Robin VanValkenburgh. This is a mash up with her western themed Bun Slinger. She makes these each by hand. They are ceramic, 16 inches tall. Hand painted. Only 20, $110.  

MR. TMNT by Dead Greedy

From the deranged mind of Dead Greedy this 5.5” hand cast and painted resin action figure mashes up Mr. T and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  “I pity THE FOOT!”  Limited to an edition size of 25, Mr. TMNT is $55.

Star Warhol by Killer Bootlegs

Super star resin king Killer Bootlegs has come up with this hand cast and painted 3” figure. Limited to an edition size of 50, this piece is $75 each.

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