Three New 5″ Doctor Who Sets – Silver Nemesis Ace, Time of the Doctor and Asylum Daleks

Doctor Who logoThere’s been very little news on the 5″ Doctor Who front, however images that went on-line earlier this week show that there’s still some life in this AwesomeToyBlog favorite toy line. Images of three new sets popped up. One or more of these may be the SDCC Exclusive sets – we have no confirmation either way. The new sets are:

  • Time of the Doctor: A 11 to 12 (or 12 to 13?) regeneration pack including a young Matt Smith head, an old Matt Smith head and a Capaldi head. This set also includes a walking cane, Sonic Screwdriver, Handles accessory and is packaged in a TARDIS box
  • Silver Nemesis Ace: A resculpt of last year’s Ace figure. Ace  is wearing her black jacket with sleeves rolled up, signature ponytail hair, and comes with boombox portable radio cassette and “Ace” framed portrait. The figure has removable/replaceable outer jacket with alternate T-shirt arms to display the jacket on or off.
  • Asylum Dalek Three Pack: A set of 3 Daleks, a metallic red drone, a white Dalek and a bronze Dalek.

See all these below!

Time of the Doctor Silver Nemesis Ace

Asylum Daleks 3 pack

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