Toy Fair 2015 – Hasbro’s Marvel

tf15-tnA huge part of the Hasbro Toy Fair event today was the upcoming Marvel toys. With an active entertainment slate, there’s a ton of product making it’s way to shelves this year. Some of the products showcased in the gallery below are new Avengers, Ant-Man and Spider-Man Legend waves, several new 3 3/4″ Marvel wave (with Emma Frost), Avengers: Age of Ultron 2.5″ figures as well as new Titan Hero figures.

Since this is likely of the most interest to readers, the new Legends waves revealed today were:

  • Avengers Wave 2 – Cap, Hulk, Spider-Woman, Hellcat, Iron Man MK43, Batrok – Thanos BAF
  • Wave 3 – Dr. Strange, Blizzard, Vision, Iron Man (black/gold), movie War Machine, Thundra / Valkerie – BAF Hulkbuster
  • Antman – Movie Antman, Tigershark, Wasp, Grim Reaper, Giant Man, Bulldozer, BAF – Ultron Prime
  • Scarlet Spider-Man, Misty Night, Ghost Rider, Chameleon (with multiple heads), Kraven, Superior Venom, White Tiger with BAF Rhino

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