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GotG Logo TNMarvel movie madness is set to continue with the August 1st release of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. The film introduces us to a brand new team of heroes and Hasbro’s got a brand new set of toys to accompany the movie. Let’s take a look at some of these new toys, starting with the Marvel Legends Iron Man.  Of course Iron Man isn’t in the movie (at least that we know of) but in the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy comic arc, Iron Man joined the team. This toy reflects his appearance in those books.

Bio: When Tony Stark teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, he built a new suit of modular armor designed for extended missions in the blackness of space.

Thoughts: Let me start by stating that this is not my favorite Iron Man armor. I like the red and gold color scheme, but this armor seems to just be too busy.  There’s a little too much going on with the helmet and the “shoulder pads” seem unnecessary.  That said, the toy is true to the comic armor – so more can’t really be asked of it. At least it’s a figure of a new armor.

If you have any of the Cap or Spidey Legends you know exactly what to expect out of the packaging. The box maintains the same look, just with the Guardians of the Galaxy logo on the box and purple accents/art. Since stores have a hard time keeping the series separate, the purple does make it easy to identify the wave with just a glance.

The figure itself has everything you’ve come to expect out of a modern Marvel Legends figure – in short, it’s fantastic. There’s a ton of articulation in this figure including articulated: ankles, knees, thigh, hips, waist, mid-chest, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists and neck . But not only are there a ton of joints, they’re solid ones. When you put Iron Man in a pose – he stays in that pose. While I appreciate articulation on a figure, I hate when it hurts the aesthetics of the figure or is so loose it can’t hold a pose.

As this is a build-a-figure wave, Iron Man isn’t alone in the box. He is packaged with Groot’s leg. It’s a fine, long leg with articulation at the knees, ankles and hip. There’s not much to say…it’s the leg of a tree dude.

Summary: Ok, you’re probably not buying Guardians of the Galaxy toys to get another Iron Man…I get that. However, since this is a build-a-figure wave, if you want Groot…you need Iron Man. On the plus side, he’s a super solid figure, so you’re not left feeling like you paid $20 for Groot’s leg (I’m looking at your Red Skull).

Thanks to Hasbro and the out of the world cool dudes at HunterPR for having a chance to play around with some Guardians of the Galaxy toys. Stay tuned for looks a few more cool items.

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