MattyCollector Announces Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC 2014 Exclusive

SDCC 2014 logoMattyCollector today kicked off their SDCC announcements with the announcement of their Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive for the year – Filmation Hordak with Imp. Featuring a more cartoon inspired deco and an interchangeable arm/cannon Hordak also includes his sidekick Imp. For SDCC attendees who pick Hordak up at the show (either via pre-order or at the Mattel booth), they’ll also get a bonus poly-bagged “Imp as Treasure Chest”. This special bonus will not be available during the after-show sale on

Matty also reminded us that the DC Universe Classics exclusives is Doomsday, one of the figures originally slated for the 2014 Club Infinite Earths.   Standing at over 9” tall with 16 points of articulation, the Kryptonian killer arrives in his prisoner suit and is packaged in a window box that pays homage to DC Comics Superman: The Man of Steel $18 – his first full appearance.

The MattyCollector pre-order for show pick-up will take place on June 24th and the after show sale will take place August 5th. The next SDCC reveals will occur on May 6th, May 13th and then a few more surprises as we approach the show. See pics of both Hordak and Doomsday below.

SDCC MattyCollector MOTU Hordak with Imp SDCC MattyCollector DCU Doomsday

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