Toy Fair 2015 – Jakks Pacific’s Collectors Event

tf15-tnThis morning at New York Toy Fair Jakks Pacific hosted a collectors event, higlighting several of their collector’s oriented lines. Here’s some of the details shared on the products shown in the gallery below.

World of Nintendo

Jakk’s popular (and excellent) World of Nintendo line is continuing in 2015.  Multiple scales will continue with a 1″ Mini-line, 2.5″ figures, 4″ core figures and 6″ deluxe figures. Jakks is working to ensure a consistency of scale across the 2.5″, 4″ and 6″ figures. New 4″ figures announced (but not shown) include Luigi and Samus.

20″ figures were shown of Mario (in both a flower power fire deco and gold) and Link.

8-bit inspired plush and figures are on the way as the NES is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary.


Jakks will be producing toys and figures from the 2016 Warcraft movie.  Expect a significant focus on collector product for this line.

Jumbo Figures

Jumbo figures are continuing across the 20″, 31″ and 48″ scales. New Power Ranges, DC figures are coming, included DC cinema universe figures.

Expect more TMNT in the 48″ scale…as well as this expanding to other properties.

Star Wars Jumbo Figures

Like Star Wars – a 48″ Vader will be coming this year. He will include an electronic ‘room guard’ feature.

Tons of new 20″ and 31″ figures were on display, Jakks’ goal is to make their 20″ figures the new standard of value figure. At $20 for a 20″ figure, they have a solid chance.

They are looking to do ‘higher end’ collectors oriented figures with enhanced deco and accessories. A Sandtrooper was on display that featured a diecast blaster.

No figure was confirmed for SW: Celebration, but they are trying to enable one.

Obviously there was no comment on Episode 7 product.

Disney Fairy Princess

Toys from thei Disney Fairy Princess doll line were also on display. You can see all those in the gallery.


I’m talking to Jakks again later this week, so if you have any questions, leave a comment or tweet it to me.

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  1. Wondering if Jakks has any plans on giving us any new Fairies (outside of the main ones) that haven’t already been released? Perhaps Morgan or someone else?

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