First Two MattyCollector SDCC Exclusives Revealed – Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe

Mattycollector TNMattyCollector announced their first two SDCC exclusives today as well as details on their voucher pre-sale and post-show sales. The first two exclusives announced are a Ghostbusters Egon Spengler in his court room outfit and a Masters of the Universe 2-pack of Rotar vs. Twistoid. The travelling show exclusive Hover Droids will also be available. Bios for all are below.

If you are attending SDCC, the pre-sale voucher sale kicks off May 28th for Early Access and June 1st for everyone. The pre-sale voucher sale will end June 8th.  The post-SDCC sale will be July 27th.

Ghostbusters™ Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler™

Do, re, Egon! When the Scoleri brothers make an unscheduled appearance before Judge Wexler, the professor of paranormal dispenses some justice Ghostbusters™ style. This commemorative 6” figure pays tribute to Harold Ramis, who created the character of the serious scientist.

Masters of the Universe® Rotar™ vs. Twistoid™

Recreate the Second Ultimate Battleground as Rotar™ and Twistoid™ go head to head!

A former palace guard wounded in battle, Rotar™ was merged with an android body resulting in fists of fury fueled by his hyper spin powers. He now protects Eternia® as one of the Masters of the Universe®!

Rotar’s nemesis Twistoid™ is a Gyro Robot who serves Skeletor®. Using super spinning action, Twistoid™ wields a ball and chain, whirling sword, and terror gears to defeat his enemies.

Hover Robots™ 3-Pack

Previously sold only during our February 2015 Early Access sale, everyone’s favorite drones of destruction are joining the list of products available for pick-up at SDCC. Each pack comes with three sets of hands, a sticker sheet, and three stands.

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