Toy Fair 2014 – Hasbro Nerf, Rebelle, My Little Pony, Mr. Potato Head and More!

tf14 tnWhile I do love my Hasbro Star Wars, Marvel and Transformers lines – there’s so much else going on, that I decided to give Hasbro a second round of coverage. Monday evening I had the chance to spend some time in the rest of the showroom. Highlights include:

  • My Littly Pony: Equestria Girls – a second movie is on the way, with the theme ‘Rainbow Rocks’. Expect a colorful music adventure!
  • Nerf Rebelle returns for a second year – now incorporating secret messages! If you’re familiar with vintage Transformers Tech Specs, you write your message on a dart and then it’s slide into the ‘reader’ and your message is clear.
  • Play-Doh is now sparkly. I couldn’t get any good pics that actually showed this, but take may word for it.
  • There’s a whole new way to play with (and collect) Mr. Potato Head – with Mr. Potato Head MIXABLE, MASHABLE HEROES you can collect 2.5″ Mr. Potato Head as he’s dressed up as your favorite Transformers and Marvel characters. You can then mix and match parts between characters – the Grimlock one is fantastic!
  • Nerf’s CAM ECS-12 blaster really takes things to the next level…in addition to all the dart firing fun, the blaster incorporates a camera – letting you record and share your gun fights.

See the gallery below for all these products and some other gems from the Hasbro showroom.

[nggallery id=271]

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